Seeing her smile fade away, Li Singtan knew what she was thinking. He was about to console her but his mother interrupted him," Ahh child what are you thinking about? Don't tell me you are thinking about the stupid boy of the Chen Family."

Xie Ming was dumbfounded. She had never thought that her mother-in-law would talk to her about this. She bit her lower lip and said," I-I."

Before she could say anything,mother Li pinched her cheeks and said," Listen to me child. That rascal of the Chen Family never deserved someone like you. Never feel bad because he rejected you. You are a gem which he failed to recognise and I can say this proudly that my son will never get someone better than you. You are best suited to be his wife and the future Li patriarch."

Grandma Li walked towards them and said," Your mother is right. Don't think too much okay. We all are happy that you chose Li Singtan be your husband."

Xie Ming couldn't help but smile with tears in her eyes. She hugged both of them and said," Thankyou mother grandmother.

Seeing his wife being too much affectionate with his family members, Li Singtan felt very jealous. He then pulled Xie Ming away and said," Alright now let's go and have breakfast."

Seeing everyone leave, Li Quin was shocked. He quickly shouted," Hey hey hey where do you think are you people going." He then turned towards his brother and said," Brother how can you do this. You did not even introduce me to my dear sister-in-law."

Li Singtan rolled his eyes and said," Right. Xie Ming this is Li Quin my younger brother. If you want to convey any message to anyone in our family, just call him and tell him. And before you even finish the sentence , the whole family will know about it."

Li Quin puffed his cheeks and said," Dont Listen to him sister-in-law. Let me introduce myself. I am Li Quin, the youngest son of the Li family. If you ever need any information about anyone or you need any kind of help you an always count on me."

After saying this Li Quin wanted to give hai sister-in-law a hug and but was stopped in by his brother," Alright now let's go have breakfast."


In the dinning room

Mother Li and grandma Li sat beside Xie Ming. Li Singtan wanted to sit beside her but he was helpless in front of them. So he decided to sit beside his father.

Grandma Li and mother Li were continuously placing food on her plate. Xie Ming wanted to stop then but when she looked at there happy expression, she did not have the heart to do that.

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While placing some vegetables on her plate, mother Li said," You should eat more. Look at Li Singtan. He is so healthy and look at you, you are so skinny. His stamina will totally overpower your stamina in bed and that should not happen."

" Ppptttffff" Xie Ming almost spat all the food in her mouth. She did not know whether to laugh or cry. She was right the whole Li family was shameless.

Mother Li pulled out a handkerchief and helped Xie Ming wipe her mouth and continued," I am not wrong. When a woman has more stamina than a man in bed, the man tends to enjoy a lot. Am I right Darling?."

Father Li cleared his throat and said," Ahem ahem. Yes you are right."

" See even your father agrees. So you should eat more." Saying this see placed more food in Xie Ming's plate.

Grandpa Li lifted his head and asked Li Singtan," What are you planning to do with the Chen Family. I hope that you are not planning to leave them just like that."

Li Singtan looked at his grandfather with cold eyes and said," Do you really think you have to remind me that. I am just holding back because of your promise."

Grandpa Li snorted and said," Forget about the promise. How dare they bully my grand daughter-in-law? Do whatever you want to do. I won't stop you."

Li Singtan smiled and said," I was hoping to hear this from you."

Father Li placed his chopstick down and

said," Ending few collaboration won't affect our business. The most important thing is to show them where they really belong. Don't do it all of a sudden. I would suggest you to do it slowly. A cat doesn't kill the mouse immediately after catching it."

Li Singtan smiled at his father and said," I'll keep that in mind."