Li Sintan finished washing the plates. Xie Ming handed him a small towel," Here wipe your hands with this."

Li Singtan took the towel and said," Next time I don't want to see you in the kitchen doing these odd jobs. There are maids for all this. Even if they are busy you come and look for me. Okay." After saying this he patted her head and left.

Xie Ming could not say anything and could only stare at his leaving back.


In the dinning area

When Xie Ming came outside, she saw that everyone was already there.

When mother Li saw, Xie Ming she gave her a bright smile and said," Come come we were waiting for you."

Li Quin waves his hand and said," Sister-in-law come and sit near my brother. He has saved a seat for you."

Xie Ming nodded her head and sat on the seat near Li Singtan.

Seeing everyone present in the dinning area, Father Xie said," Since everyone is here, let's start eating."

Everyone started placing food on their plates.

Mother Li passed Father Xie the sour pork rib which she had prepared and said," Here Chuang eat this I know that it's your favourite."

Father Li almost spat the food out of his mouth and said," I am sorry."

Li Quin picked up a napkin and gave it to his father. Then he leaned towards him and whispered," Seems like Mr Li has a love rival now. You have to do something I don't want a step dad."

Father narrowed his eyes and said," Shut up."

Li Quin placed his fingers in his mouth and continued eating.

Meanwhile ignoring everyone Li Singtan was continuously placing food on Xie Ming's plate. When Xie Ming tried to stop him he said," You should eat more. You are way to skinny."

Xie Ming poured her lips and said," But this is too much. I'll grow fat."

Li Singtan patted her head and said," Even if you gain 100 pounds more I don't mind."

Xie Ming stared at him and said," What if people say that your wife is fat?"

"I don't care."

" What if I don't fit in gowns and all?"

" I don't care."

" What if people start judging your taste?"

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" I don't care."

" What if-" Xie Ming was about to say something when Li Singtan interrupted her and said," I don't care about the people say. But if they say that making you my life is a bad taste then I am happy to have a bad taste."

Xie Ming stared at Li Singtan. She did not know whether he was serious or not but she could feel that his words were sincere.

Seeing Xie Ming in daze Li Singtan said," Dont think too much and eat."


After everyone finished eating, Mother Li and grandma Li went inside to get the dessert.

Father Xie turned towards Xie Ming and said," Your brother is coming back tomorrow. I told him to continue his studies in London itself but he said that he wanted to come back and lend me hand in our family business. I don't know what to do with him. You can only make him understand now."

Xie Ming nodded her head and said," I know he is coming tomorrow and we'll go to receive him at the airport tomorrow. And if he wants to come back and help you it's not a bad idea. You are growing old you cannot handle everything by yourself."

Father Li nodded his head.

Li Singtan leaned towards Xie Ming and asked," Whom are you going with?"

Xie Ming replied," I was thinking about going with you but if you are busy I understand. Sorry for not asking you before making a decision."

Li Singtan chuckled and said," I'll go with you. And you don't have to ask me before taking any decision specially decisions regarding me and remember whatever my wife says goes."

Li Quin who was sitting beside them heard everything. He laughed out loud and said," Oh God my brother is a wife slave just like my father and grandpa now."

Embarrassed in front of Father Li and Grandpa Li together said," We are not wife slaves."

Grandma Li and mother Li placed their hand on their husbands shoulder and said," What did you say honey?"