Huang vigorously nodded his head and readily agreed, "We will do as you say."

Taking out his handkerchief, he gave it to her. "Here use his." When Huiling gave him a weird look, he added, "This was inside my pocket so it hasn't been touched by her."

"You mean rubbed?"

Scratching his forehead, Huang sighed, "I seriously had no idea she would do that but I swear I saw nothing."

Just then the elevator door opened and Huiling stepped out of the elevator after taking the handkerchief from his hand.


Li mansion.

Qiangs room.

"I am sorry." Hugging her from behind, Guang placed his chin on her shoulder.

Dabbing the concealer on the multiple bite marks that he had left in her body, Qiang chuckled, "Well, I don't have a problem walking around flaunting them but dad is going to kill you so I am hiding them for your safety."

"Do you think uncle Singtan hates me?" Guang asked.

"Hmm, hard to say honey. Dad is cold and acts all unapproachable with brother Zixin because he is taking away his daughter."

"I guess I have to prepare myself for some thrashing."

Pulling cheeks, Qiang gave him a peck on his lips. "Aww honey, you honey, don't worry about that. We will announce it together when the right time comes."

Just then, someone knocked at the door."Qiang, uncle Singtan is looking for you."

"I'll be right there Bec."

"I know Guang is there too so be careful while coming out." Becca said.

"She knows?" When she nodded her head, Guang asked, "Does Huiling know about us too?"

"She doesn't but I'll find a way to tell her."



"A dress? For what?" Rose asked.

"A friend."

"What kind of friend? And you know how expensive my dresses are right?" Rose asked.

Poking his aunt's arm, Yushen grinned, "Special nephew discount?"

Ruffling his hair, Rose chuckled, "No, not until you tell me who it is for."

Scratching his forehead, Yushen thought for a while and said, "It's for a friend."

"And what makes you think that I will believe you?"

"Because I am your favorite and you love me alot."

"Alright, at least tell me how she looks."

Cupping his own cheeks, he sighed, "Amazing, angelic and beautiful."

Smacking his head, she chuckled, "You sound like you are already head over heels for her. You'll get the dress and don't forget to introduce her tomorrow. I would love to see who stole my handsome nephew's heart."

Giving his aunt a peck on her cheeks, Yushen cheekily smiled, "Aunt Rose, you are the best."

"Woah little man, are you trying to flirt with my wife?" Wrapping his arms around Rose's shoulder, Quin pulled her towards him and added, "Hands and lips off my wife."

"Oh come on uncle Quin, now please don't be like dad. One possessive Li is already difficult for us to handle and I seriously cannot handle one more."

"What are you talking about? Your father is my big brother and I have always followed his footsteps."

Yushen sighed and helplessly shook his head. "I'll take my leave before I start losing my brain cells."

After Yushen left, Rose wrapped her arms around Quins waist and buried her head on his chest.

Caressing her back, he asked, "What happened honey?"

"Even Yushen has someone he likes and he is bringing her tomorrow to the engagement party."

"Ah, no wonder he looked so energetic and happy."

"What about our Ben?" Rose asked.

"What about him?" When Rose glared at him, he sighed and added, "It's alright, let him take his time."

"How can you not worry about your son?" Rose snapped.

Shrugging his shoulder, Quin said, "What can we do honey?"

"As a father it's your responsibility to talk to him and find out what is wrong and why he isn't dating or interested in women."

"But didnt we plan to give him the space and time he needs?"

"That was like six months ago honey, even Yumi and Zian are getting married soon and Yushen has a girlfriend. Sam has one too and Flora is such a sweetheart but Ben, what about him?" Rose was very worried and anxious for Ben. He was already twenty-nine but still refused to be with any woman.

"There is still Qiang and Nuan-" When Rose glared at him, Quin massaged her shoulders and coaxed her, "Don't be angry honey, I'll talk to him okay?"

"You better talk to him as soon as possible Li Quin otherwise I'll leave this mansion leaving you and your three sons alone."


Huang's apartment.

"I'll go take a quick shower okay? Make yourself comfortable." Huang said before rushing towards the bedroom.

Looking around, Huiling frowned when she saw his messy bedroom. Placing her bag on the couch, she started arranging his documents neatly before picking up the cushion and clothes which were tossed on the floor.

After cleaning the living room, she entered his bedroom.


Inside the room.

While puffing the pillows, Huiling paused when her eyes landed on the bottle which was placed on the bedside table.

Picking up the pink bottle which she thought she had misplaced from the table, she smiled.

Just then Huang stepped out of the washroom wearing a bathrobe.

Waving the bottle at him, Huiling asked, "Did you steal my bottle?"

"In my defence, that isn't called stealing."

"Uh huh, so what is it called?" Huiling asked.


Rolling her eyes at him, she helplessly shook her head, "Brother Huang surely knows how to lie."

Raising his eyebrows, he slowly made her way towards her.

"What did you just call me?" He asked.

Before she could say anything, he trapped her in between his arms. "Repeat that again."

Huiling's breathing hitched when he pulled her closer. He was too close and it was very dangerous. The fresh smell of his shampoo made her feel weak and his dripping wet messy hair made him look more sexy.

She gulped in nervousness when her eyes fell on his toned chest.