Clenching his hand into a fist, Ashton tried to calm himself down. All he wanted to do was strangle Alvin Churos to death. From the day he saw Elsa, he always had this constant feeling in his mind that something wasn't right which made him feel very uneasy and restless. He started thinking about her constantly and his willingness to find the truth and help her out kept increasing.

"Do we need to take her to the hospital?" Ming asked.

"It's not necessary at the moment but she still needs a full body checkup later." Mian wanted to make sure that Elsa isn't suffering from any severe body damage. She looked pale and skinny in comparison to other other women of her age.

Looking at her husband who was immersed in a very deep thought, Ming wrapped her arms around his waist. "Can we help her?"

Kissing her forehead when Singtan nodded his head, Ming added, "This seems very complicated but we also cannot leave her alone."

"Hmmm, I'll find a way out. Don't stress over it for now."

"When will she wake up?" Ashton asked.

"In a few hours may be. She is very stressed and needs to take rest."

"Zian and Ashton, come to the study room." After reminding Ming not to stress over anything, Singtan made his way towards his study room while Zian and Ashton followed him behind.


"I really feel so bad for her."

"I know right? She has been through alot."

"But she is so pretty, no wonder Yinhai said that Ash kinda likes her." Huiling said.

Qiang and Becca widened their eyes in shock and shouted, "WHAT?"

"Shh keep your volume down girls, don't disturb her. Now why don't you three sit outside and let her take some rest? You can talk to her as much as you want when she wakes up okay?" When Mian asked them to leave, Becca grabbed Huiling's hand and dragged her outside.


"Woahh what is wrong with you both?" Huiling asked who had been dragged to a corner by her two best friends.

"Who told you about that?" Qiang asked.

"Told what?"

"About Ashton liking Elsa."

Huiling shrugged her shoulders and answered, "Well, Yinhai told me that Ashton told him something about not being able to stop thinking about Elsa."

"Is that true?" Becca asked.

"Could be, I mean why would Yinhai lie right?" When Becca and Qiang gave each other a look, Huiling raised her brows and suspiciously asked, "Seriously what is happening here?"

When both of them vigorously shook their head, Huiling scoffed, "Seriously? So you both think that you can lie now? Really?"

"Its nothing, we are just shocked because we thought Aston liked Qiang so-"

"Oh yes, I was shocked too but Yinhai said Ashton kinda likes that girl now. Well, I guess that is okay right? I mean you don't like him and always wanted to turn him down but now you don't have to. Isn't it easier this way? At least things won't be all awkward between the two of you."

When Qiang smiled and nodded her head, Huiling was about to say something when her phone beeped. Looking at the ID, she quickly excused herself.

"Oh my God, we have to let Guang know and-"

Cutting Becca off, Qiang placed her hand on Becca's shoulder and smiled. "I have a plan."

"Ahh please don't tell me that you don't want to tell him about this."

"Are you mad? Obviously he has to know but don't you think he needs to be taught a lesson?" Qiang asked.

"What do you mean?"

"Well, Guang thinks that letting go the woman he likes for his friend is very easy but it's not as easy as he thinks right?" When Becca nodded her head, Qiang mischievously smiled, "So we will make him realise that it's not easy to see me in Ashton's arm. I want him to take an initiative this time, I want to see how he looks when he is jealous."

"You go girl, I am in this with you."

"Great but I need to plan everything out first." Qiang was very excited to execute her plan. She could've easily approached him and told him the truth but where was the thrill and excitement in that right?


Study room.

"Did you threaten Alvin Churos to leave the country?" Singtan asked Ashton who had been exceptionally quiet.

"Yes, when dad told me to cut off all the ties with him, I threatened him to leave the country as well. His activities were suspicious as well. He had connections with the mafia family from Rome which were complicating a few things." Ashton never intended to get involved with Alvin Churos but when he found out that his father had indeed shared a few collaborations with the Churos family in the past, he decided to give in.

"The Churos family were in the right track until Garmin Churos was alive. His way of handling business was much more soothing and appreciable. Even the Li clan had a few collaborations with them in the past but after he died, his son took over everything. Unlike his father Alvin Churos believes in things getting done faster so he started resorting to illegal ways of handling the business and when he got involved in the organ smuggling business, we broke off our connection with them and your father did the same." Singtan explained.

"Alvin Churos doesn't sound like a man who will let go Elsa so easily." Zixin added.

Singtan smiled and asked, "Who said he will? We would be considered stupid if we thought so."

Pausing for a while, he added, "But we will make sure that he let's her off easily and we are not going to use any underhanded method."

Ashton frowned and asked, "But how?" He was planning to use all his powers to kick Alvin out of the country and make sure he never returns.

"We need to free her from Alvin's clutches permanently and to make sure that everything runs smoothly, we need to follow the law."