Zian thought for a while and smiled, "Dad, I'll take care of it."

"Can't we just throw him out of the country?" Ashton asked.

"Didn't you say that he has connections with the mafia's? So how hard is it for him to come after Elsa again? If we get things done legally, it will be easier for us to deal with him."

After analyzing and thinking about what Zian had said, Ashton decided to let Zian handle everything because that would be the best thing to do. Zian was more experienced and his way of handling things was as flawless as his father.

Turning towards his son, Singtan reminded him. "Your mom wants to help Elsa so make sure you execute everything flawlessly. I don't want your mom to stress out or worry about anything."

"Don't worry dad, I won't let anyone down."

"I'll leave it to you then. Meanwhile, I'll go and prepare the guest list along with others."


3:00 am

"Dude, what are you? An owl?"

Giving his brother a look, Ben chuckled. "Just taking a walk man."

" Woah, you look happy."

"Not exactly happy, I am just tired."

Wrapping his arms around Ben's neck, Sam asked, "Are you okay?"

"Yeah, I guess."

"Don't tell me that you are also jealous and annoyed with the fact that Zian and Yumi are getting married first?"

Ben chuckled and helplessly shook his head. "Sam, you have a girlfriend and you can easily marry her anytime you want."

"What? No way, I still remember our pact man and I am sticking to it and-"

Cutting Sam off, Ben said, "We made that pact when we were ten so that doesn't count okay?" When Ben and Sam were ten, they made a pact of getting married on the same day and sealed it by exchanging their favorite chocolate.

"You kidding me? We took the swap promise so there is no way I am going to break it."

"What if I don't get married at all? What if I choose to remain single for my entire life? Will you also not marry at all? Be practical Sam and get married."

"Hey, why are you saying that? You'll surely find someone who will be perfect for you. Like I won't deny that Clara wasn't perfect for you but she isn't available anymore so you can't be like this forever."Pausing for a while, Sam added, "You know what you need?"


"You need a closure dude. A good, nice and perfect closure which will help you get her out of your system. Uncle Singtan is inviting Philip's family as well so Clara will be there too. This is the perfect time for closure. What do you think?"

"You gotta be kidding me."

"What? You need a closure, you desperately need one Ben. Trust me okay? Give it a shot, I bet that this will work."

When Ben did not say, Sam sighed. "Oh come on, I'll help you out okay? And don't worry, we are in this together."


Next day.

Gang's office

Massaging his forehead, Guang was about to look into his schedule when someone barged into his office.

When he saw who it was, he widened his eyes in shock and gulped in nervousness.

"Morning." Qiang greeted him before kicking the door shut behind her.

She was wearing a deep V neck short off-shoulder baby-pink dress, paired with a pair of black thin striped stilettos and Guang couldn't take his eyes off her. She had worn different kinds of dresses in the past and this wasn't the first time he had seen her wear something like that but it felt so different. From her slender shoulders to her slim waist, everything about her was so perfect.

Guang gulped a mouthful of saliva when his landed on her voluptuous breasts which looked like the most delicious part of her body and he couldn't take his eyes off her.

When Qiang saw him staring at her, she patted herself in her mind.

Placing the two cups of coffee on his desk, Qiang leaned towards him and lifted his chin up. "Eyes up here Mr Lui."

After being caught red handed while he was staring at her breast, Guangs's face turned super red in embarrassment.

Resisting the strong urge to pull his adorable cheeks, Qiang sat down on his desk and crossed her legs. "That is bad Guang, how can you stare at them? I mean what would Ashton think?"

When Guang frowned, Qiang added, "What? Do you think Ashton will like it if he finds out that you have been staring at my breast like a hungry wolf? What would happen to your friendship?"

"You know about Ashton?" Guang asked.

"Uh huh, I know that he likes me since the very beginning but I never paid attention to it because I never felt that way with him but after that night, you know what I am talking about right?" Without waiting for his reply, Qiang added, "Hmm so after what happened that night and how you started avoiding me for Ashton, I thought maybe I should just be with him and give him a chance."

When he frowned deeper, Qiang chuckled and asked, "What? Didnt you want that too? I mean Ash and me together in each other's arms?"

Leaning towards him, she patted his cheeks and smiled. "There there, what's with that frown? Shouldn't you be happy for your friend? He is getting the woman he likes while you-Hmmm well, you lose the woman you like but who cares? Ash is getting what he wants so it's alright."

Getting down from the desk, Qiang hopped into his lap and hooked her arms around his neck.

"You-what are you doing?" He was already annoyed when she mentioned Ashton and her plan about going back to him and now she was trying to act cute.

Burying her head on his neck, Qiang hugged him closer. "Giving you a chance to hug me before I run off and start hugging Ashton right in front of your face."

Qiang who was expecting a rejection was baffled when Guang wrapped his arms around her waist and pulled her closer. He then buried his head on her chest and sighed.