Qiang pouted her lips and cursed Guang for being such an ass. His actions were so clear and evident that he didn't want her to leave. She could also imagine his ugly expression when he would see her with Ashton. Why would he torture himself like this and not give there relationship a chance? But she knew him very well to understand what his intentions were.

Guang valued friendship and other relationships more than his own happiness. He would rather give up everything he has to make his friend or family member happy than act selfish and keep everything for himself. He had always been like this since the very beginning.

Qiang wouldn't have never forced him like this if he genuinely wasn't interested in her but his actions were enough to show that he harboured deep feelings for her like she did for him. She didn't want them to give up on something so beautiful and peaceful for something as stupid as sacrificing their blooming love for someone's sake. Even if he wanted to do it, Qiang would never allow him too.

Running his fingers through his hair, she smiled, "Hmm, I wonder how you will feel when you see Ashton and me like this? But then again, you don't have any feelings for me so I guess we are good here."

Without waiting for his reply, she added, "Hmm you know I thought things would become awkward between us after that kiss and those cuddles but I think you were right. It all happened in the heat of the moment and now it's gone. We should let it go and forget everything."

Her words were like a stab in his heart. Did she feel the same when he told her same thing?

Guang was feeling more frustrated and angry and he couldny understand why he was feeling that way. Isn't this what he wanted, Qiang and Ashton together? Then why was this wave of a completely new set of emotions hitting him all of a sudden? Shouldn't he be happy for his friend?

But then again, how the hell could he be happy when he was losing the woman he loves. He was helplessly watching her leave his side and turn towards some other man.

With the pool of emotions kicking his system, Guang lost all of his all his left over rationality.

Tightening his grip around her waist and he pulled her closer making Qiang gasp in shock.

Looking at her pink, juicy lips, he gulped nervousness. One kiss wouldn't harm right?

Understanding what he was trying to do, Qiang chuckled and cupped his cheeks. "Aww Mr Lui wants to kiss me."

Pinching his lips, she added, "Too bad that from now on, my lips are only Ashton's to kiss."

Patting his cheek, she sighed, "You missed it."

Without waiting for his reply, she got down from his lap and picked up her bag from his desk. "I bought coffee for you so don't forget to drink it. Dad told me to inform you not to be late and be there by evening. Aunt Rose said that she already has an outfit for you so stop by her store and for the fitting. I'll see you later Guang, bye."

After she left, Guang frowned and his mood turned all grumpy. He didn't want to let anything affect his mood but he couldn't help it. Everything related to Qiang had the power to waive his emotions.


Li mansion

"Are you sure you'll be okay? You should rest."

Ashton shook his head and said, "I am fine sister Mian, you can go and take some rest instead. I'll call you out if something happens."

"Her vitals are very normal so you don't have to worry about that. She seems very stable at the moment. We just need to wait until she wakes up and see of she feels any kind of discomfort."

"I'll stay here with her, you can take some rest."

After rechecking everything, Mian left the room leaving behind Ashton and Elsa.

Looking at pale face and fragile body, Ashton sighed. His heart was still aching for her and he couldn't stop thinking about everything that she had been through all by herself. All her pain and sufferings were like a prick in his heart.

Holding her hand, he gently caressed the fresh bruise near her knuckles. The body thought of her body being covered with such multiple bruises boiled his blood. He didn't want them to have any mark on her body. He couldn't change the past but he would make sure no one touches her in the future.

"Mr Wu?" Elsa murmured.

Letting go of her hand, Ashton quickly got up. "You are awake? Hold on, let me call sister Mian."

He was about to get up and leave when Elsa tucked on his sleeves.

"Can I get some water first?"

"Ya of course, hold on." After pouring some water for her, he helped her up. He then sat beside her and helped her drink a few sips.

"Feeling better now?" Ashton asked.

Elsa nodded her head and asked, "Did you bring me here?"

"You ran into my car yesterday so I brought her."

"Then that doctor-"

"She is sister Mian and the other one is aunt Anna."

When Elsa lowered her head, Ashton added, "Hey, don't worry, they are family and it's not your fault. Whatever happened had nothing to do with you and it's not your fault either."

Wiping her tears away, she said, "I don't want to trouble anyone."

Ashton panicked when he saw her cry. Not knowing what to do, he rubbed the side of her arm and tried to calm her down. "You're not troubling anyone, we genuinely want to help you out. In fact, everything is already ready, Alvin can never take you away without your permission."

Looking at him with teary eyes, she asked, "Really?"

"Yes." Wiping her tears away, he added, "Now stop crying, you don't look good when you cry."

Elsa nodded her head and said "I know, my nose turns red and my cheeks turn red too. I look ugly when I cry."

"Hey, who said you look ugly? I said you don't look good but I never said that you look ugly. In fact, I think you look adorable when you cry."