Inside the room.

"Elder miss." Auntie Pi told Xie Ming who was sticking her ears to the door like a spider.

Xie Ming gestured Auntie Pi to keep quiet and continued listening. It has been more than 15 minutes but she could not hear anything. She was feeling scared.

Auntie Pi sighed after seeing how her Elder miss was behaving," Miss you should not do this. When they finish talking they will call us out. Have patience."

Xie Ming lost her cool and shouted," Aaahhh what patience are you talking about Auntie Pi. The people who are talking outside is Li Singtan and my father. I don't know what is happening outside. What if they both got into an argument and are fighting outside. What if my father killed Li Singtan out of anger. What if..-"

" Calm down miss. Mr Li is a sensible man and so is your father. You don't worry." Saying this Auntie Pi grabbed a glass of water and handed it to her.

Xie Ming grabbed the glass from her hand and gulped it all in one go. She then silently prayed to God.


Unlike the panic situation inside the bedroom, it was calm and quiet in the living room.

Both Father Xie and Li Singtan were looking at eat other. Both of them did not know what they were thinking.

Father Xie straightened his back and said," Mr Li are you saying that you are going to take away my daughter without my consent?"

Li Singtan leaned backwards and said," Well I already married her without your consent so taking her away should not be a problem. And moreover I will be taking my wife home. I don't think so there should be any problem." He then paused for a bit and continued," And if Mr Xie thinks that I am taking advantage of his daughter then let me tell you if making her forever mine is taking advantage of her then I would like to take advantage of her in every life."

Father Xie let out a small laugh and said," Let me be honest with you. When my daughter told me that you were her husband, I really didn't like the idea of you being my beloved daughters husband because you are famous for being cold and aloof and ruthless. But after seeing and feeling that you are not as bad as the magazines describe you and that you genuinely care for my daughter, I feel content. I just hope that you will keep her happy and protect her from every danger."

Li Singtan's lips curled upwards as he said," He is my life. I will protect her with all my might. Her life is more important to me than mine."

Father Xie felt really very happy after hearing this. He felt that his precious daughter was in safe hands now. She was Li Singtan's wife now. No one would dare to come near her specially that Chen Siquan.

" But let me warn you Mr Li, the day you will hurt my daughter that day will be the last day of your life."

Li Singtan let out a laugh and said," Dont worry Mr Xie. You daughter is safe with me."

Father Xie nodded his head and said," Call me Father son-in-law."

Li Singtan was about to say something when a sweet voice echoed in the living room.

" Ahh look at this. There we are waiting inside the car and getting impatient and here you both are happily talking." said mother Li who was standing in the entrance.

Father Xie looked towards the sound. His eyes flustered as soon as he saw a familiar face. With a wide smile on his face he rushed towards the entrance and said,"Meili."

Mother Li also smiled and said," Chuang. It's good to see you again."

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Father Xie was about to say something when he saw a tall man walking towards them. He then wrapped his arm around mother Li's waist and said," Mr Xie nice to meet you. I am Lu Meili's husband."