"For the world I am the adoptive daughter of the Churos family but the reality is far more different than the real truth. People think that I am some pitied girl from the orphanage but that is not the truth. I was brought up lavishly in a mansion my father had gifted my mom. He used to visit us regularly and also spend weekends with us. My father used to love and dote on me. He never made me feel like an illegitimate child. I went to the best school and had the best of everything but things changed when my mother passed away."

Pausing for a while, Elsa added, "After completing the rituals, father brought me with him to live with his other family. He told me that he had everything arranged and no one would say anything to me. I was sixteen back then and felt really helpless. I had no one other than my father so I had no other choice but to follow him."

Wiping her tears away, Elsa continued, "I had expected my father's wife to treat me unfairly but that didn't happen. She was incredibly warm and welcoming. My half brother Alvin also treated me quite well. I was very happy with my new family but that didn't last long."

"Six months later, my father and his first wife died in a car accident leaving me alone with my half brother Alvin. Initially everything was okay but after a few months, he started acting weirdly. He started restricting me from stepping out of the mansion and started coming to my room every night. He then started touching me and forcing me to do things I didn't want to. His advances made me feel disgusted. He touched me everywhere and-" clutching onto the sheets, Elsa started sobbing harder. She felt shattered whenever she thought about everything she had been through.

Wiping her tears, Mian patted Elsa's back. "It's alright, you are safe here."

"When I started rejecting his advances, he started abusing me. He got drunk and started beating me every day and night. There were times when I tried to kill myself but he always managed to save me. He had his men following me everywhere I go and they wouldn't let me talk to anyone. I felt suffocated with him."

"Why did your brother leave the country?" Anna asked.

Elsa vigorously shook her head and said, "I don't know but he never intended to leave the country, someone forced him to. I don't know who forced him to and why but Alvin was angry and tortured me for the whole night saying that I am the one who had told his enemies about his secret. I told him that it wasnt me because I barely have any communication with the outside world but he wouldn't listen."

"What secret?" Anna asked.

When Elsa did not say anything, Mian sighed, "It's okay if you don't want to talk about it."

Contemplating for a while, Elsa said, "Alvin-he...he doesn't have a penis. He had to get it removed at a very young age after he got into a very severe accident."

"Then he-"

Elsa shook her head and continued, "He never went far from touching and molesting me. He used to quench his sexual needs for a woman. He used to tell me that I make him feel like a man while other women made fun of him. Whenever I tried to protest, he would beat me until I passed out. I was scared and stopped protesting.But today Alvin crossed all his lines."

"He told me to get ready because someone would be coming over to spend a night with me. I was shocked and horrified to my core. I fought with him and told him to let me go but he abused me again and locked me inside the room and I think I passed out. Several hours later when I woke up, Alvin was sitting beside me holding a gun. H-he told me that we have to leave this country again and it's my fault. He told me that the Wu's had canceled all the deals and were threatening him to leave the country."

Pausing for a while, Elsa continued, "He told me that he had found someone who was willing to help them but that man wanted me in return. He wanted to spend a night with me. Alvin begged and requested me to help him out. He told me that he had already asked everyone to leave the mansion so no one would know anything but I kept turning him down. After trying to convince me for quite some time, he got super mad and started banging my head on the wall. I somehow managed to push him away, snatched the gun from his hand and shot him on his leg before rushing out of the mansion."

Grabbing Mians hand, Elsa said, "He said that he would find me and take me away. I don't wanna go back, I feel so suffocated when I am with him. That place is hell, please help me out. I told you both about this because I feel that you both will definitely help me out please I-"

"Shh calm down Elsa."

Hugging Mian tightly, Elsa started crying harder. "Please help me, take me out of this, please."

Gesturing Anna to pass her the injection, Mian asked Elsa to lie down. After injecting the medicine, Elsa finally calmed down.

Lifting up her t-shirt when Mian saw multiple fresh bruises and dozens of old ones, her eyes teared up. This was the worst thing that could ever happen to a woman. Her heart ached for Elsa and she made up her mind to help her out.



Turning towards Zian, Mian wrapped her arms around his waist and said, "We have to help her out."

Kissing her forehead, Zian nodded his head. "We will."

When Dina tightened her grip around his hand, Sebastian wrapped his arms around her shoulder. "Stop thinking about it babe, he is long dead."

Burying her head on his chest, Dina slowly nodded her head. Who better than her could understand how Elsa must be feeling?

Dina was lucky to be saved and rescued before anything could happen but Elsa had already gone through so many things.