Inside the study room

Everyone had a serious expression on their face.

Father Li crossed his arms together and said," I suggest we should not end everything with the Chen's and let them go. We should make them suffer. First let's just end half of our collaborations with them and then sign those collaborations with Xie Enterprise. After that we will take it slow. We will find different kind of excuses to end each collaboration with them. This way they will suffer."

Grandpa Li and Li Singtan nodded at Father Li's suggestion.

On the other hand Father Xie did not know how to react. Though collaboration with the Li Corporation would take Xie Enterprise to a new height but he still felt this wasn't right.

Li Singtan knew what his father-in-law was thinking. He placed his hand on father Xie's hand and said," Father don't think too much. Remember we are family now. And families help each other in difficult positions. And moreover I am doing this for my wife. If you suffer my wife will also suffer and I don't want that."

Father Xie nodded his head and said," Okay I will do whatever you people want me to do."

*knock knock*

A loud knock was heard in the room.Everyone looked towards the door.

Li Quin came inside the study and said," Woosh What were you people talking about? You people look so serious. Hahahah it looks like you people are planning a murder."

Ignoring Li Quin Li Singtan said," Get out."

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Li Quin pouted and said," Okay I'll say sister-in-law that you don't want to have the dumplings that she made for lunch." After saying this Li Quin pretended to leave.

Hearing that Xie Ming made dumplings, Li Singtan quickly got up and said," Xie Ming made dumplings and she is calling me for lunch."

Li Quin nodded his head.

Li Singtan quickly got up and said," I am hungry. Let's go down and have lunch first." He then walked out of the study room. Li Quin chuckled and followed his elder brother.


When Li Singtan came down, he saw his mother and grandma setting the table but He could not see Xie Ming. He walked towards his mother and asked," Where is Ming?"

Mother Li smiled and said," Missing your wife she is inside the kitchen."

Without saying anything, Li Singtan went inside the kitchen.

As Li Singtan entered the kitchen, he saw Xie Ming inside the kitchen washing plates. He furrowed his brows and walked towards her.

When Xie Ming saw him coming towards her, she smiled and said," Go outside and sit down I'll be there in a minute." After saying this she continued washing the plates.

Li Singtan pushed her aside and said," Things like this should not be done by you. Why don't to ask the maids to do it."

Xie Ming looked at his serious face and said," They are all busy and it's just plates it doesn't matter." She then pushed him away and said," Move, let me complete my work."

Li Singtan pursed his lips and said," You move aside you don't have to do this.Let me do it." Without waiting for her response, Li Singtan pursed her aside and started folding his sleeves.

Xie Ming chuckled and said," Won't your God Like image be ruined if you wash plates? What would people think about you if they come to know that the Li Singtan is washing plates?"

Li Singtan started washing the plates and said," If people come to know that the Li Singtan was making his wife wash plates on the second day of their wedding, they would definitely think bad about me. So be good and let me do this."

Xie Min could not believe that he was doing this for her. Seeing him wash the plates so efficiently,she giggled and said," So the Li Singtan also knows how to wash plates. Impressive."

Without looking at her, he said." Well there are many things that the Li Singtan can do. But it's sad that you won't allow him to show you his talents."

Understanding the meaning of his words, Xie Ming blushed. Seeing her shy expression Li Singtan felt happy and content. He decided not to tease her anymore so he quietly washed the plates.