When Xie Ming got ready and came out of her room, she saw that Li Singtan was waiting for her outside.

Xie Ming was about to say something when she saw Li Singtan walking towards her. He then wrapped his hands around her tiny waist, tucked her hair behind her ears and said," You look beautiful."

Xie Ming slightly blushed and said," We should go down first. Everyone is waiting for us."

Li Singtan took a deep breath. Suppressing his desires, he reluctantly let her go.


In the living room

" Take these and place them inside the car very carefully." Mother Li instructed the maids.

Xie Ming was shocked to see so many gifts. She looked at her mother-in-law and

thought' How did she manage to arrange so many things at such a short time'.

As she was lost in her own thoughts, Li Singtan tapped her shoulder and said," Dont mind my family is a bit... I don't know what to say. I wanted to give to some time but"

Xie Ming smiled at him and said," No problem. They are very good and I can see that they love you a lot." She then paused for a second and continued," And moreover if not for today how would I know that I am allowed to bully you."

Li Singtan scratched his head and said," About that the thing is..."

Xie Ming giggles and said," Dont try to find excuses Mr Li. Remember I can even throw you out of the house."

Without waiting for his reply she ran towards her mother-in-law.

Li Singtan was happy as well as worried. Happy because he could see that his Ming was genuinely happy and worried because now he had to be very cautious with his actions otherwise he will have to spend a night in the garden. Thinking about this he sighed and started walking towards his family.


When mother Li saw Xie Ming coming towards her, she hugged her and said," My daughter looks beautiful."

Xie Ming smiled and said," Thank you mother."

Mother Li smiled and said," Let's go , the cars are ready. You, Singtan, your father and I will be going in one and grandpa grandma and Quin will be going in another."

Xie Ming nodded her head. She was actually very nervous. She did not know how her father would react. She was actually reluctant to step out of the house. By know the news of Chen Siquan rejecting her at their wedding day would've spread like wildfire. She was not at all ready to face the reporters.

Mother Li could see nervousness in her eyes and said," I know you are worried about your fathers reaction but don't worry about that. I can handle your father for you. We have a history together and back then he was very fond of me. So I don't think so he will mind me being your mother-in-law."

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"Ahem ahem", Father Li who was standing beside them could not help but clear his throat.

He actually never like Xie Chuang. Which man would like the man who had once dated his wife? No one would. So he was no exception.

If not for Li Singtan, he would never keep any kind of connection with him but now since his son had married his daughter, Xie Chuang was now his in-law. Now there would be frequent meetings between his wife and Xie Chuang. The thought of this made his eyes turn cold.


Outside Xie Mansion

Three luxurious cars were parked outside the mansion.

Xie Ming looked towards Li Singtan with worried eyes.

Sensing her gaze, Li Singtan held her hand and said." Don't worry. You go in first and explain everything to him and we will wait outside. Don't worry I'll be there by your side no matter what."

Xie Ming gave him a weak smile. After taking a deep breath she walked out of the car inside the mansion.