Everybody looked towards the stairs and saw Xie Ming standing in a very stiff manner. Anyone who saw her could say that she was nervous.

Xie Ming also left the room few minutes after Li Singtan. She had heard everything that they were talking about. When she heard about the DNA test she almost choked to death and thought ' Ahh the whole family is shameless. No wonder why Li Singtan is like this. May be shamelessness runs in their genes'

Xie Ming wanted to say something but nothing came out of her mouth.

Li Singtan knew this would happen. He knew that she would be scared. That is why he wanted to take things slow.

He walked towards Xie Ming held her hand and whispered in her ears," Dont be scared. They are your in-laws not some wild animals. They won't eat you up."

Without waiting for her response, Li Singtan pulled her towards the living room.

He then placed his hand on her shoulders and said," This is my wife Xie Ming."

Li Singtans grandma was the first one to walk towards her. Grandma Li held, Xie Ming's hand and said," Ahhh look at you. What a beauty? No wonder why Li Singtan lo..."

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" Aheeem Grandma." without waiting for any reaction, Li Singtan turned towards Xie Ming and said," let me introduce you to everyone." Turning towards his grandpa and grandma he said," He is my Grandpa Li Mosen and he is my grandma Tang Quanci."

Xie Ming quickly greeted them," Grandpa grandma."

Li Mosen patted her head and said," You are my grand daughter-in-law. You are now the member of the Li family. If this brat ever tries bully you, you can directly shoot him. You don't have to worry about anything else as I will always be there to back you up. I'll take care of the police."

Xei Ming did not know whether she should laugh or cry. Which grandfather would give his grand daughter-in-law a free liberty to kill his grandson.

Tang Quanci pinched her husband and said," Old man what are you saying. You are scaring her." She then turned towards Xie Ming and said," Xiao Ming from the outside it may look like the men of the Li family are powerful and can get and do whatever they want but that is only when they are outside. Remember, once they are inside the house they are powerless. They have to do and follow everything their wives ask them to. May be Li Singtan is the one who earns but remember you are the boss. If you want you can even throw him out of the house in the middle of the night. You can bully him but he cannot bully you. Did you understand?"

Xie Ming could not believe what she had heard. Never had she ever thought that the powerfull men of the Li family were actually helpless in front of their woman. She nodded her head.

Li Singtan lowered his head and sighed. He then turned towards his parents and said," Xie Ming, he is my father Li Zhehan and my mother Lu Meili."

Xie Ming quickly greeted them ," Uncle aunty."

Mother Li gave Xie Ming a hug and said," Xiao Ming you are now married to Li Singtan so you should address us as mother and father. Don't feel shy. I never had a daughter. I have always wanted one but this old man never gave me one. But since now you are here my wish has been fulfilled. I finally have a daughter."

Xie Ming felt very touched by Lu Meili's words that tears started rolling down her cheeks. She missed her mother very much. She had almost grown up without having one but now the thought of having a mother overwhelmed her. She hugged mother Li and sobbed in her embrace.

Mother Li knew that she missed her mother. She patted her back and said," Oh dear stop crying now. Mother feels really bad seeing your tears." She wiped Xie Ming's tears and said," And moreover remember what grandma just said. The women of the Li family bully their husband. Now if you cry like this how are you going to bully Li Singtan."

Father Li who was silent all this while finally patted Xie Ming's head and said," Welcome to the Li family child."

Xie Ming felt really very happy. She had never expected that Li Singtans Family would be so welcoming. She atleast expected her mother-in-law to be cruel and wicked. But it was nothing like that.

Xie Ming's smile froze when she thought that what will happen when they will know that she was abandoned by Chen Siquan on her wedding day. Will they still accept her after knowing the truth? Who would want someone who had been rejected for their son?