Inside the mansion

As Xie Ming entered the mansion, a middle aged woman greeted her," Elder Miss."

Xie Ming nodded her head and asked," Aunty Pi Where is Father?"

Aunty Pi lowered her head and answered," Master was very worried about you and did not sleep for the whole night. He is resting in his room right now."

Xie Ming sighed. She knew that something like this would definitely happen. She nodded her head and started walking towards her father's room.

" Elder miss, Master hasn't eaten anything since yesterday. After what happened at your..."

Xie Ming knew what aunty Pi was talking about. At the sudden thought about yesterday, her whole body felt numb. She tried to calm herself down and said," Get me the food. I'll feed him." She then paused for a second and added," And is there any news about the youngest master?"

Aunty Pi nodded and said," He is coming back tomorrow."

Xie Ming felt happy when she heard that her youngest brother, Xie Yufan was coming back. He did not attend her wedding because he was against the idea of her getting married with Chen Siquan from the very beginning. Xie Yufan always said that Chen Siquan is a dishonest person but Xie Ming never listened to him.

Thinking about how right her brother was, Xie Ming sighed," I'll personally receive him at the airport tomorrow. You don't have to send any car for him. Get the food to fathers room. I'll go in first." Saying this she walked towards her fathers room.


Inside the room.

As Xie Ming entered the room, she saw her father lying on the bed. His face looked very exhausted.

She sat beside him and held his hand.

Father Xie opened his eyes and the moment he saw Xie Ming he quickly got up and said," Xiao Ming you are finally back. Father was so worried about you."

Xie Ming understood his fathers concern and said," I am sorry father I troubled you."

Father Xie sighed and said," I was indeed very worried and was about to take the help of the police when a fine gentleman with the surname Han paid a visit and told me that you were perfectly fine and were at our friends place." He then patted her head and said," What happened yesterday was terrible. I know that you are feeling bad but there is no point crying over spilt milk. It's good that you did not marry that Chen guy. He did not deserve you. My daughter is a precious gem. You deserved someone who knows how to treasure you. I'll never force you to get married from now on. You should enjoy life."

Hearing the word ' marriage' Xie Ming gulped. She did not know how she would say her after that she was now married and her husband is the Li Singtan.

Xie Ming cleared her throat and said," father about that I."

Father Xie interrupted her by saying," I know what you want to say. But don't worry your father will find a way out. For the sake of business father is not going to let that Chen guy bully you. Money can always be earned but self respect is something that once lost can never be earned."

Xie Ming was about to say something when a knock on the door was heard. Aunty Pi had bought food for her father. Remembering that he father had not eaten anything, she quickly started serving food for him.

She then placed the food in front of him and said," How many times do I have to tell you not to skip your meals?"

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Father Xie stroked her hair. After the death of his beloved wife,Xie Ming had always taken of him. He then picked up a spoon and started eating.

When father Xie was almost done with his meal. Xie Ming held her breath and said," Father I want to tell you something. "

Father Xie looked at her and gestured her to continue.

Xie Ming took a deep breath and said." Father I am married."

Father Xie almost choked his food and questioned her back," What did you say?"