After they finished there snacks, Father Xie, Father Li, Grandpa Li And Li Singtan went to the study room to discuss business while mother and grandma Li and Xie Ming decided to help Auntie Pi in the kitchen to prepare lunch.

They were making dumplings.

Seeing Mother Li folding the dumplings in a very beautiful manner, Xie Ming said," Wow Mother these are beautiful."

Mother Li smiled and said," My mother taught me these. Come I'll teach you."

Xie Mings face brightened when mother Li said that. She had never got a chance to learn something from her mother. She quickly nodded her head.

As mother Li was teaching Xie Ming how to wrap dumpling and man came rushing towards them and said," Wow dumplings. I'll have one."

Mother Li slapped Li Quin'a hands away and said," They are not ready yet and where were you? All of us were here and only you were missing."

Li Quin gave a cheeky smile and said," Something urgent came up in the company so I had to rush." He then turned towards his sister-in-law and said," Ahh sister-in-law you are also making dumplings."

Xie Ming nodded her head. She could see that the man standing in front of him was very handsome. His facial features were similar to that of Li Singtan.

Mother Li pushed Li Quin away and said," Go and discuss business with your brother and other. Don't disturb us."

Li Quin poured his lips and said," Ahh I don't have any business there and you know that mom. I will not understand anything that they will say."

Xie Ming placed the dumping down and asked," Why don't you work in the same company with your brother?"

Li Quin shook his head and said," No sister-in-law we run different companies. It's like this my brother runs the Li corporation whereas I run the Globle entertainment which is also under the Li corporation. My brother is the president of global entertainment whereas I am the Vice President. But he never shows any kind of interest in the entertainment area so you can say that I run global entertainment all by myself."

Xie Ming knew that Global entertainment belonged to Li corporation. She had also heard that Global Entertainment was under the youngest son of the Li Corporation who was known to be very ruthless. He was feared by all in the entertainment industry.

Looking at Li Quin who was trying to steal dumplings from his mother every now and then, she could not believe that he was that ruthless person whom everyone in the entertainment industry feared. Xie Ming understood one thing whether it is Li Quin or Li Singtan, they were only cold and ruthless when they were outside but once they were at home with their family they were different.

Seeing Xie Ming in daze Li Quin snapped his fingers in front of her face and said," What happened sister-in-law what are you thinking about? Are you thinking about my brother."

Xie Ming lowered her head and did not say anything. Mother Li pulled Li Quin's ear and said," You brat don't tease your sister-in-law like that. Go upstairs and call everyone down for lunch."

Li Quin shouted in pain and said," Owwww mother that hurts. Okay okay leave me first. I am going."

After Li Quin left, they started placing everything on the table.

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