Seeing his wife standing there all by herself, Li Singtan got up and started walking towards her.

Seeing Li Singtan coming towards her, Xie Ming puffed her cheeks. She then rolled her eyes.

Li Singtan raised her eyebrows. Seeing her expression, he was sure that she was angry about something. Offering his hand he said," Come."

Xie Ming slapped his hands away and said,"I can walk by myself."

Li Singtan grabbed her hand and said," You are my wife you should walk with me."

Xie Ming removed his hand and said," Oh so you still remember that I am your wife."

Li Singtan pinched the space between his brows and said," What happened? Why are you angry?"

Xie Ming ignored him and started walking forward. Even she did not know what she was angry but the thought of Li Singtan ignoring her really disturbed her. Brushing away her thoughts she sat beside mother Li.

Li Singtan also came back to his seat. He shot galnces towards Xie Ming but noticed that she was ignoring him. Raising his eye brows he though ' What did I do now?'


Few minutes later Auntie Pi and some maids came out of the kitchen with some snacks and refreshments.

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As everyone was enjoying there snacks.

Grandpa Li said," This brat did not even care to give his wife a proper wedding. This is not done. Xiao Ming deserves a proper wedding like every other socialite. We can't expect anything from these kids so we elders have to plan everything."

Xie Ming expression changed when she heard the word ' Wedding'. Flashes of what happened at Chen Siquan and her wedding came in her mind.

Li Singtan noticed the change in her expression and said," There is no rush. We can take thing slow. I'll let you know when we are ready." Even he wanted to give her a grand wedding. A wedding that everyone in country S would talk about. But he knew that she needed time and he was willing to wait for her.

Understanding what her son meant, Mother Li nodded her head and said," Yes Singtan is right. Let's leave this to the kids. When they are ready we can plan the wedding then. Since they are already married it won't make any difference."

Xie Ming gave her mother-in-law a weak smile.

Father Xie sighed and said," Yes even I have some problems that I have to deal with. When everything is sorted we can plan the wedding then."

Li Singtan straightened his back and said," Even I wanted to talk to you about that. Li corporation would like to make some collaborations with Xie enterprise. We can discuss about this in your study later on."

Father Xie widened his eyes and said," I don't think so that is a good idea. Now that my daughter is married to the Li family I don't want to take advantage of that. I am happy that she is now in good hands. Sorry but I have to reject this offer."

Mother Li shook her head and said," Chuang what are you saying. We are family now. You don't have to feel shy."

Father Li who was silent for a really long time finally decided to break the silence and said," And it's not like Li corporation is doing any kind of favour to Xie Enterprise. It's a business deal. Collaborations help us enhance our business. So it's not a big deal."

Li Singtan nodded his head and added." Father is right. You should not deny this offer."

Father Xie wanted to say something but Xie Ming interrupted him and said," Yes father Li Singtan is right. This will save our business. I know what Chen Siquan has done. This is only way to save our business from bankruptcy."

Father Xie sighed and then nodded his head.

Hearing Chen Siquan name, Li Singtans eyes turned black. He would not let him off so easily. The collaboration between the Li's and the Xie's was just the starting of Chen Siquan's destruction. Li Singtan would make him pay thousand fold more than what he had done to his Ming.