Xie Ming could not believe that the Li family were really going to end all their collaborations with the Chen's for her. She wanted to say something but was out of words so she decided to talk to Li Singtan about this afterwards.


After breakfast, everyone was sitting in the living room drinking tea.

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Grandma Li and mother Li were giving their gifts to Xie Ming.

Mother Li opened a red velvet box and took out two beautiful bangles. It was a gold bangle which was covered with diamonds and rubies. She then placed the bangle on Xie Ming's hand and said," Mother has given me these bangle when I had married your father. This was also given to mother by her mother-in-law. So this is actually a family asset which has to passed from generation to generation. So today I am giving this to you."

Xie Ming looked at the bangles and then smiled at her mother-in-law," Don't worry mom I'll keep them properly."

Grandma Li turned towards Li Singtan and asked," When are you planning to pay a visit to the Xie mansion?"

Li Singtan placed in cup down and said," Today."

Grandma Li nodded her head and said," that's good. You should visit them as soon as possible. Actually we all should go together and pay them a visit. What do you say old man?"

Grandpa Li placed his up down and said," Whatever you say goes honey."

Grandma Li smiled and said," so it's decided we all are going together."

Father Li objected and said," I have a very important meeting to attend so I won't be able to go. So you people carry on."

Mother Li suddenly go up and excitedly said," Ahh mother what a lovely idea. I haven't met Xie Chuang since a really long time."

Xie Ming tapped her mother's shoulder and asked," Mother how do you know my father."

Mother Li gave Xie Ming a smile and said," Your father and I used to study in the same high school and back then we used to date."

Xie Ming was shocked she thought that she had heard something wrong. Her father and her mother-in-law used to date. This was a big news.

THUD *crack*

A loud noise of glass breaking was heard. Everybody looked at the direction where father Li was sitting. He had dropped the cup on the floor and his face had turned red.

Father Li quickly got up and said," Ahh I am so careless. I spilled tea all over me. Now how can I go for the meeting. It's best if I accompany you guys." He then picked up his phone and said," I'll just postpone it."

After Father Li left, mother Li let out a small chuckle and said," Xie Ming you go and change. Mother and I will make the necessary arrangement."

Xie Ming insisted on helping them but mother Li sent her away.


Inside the bedroom.

Xie Ming was running back and forth as she had nothing to wear.

When Li Singtan came inside and saw her, he raised his eyebrows and asked," What is bothering you now."

Xie Ming stopped and answers him," I don't have anything to wear."

Li Singtan walked towards the walk-in wardrobe and said," Have you every opened this to see what is inside?"

Xie Ming walked towards him and saw that the wardrobe was stuffed with woman clothes which were all off her size. She looked at Li Singtan and asked," When did you get these?"

Li Singtan did not answer her and said," Get ready. I'll go to the other room and change."

He then picked up a brown retro suit and walked out of the room.

Xie Ming states at the clothes and thought

' This man he never fails to surprise me'.

She then picked up an off shoulder dress and went inside the washroom.