In the living room

When father Xie and Xie Ming entered the living room, they saw Li Singtan calmly sitting in the sofa.

When he saw Father Xie and Xie Ming coming towards him, he got up and greeted his father-in-law," Mr Xie."

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Father Xie did not even look at Li Singtan. He turned towards Xie Ming and said," Ming go inside I want to talk to Mr Li alone."

Xie Ming's face turned pale. She thought leaving them alone would be a really bad idea. She knew that Li Singtan was known to be very ruthless and her father was really very angry right now. She was scared something might happen ," But Dad I-"

Li Singtan interrupted and said," Dont worry."

Without saying anything, Xie Ming turned back and started walking.

" Take Auntie Pi with you and make sure you lock the room from inside." After saying this Father Xie gestured Auntie Pi to follow Xie Ming.


There was complete silence in the living room. Neither Li Singtan nor Father Xie opened their mouth.

Father Xie decided to break the silence and said." What do you want from her?"

Li Singtan raised his eye brows and said," What do you mean by that?"

Father Xi smirked and said," Dont tell me that you don't want anything from her. It's not like you love her. You know what happened yesterday but still you married her yesterday itself. I am sure you have your intensions."

Li Sintang looked straight into his father-in-laws eyes and said," Would Mr Xie believe me if I said that I have loved Xie Ming for 5 years?"

Father Xie widened his eyes in shock and asked," You what? Are you serious?"

Li Singtan did not say anything but looked at Father Xie with meaningful eyes.

Father Xie did not believe him but once he looked into Li Singtans eyes he was sure that he wasn't lying.

Li Singtan got up straightened his suit and said," It is true that I have loved Xie Ming for five years but I could never confess my love to her. But when I decided to confess my love, you asked her to date that Chen guy."

After saying this Li Singtan paused for a moment. He then sat down and continued," Even though I felt heartbroken, I still did not do anything because I thought Ming was happy with your arrangements. I always doubted that Chen guy of yours but I never did anything. Even when you fixed their marriage I was still quiet. I thought we were not meant to be together. So I decided to accept my fate. But when I heard what that Chen guy did, I couldn't stop myself. I did what I felt was right at that very moment. I always wanted to take things slow with Xie Ming. I wanted her to be happy. I wanted her to experience how it is like to be in a relationship with someone who treasures her. I wanted her to fall in love with me before I marry her." Li Singtan sighed. He really wanted all this to happen. He wanted to marry her but he wanted her to fall in love with him first.

Father Xie lowered his head. He knew it was his fault. He was the one who had forced Xie Ming to Chen Siquan. He wanted to say something but Li Singtan interrupted him," Now that we are married, I will make sure that she always remains happy. I will make sure that no one would ever make her sad again. I'll give her everything that she deserves. I'll make sure that she falls in love with me."

Father Xie looked at Li Singtan. Whatever he had heard about this cold and aloof CEO seemed to be a complete lie. He was nothing like the world described him as. He could see that Li Singtan'a feelings for his daughter were genuine but still as a father, he had his doubts.With a serious look in his face he said," Why should I believe you? May be you are taking advantage of my daughter and remember one thing she is still my daughter and you are standing in my territory I can keep my daughter here forever away from you."

Hearing Father Xie's words Li Singtan laughed and said," She is not just your daughter, she is also Mrs Li now and also the future Li patriarch." He stood up and continued," Do you really think that you can lock up my wife and expect me not to do anything?"