Just then a man dressed in a black suit entered the mansion.

"Good morning officers, I am John D'cop Elsa Churos' lawyer."

Alvin frowned and gritted bus teeth, "What is happening? What is all this nonsense? Why are you people not letting me take my sister from here? How can you all restrict me like this?" He wanted to see Elsa and take her away with him. He needed her not only for himself but also for the man who had promised to help him only if he handed her to him. He had no idea why the man was after Elsa but Alvin had no time to think about the consequences.

He didn't wish to return back to his country and also wasn't willing to leave country S as well. But he knew that Ashton Wu would never let him stay back so he needed a very strong back up who would help him stay in country S or allow him to move to some other country where he could start his business again.

"Mr Churos' please, let us look into the matter."

Ignoring Alvin's rants, John explained, "My client Elsa has filed a case against her brother for domestic violence." Taking out another set of papers from his back, he added, "This is my client's medical reports. According to the reports, there are twenty-five new and twenty-eight old injuries in her body. My clients whole body is covered in bruises. In fact, yesterday when Mr Wu found my client, she was already unconscious and was bleeding. So he brought her to the hospital and got her treated. Later when she woke up, Elsa told everyone what had exactly happened and how she faces domestic violence everyday."

"That is rubbish." Alvin shouted. Pointing towards Ashton, he shouted, "He is framing me and is using my sister as a shield."

When the police officer glared at him, Alvin pursed his lips. He very much knew about the power and influence of the Li's in the whole country. He also knew that if the Li's wanted, they could throw him out of the country and free Elsa from his clutches and that was exactly what they were doing.

The thing that he was worried about had actually happened. Elsa had told everything, even about his deepest and darkest secret. But no matter what, Alvin had to take Elsa back with him.

"Mr D'cop we would like to talk to Ms Elsa."


Just then Mian and Elsa stepped out of the room.

Walking towards Elsa, Ashton said, "Don't worry okay? We all are here."

When Elsa saw Alvin staring at her, she panicked and grabbed Ashton's hand before hiding behind him.

Squeezing her hand, Ashton placed his hand on her shoulder. She was shivering, tears threatening to roll down her cheeks. She was scared, very scared.

Seeing Elsa, anyone could easily figure out how scared and terrified she was off Alvin.

Placing his hands on her shoulders, Ashton tried to calm her down. "This isn't the time to act like this Elsa, you have to be strong this time. If you act weak and don't retaliate against him, he will keep dominating you. God has given you a chance to free yourself from his clutches so make the best use of it."

"You'll be there with me right?" Elsa asked.

Wiping her tears away, Ashton nodded his head, "Of course, I will always be right beside you."

"You see officer, they are manipulating my sister." Alvin shouted.

"Ms Elsa, are you ready to talk?" An officer asked.

When Elsa nodded her head, the officer started asking her questions.

"So your lawyer said that you've been facing domestic violence, is that true?"

When Elsa nodded her head, the officer sighed. He could easily say that she wasn't lying after seeing those multiple bruises all over her arms and face.

"Is your brother the one who tortures you?"

Tightening her grip around Ashton's hand, Elsa nodded her head, "Yes."

"Elsa, my little sister, what are you saying? Why are you listening to outsiders and framing your brother? Come here, let's go home I-"

When Alvin took a step towards Elsa, the officer grabbed his collar and pulled him back, "Don't even try."

Taking another paper out, John said, "Apart from the fact that my client has been having domestic violence for quite some time now, she is no longer a minor. She is twenty-one years old and has the legal right to move out of the household and no one has the legal right to stop her. And Ms Elsa wants to file a case against her brother. I would be taking care of it."

Taking the paper from his hand, the officer nodded his head. "Hmm, I will be needing Ms Elsa's signature here."

After Elsa signed all the required papers, the officer handcuffed Alvin.

Alvin gritted his teeth and shouted, "What is this? How can you arrest me? I did not do anything, they are framing me."

"Why is my house so noisy early in the morning?" Singtan asked who had just arrived after his morning garden walk.

"We are almost done dad." Zian said.

"We are very sorry for the trouble Mr Li, we had no idea that the truth was completely different than what we were told. We will make sure that Alvin Churos receives the punishment he deserves."

"I'll follow you and complete the other formalities." Wrapping up everything, John followed the officers out of the mansion.

Alvin, who was being handcuffed out of the man, gritted his teeth and shouted, "I will make sure that you pay for this Ashton Wu and everyone else too. I'll never let you all off. Elsa you betrayed me, I'll make sure that you regret this."

Clutching onto Ashton's shirt, Elsa started crying out loud.

"Hey, stop trying, he will never come back okay? You are free now."

"I am?"

Wiping her tears away, Ashton smiled and nodded his head.

"Thank you so much." Looking at everyone, Elsa wiped her tears away and thanked everyone for helping her out.