Father Xie looked at the man in front of him. Everyone in country S knew who he was. He was Li Zhehan. One of the top businessman in the world. 'No wonder Li Singtan is so capable' father Xie thought.

Ignoring her husband, Lu Meili again smiled at Xie Chuang and said," You haven't changed at all. You still look the same."

Father Xie let out a small laugh and said," I look old in front of you. Look at you. You have become more beautiful and you still look so young."

Mother Li blushed at Father Xie's compliment.

Father Xie let out a chuckle and said," Look at you, you still have the habit of blushing when someone compliments you. Some habits never change."

"*cough cough*" Father Li could not help but let out a fake cough. He narrowed his eyes and stared at Father Xie who was talking to his wife like as if he was not present there at all. Before he could say anything Mother Li interrupted him," Ohh Chuang. See now we are in-laws. This is why nothing happened between us back then. Seems like God had different plans for us."

Father Xie nodded his head and said," I am actually very happy Meili. My daughter has a lovely mother-in-law and a loving husband. What else can I wish for."

Mother Li patted father Xie's shoulder and said," Xiao Ming is now my daughter. You can be rest assured that from now she will not suffer."

Li Singtan who was standing in distance could not help but smile when he saw his father's gloomy expression. He knew how possessive his father was about his mother. The thought of having his wife's ex-lover as his in-law must be killing him. He decided to tease his father and said," Dad why don't to leave mother and father-in-law alone. They have met after a really long time. I bet they have things that they need to catch up."

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Father Li looked at his son with piercing eyes," No I guess they are fine. They don't need to..-"

" Ahh yes my baby is right. Zhehan why don't to go and bring mother and father inside while Chuang and I have a small talk." without waiting for father Li's reply, Mother Li started walking inside.


Few minutes later, Father Li came back with Grandpa And Grandma Li.

When Father Xie saw them coming, he got up and greeted them. This was the first time he was seeing Li Singtan's grandfather, Li Mosen and his wife Tang Quanci in person.

Li Mosen was one of the most respectable man of country S. He was immensely talented as he had founded Li corporation all by himself.


The whole family was having a galla time outside while Xie Ming was suffering inside.

She could not take it anymore and decided to go out. Auntie Pi tried to stop her but Xie Ming dashed out of the room.

When Xie Ming came out of the room, loud laughters could be heard. Xie Ming scrunched her brows and started walking towards the living room.


In the living room

Everyone was having a lot of fun except for father Li. He was sitting in a corner with a gloomy expression.

Xie Ming could not believe what she saw. She had thought that her father and Li Singtan would never get along but what she saw was beyond her expectations. Not only with Li Singtan but Father Xie was happily smiling and talking to his family members also.

Xie Ming felt happy but she was also disappointed. She felt left out as no one noticed that she was not there and no one even bothered to call her out.

She puffed her cheeks and decided to go back inside.

She was about to turn when mother Li saw her and said," There you are. I was wondering where you were." She then patted the space beside her and said," Come and sit beside mother."