Jennifer chuckled and asked, "Hmm but what if I turn you into a vegetarian?"

Taking another bite of the burger, Yushen said, "If you make this everyday, I will happily turn into a vegetarian."



Keeping quiet for quiet sometime, Jennifer hesitantly asked, "Can I ask you for a favour?"

"Firstly, you don't have to ask before asking something. Secondly, I am always ready to help you at any cost." Why would he not help her out with something she wants his help for?

"The management wants to recruit a few employees from here to our new branch in country B and I am one of the shortlisted employees." Pausing for a while, Jennifer continued, "I know it feels weird but can you ask the management not to send me away? Look, I don't wanna leave. Everything is so perfect here, I mean my colleagues, my new apartment, this office and the bond that we both share. I just don't want to leave all of this and move to a foreign land."

When he smiled at her, she sighed and groaned in frustration, "I know it feels like I am taking advantage of you but I really dont wanna leave."

"And what makes you think that I'll let you leave? Even if you hadn't mentioned this, I would've dragged you out of the list because I don't want you to leave. But yeah, I really feel used. I mean you are using me to stay back so-"

"I swear I wouldn't have brought this up but I had no other choice. Okay what I can do to make you feel better? I swear I'll do whatever you want."

Leaning towards her, Yushen smiled. "Hmm anything?"

When Jennifer nodded her head, Yushen ran his fingers through her hair and said, "It's brother Zian and sister Yumi's engagement party tomorrow."

"Yes I know, all the employees are invited too."

"Hmm so be my date tomorrow for the party."

Jennifer was about to say something but Yushen interrupted her. "Uh huh, you can't back out now. You are going to the party with me and I'll pick you up."

"Hmm I don't think so it's a good idea I mean, what will your family members think of me? I am just a normal employee and you people are so-"

Caressing her cheeks, Yushen smiled, "There is nothing normal about you Jennifer, you are very very special. And you don't have to worry about my family. They are going to love you, especially my mom."

"What if they don't?"

"Are you crazy? Why wouldn't they? What is there not to like about you?" Yushen asked.

When her gaze met his, Jennifer blushed. His thumb caressing her cheek was making it grow hotter. How could someone be so handsome and amazing at the same time?

"Will you wear something I give you tomorrow?" Yushen asked.

When Jennifer nodded her head, he added, "Okay then, I'll meet you outside your apartment later in the evening."


Li mansion.

"This is for me?" Elsa asked.

"Yes, mom personally selected this for you. She wants you to wear this for tomorrow's engagement party."


Qiang nodded her head and said, "Yes, it's my big brother and sisters engagement party."

"Hmm, do I need to attend it? I mean, I don't even know anyone."

"Ahh what are you saying Elsa? Don't you know me?" Pointing at Ashton who was arranging Elsa's medicines, Qiang added, "Don't you know Ashton?"

"I do but-"

Cutting her off, Qiang said, "Then don't think about it and you are going to the saloon with us tomorrow morning. We are gonna get ourselves groomed while the men will take charge of other things."

"Elsa, aunt Ming is calling you out." Becca said.

After Elsa left, Ashton quickly approached Qiang and asked, "What did she say? Did she like the dress?"

"Hmmm, I guess she did Ash."

"Did you tell her aunt Ming was the one who selected the dress and not me?"

Qiang nodded her head and chuckled, "I did so chill." Pausing for a while, she added, "So I helped you out right so you'll have to help me too."

"Ya sure, but how?"



"No, you'll have to finish this entire thing."

"Don't worry Elsa, mom is not going to let you off so easily." Yumi said.

Pouring more soup into her bowl, Ming said, "Remember what Mian said? You need to eat more healthy food. I sent your uncle out just now to get this chicken for you. I have added many herbs and vegetables in this soup so you'll have to finish off everything."

"Mom, dad is getting jealous again." Yushen shouted.

Smacking his son's head, Singtan gritted his teeth. Looking at Ming, he vigorously shook his head, "No honey, I am not."

"Are you sure dad? Because your ears are red and that happens when you are jealous." Yumi said.

"Honey, do you want some soup too?" Ming asked.

Singtan cheekily smiled and vigorously nodded his head. How could he not want something his wife had made? In fact, he was dying to taste it.

Ming chuckled and gestured him to come over before pouring a bowl for him.

Just then Guang arrived and greeted everyone. Scanning the entire room, he frowned when he did not see Qiang.

"Hmm, aunt Ming where is Qiang?" Guang asked.

"I think I saw her enter Elsa's room a while ago." Yumi said.

Elsa nodded her head and added, "She is there with Ashton."

Guang widened his eyes in shock and clutched his hands into a fist. His mind was already in a mess after she left his office in the morning. He had been feeling restless and uneasy since then.

Without thinking about anything else, he rushed towards Elsa's room.


Elsa's room.

"What? But why?"

Qiang rolled her eyes and frowned, "Do you want my help or not?"

"I do but what you said doesn't make sense. Why do I need to act like that and that also only in front of Guang?" Ashton asked.

"Because Guang thinks you like me so he is restraining himself from making a move towards me though he has feelings for me just like I do. But he doesn't know that you like Elsa now."

Ashton widened his eyes in shock and shouted, "What?"