Xie Ming lowered her head. Biting her lower lip she said," Yes Father I am married."

Father Xie was shocked. He caught Xie Ming by her shoulder and said," Why Ming why did you do that? Was it because that Chen guy left you and you couldn't take the blow and ended up marrying a stranger?"

Xie Ming did not saying anything.

Father Xie pinched the between his brows and said," I will not accept this marrige. We will get it annulled today."

He then picked up phone and soaked his lawyers number.

Xie Ming snatched her father's phone and said," I don't think so that is going to help father. We can't do anything to him."

Father Xie couldn't contain his anger and shouted," Why can't we do anything? Just because our business is facing some problem don't think that your father has become weak now. How dare he take advantage of my daughter. I'll put him behind the bars. I am very sure he just wants your money."

Xie Ming shook her head and thought ' Why would Li Singtan want my money. If he wants he can buy the whole of country S. And putting him behind the bars was something only God could do'

" I'll sue him. I'll make him rot in jail. Give my phone back. Let me call my lawyer."

Xie Ming could see that her father was very angry. She tried to calm him down and said," Dad you can't do that. You can never put him in jail. He is very powerful."

Father Xie narrowed her eyes and asked," Who are you married to?"

Xie Ming lowered her head and murmured," Li Singtan."

Father Xie widened his eyes in disbelief," What did you say? Say it again."

Xie Ming again said it with a very low voice," Li Singtan."

" Loud and clear Xie Ming." Father Xie shouted.

Xie Ming lifted her head up and said," I am married to Li Singtan."

Father Xie got up from the bed and asked her," The Li Singtan?."

Xie Ming nodded her head.

"The CEO of the multinational Li corporation Li Singtan."

Xie Ming again nodded her head.

Father Xie could not believe that his daughter had married someone so great and powerful. He shook his head and said," Impossible. Are you sure that he is Li Singtan? May be you made a mistake and married someone else."

Xie Ming:" "

Father Xie couldn't believe what he had heard. His daughter was married to the Li Singtan. The cold and aloof CEO who was well known to be very ruthless was now his son-in-law.

Just as Father Xie was about to question his daughter, Aunty Pi came inside the room and said," Master Elder Miss a gentleman with the the surname Li is waiting downstairs."


Inside the car

Li Singtan was getting very impatient. It had almost been an hour since Xie Ming had gone inside the mansion but still there was no sign of her.

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Father Li and mother Li were not used to seeing their son like this.

Father Li patted Li Singtans shoulders and said," She needs time to explain everything to her father. It was easy for you but it won't be easy for her."

Looking towards the mansion,Li Singtan said," It's almost been an hour how much time does she need? I am not worried about the time. I am worried about her. After hearing everything what if her father has locked her up." He was very scared. Thinking about never seeing his Ming again brought chills down his spines.

Father Li understood Li Singtan's concern.

On the other hand, mother Li crossed both her hands and said," As far as I know, Chuang loves his daughter very much so I don't think so he will do anything like that. And if you are so worried about her, go inside and check on her."

Li Singtan thought for sometime and decided to follow his mother's instruction. He got out of the car, straightened his suit and walked towards the mansion.


When Xie Ming heard that Li Singtan was waiting downstairs, she froze. She looked at her father and could see that he was angry. She did not know how would her father treat Li Singtan.

On the other hand Father Xie raised his eyebrows and thought ' So Ming really married Li Singtan. But why would Li Singtan marry her. What does he want? I have to find out. I cannot just leave my daughter with him'

Before Xie Ming could say anything, Father Xie walked out of the room.