Wiping her tears away, Elsa smiled, "Thanks."

"Do you want to eat something?" Without waiting for her reply, Ashton added, "Hmm hold on, I'll get something for you to eat."

"It's alright, I am not hungry."

"How come you are not hungry? You haven't eaten anything since yesterday. Have you realized how skinny you look? You shouldn't skip meals, it's not good for your health."

"Mr Wu I-"

Cutting her off, he said, "You can call me Ashton or Ash."

"Hmm, I just wanted to thank you for saving me yesterday. If you hadn't brought me here then Alvin's men would've definitely found me." Only thinking about what would've happened if Alvin's men managed to find her before Ashton gave Elsa goosebumps all over her body. She was horrified and scared of the consequences she would have to face if Alvin ever qqmanages to drag her back to that hell.

When Ashton saw her shoulders shiver, he sat down beside her and tried to pacify her. "Hey, don't worry about anything okay? I promise I won't let him harm you from now onwards. I'll make sure that he stays far away from you and never bugs you in the future. I know we just met briefly in the past but I swear Elsa, you can trust me. I'll protect you at any cost." Ashton had already made up his mind to help her out and protect her with everything that he was. He didn't know why he wanted to do it but his heart was urging him to do so. He didn't know whether it was out of humanity or something else but he wanted to, his heart wanted to.

"You saved me Ashton, you already have my trust." Why wouldn't she trust someone who saved her life? If he wasn't a kind person, wouldn't he just leave her there in the middle of the road to die?

"Ahh, you are finally awake." Walking towards her, Mian gestured Ashton to move aside.

Sitting beside her, Mian started checking her vitals. "How are you feeling now?"

"She is saying that she isn't feeling hungry but that shouldn't happen right? I mean she hasn't eaten anything since yesterday so-"

Cutting Ashton off, Mian asked, "Ash, are you hungry?"


"Hmm, then why are you talking so much?" Turning toward Elsa, Mian added, "He talks too much when he is hungry so don't mind him."

Elsa chuckled and nodded his head.

Just then Liyang entered the room and gestured Ashton to come out.

When Ashton gave her a look, Mian nodded her head. "Hmm, I already know what to do."

After flashing a smile at Elsa, he walked out of the room.

"What happened?" Elsa asked.

"You brother is here to get his ass kicked."


Living room

Sitting on the couch, Alvin Churos was impatiently shaking his legs, helplessly watching the police officers he had brought with him to take away his sister from the Li mansion munching snacks that were being served.

When the maid placed the last bunch of snacks on the table, Ming smiled at them and politely said, "Please have more."

"Ah Mrs Li is too kind but if I eat anything else, I will feel bloated." A police officer said.

"Me too, I think I shouldn't eat more too."

"Ohh but these are so tasty."

When Alvin's patience reached its limit, Alvin asked, "Mrs Li, is Mr Li not at home?"

Glancing at the watch, Ming said, "It's his morning garden walk time but he I have already informed him about your arrival so he should be here any minute but my son will be dealing with this."

"And we will also be done by the time Mr Li comes here." One of the policemen said before shoving a big piece of the pastry inside his mouth.

Just then, Ashton, Liyang and Zian arrived.

Resisting his urge to punch Alvin right on his face, Ashton took a deep breath.

Leaning towards Zian, Liang whispered, "Dude, can you say that this man has no tools?" When Zian gave him a weird look, he added, "I mean, just look at him. I am very curious now."

"Liyang, do you want me to ask him to take off his pants and so you can examine him properly?" Zian asked.

"What? No, I don't want to traumatize myself by seeing something like that."

Rolling his eyes at him, Zian made his way towards the mother.

The policemen got up and politely greeted Zian to which the latter replied with a polite nod. "What brings you busy officers here early in the morning?"

"Mr Churos claims that his sister has been held captive here." One of the policemen said.

Tucking his hands inside his pocket, Zian asked, "Hmmm, do we look like captors?" When the policeman vigorously shook his head, he added, "So what do you mean by we have held her captive?"

"It means that my sister is here in this mansion since yesterday night." Smiling at Ashton, Alvin added, "So to avoid any further chaos or confusion, I would like Mr Wu to return my sister to me back and next time when he hits her with his car, I would advise you to tell me and not bring her to the Li mansion. I don't want the Li's to take all the trouble."

"Ashton is family so everything that is related to him is directly related to is. His friend is our friend and his emoney is our enemy." Zian said.

Smiling at Zian, Alvin nodded his head, "Of course, who doesn't know how close you all are. Now without wasting any more time, can I have my sister back? We have to return back to our country today and we are already running late."

"Mr Li, is Elsa Churos here in the mansion?" One of the police officers asked.

Zian nodded his head and said, "Yes, Elsa is here with us."

The officer awkwardly cleared his throat and asked, "Hmm, can I know the reason behind that?"

"No specific reason but I know what you are thinking officer so I'll let Ms Elsa Churos' lawyer do the rest of the talking." Zian said.