Li mansion

It had already been more than 30 minutes and Mian nor Anna had stepped out of the room.

Ashton was getting so anxious and impatient that he couldn't wait for anyone longer. He couldn't understand why he was feeling this way but he couldn't help it. The thought of Elsa lying on the road in an unconscious state was making him feel restless. His heart for some odd reason, ached for her. He didn't know why she had so many bruises in her body but he didn't like them on her. She was too delicate to have them in their body.

Ashton also had a string feeling that those bruises had something to fo with Alvin Churos. When he saw the interaction between the two siblings for the fist time, Ashton cooul feel that sometime was odd and not right. He couldnt point his finger or find out what it exactly was but Ashton had a feeling that Elsa wasnt being fairly treated by her supposed brother.

Ashton didn't understand why he was so affected by Elsa and with anything that concerned her. Wasn't his feeling very well sorted before he met her? But what happened all of a sudden? Why couldn't he stop thinking about her? Why does he constantly keep asking his men to find more details about her? Why couldn't he take her out of his mind?

Sometimes, unexpected encounters happen with unexpected people which leaves a very huge impact in one's life. So is Elsa that unexpected encounter in Ashton's life? If yes then will this unexpected encounter bring pleasure or pain in Ashton's life?

When Zixin and Yumi came down with smiles on their faces, Singtan frowned and asked, "Where were you both? And what took you so long?"

Looking at everyone's tensed face, Yumi asked, "What happened? Is everything okay?"

Turning towards Yushen, Zixin asked, "What happened?"

After explaining the whole situation, Yushen added, "Sister Mian is inside the room along with aunt Anna."

When Guang saw Ashton anxiously pacing back and forth, he asked Yinhia, "Dude, I think we should go and console him, he seems a bit stressed."

"Dude, it's understandable that he is stressed."

Guang frowned and was about to ask why when Mian stepped out of the room along with Anna.

Ashton rushed towards them and hastily asked, "How is she? She is alright? Her injury that-"

When Zian saw Mian's red and swollen eyes, he widened his eyes in shock and quickly approached her. "Babe what happened? Why are you crying?"

Clutching onto his shirt, Mian placed her forehead on his shoulder and started sobbing.

Mike quickly approached Anna who was in no better state than his daughter.

"What happened honey? Is everything okay?" Mike asked.

Ashton's heart sank when he saw them crying. Without caring about anything, he dashed into the room.


Inside the room

Ashton quickly approached Elsa and squatted down in front of her. He breathed a sigh of relief when he realised that she was breathing heavily.

"She is alright Ash, I gave her an injection. She needs to rest."

Ashton nodded his head and followed Mian out of the room after making sure that she was tucked inside the quilt properly.



"What happened to her? And why are you both crying?" Ming asked.

"Is she really alright?" Ashton asked.

"Physically, I don't see any problem but mentally-"

Cutting Mian off, Ashton asked, "Then her injuries? How did she get injured?"

"Her injuries have nothing to do with you Ash, neither her bleeding forehead nor the multiple bruises in her body."

"Then how? I don't understand." Ashton was dying to know what had exactly happened to her. He wanted to know who was responsible for her injuries and he would never let that person off.

"Elsa's case is not as simple as we think." Pausing for a while, Mian added, "She has been tortured and abused."

A creepy silence enveloped the whole mansion making the atmosphere very chilly and gloomy.

"By whom?" Yumi asked.

Tightening her grip around Zian's hand, Mian added, "By her brother."


Half an hour ago.

Inside the room

Elsa jolted up, hugged her knees and started crying when Mian and Anna were setting up everything.

Mian quickly approached her and placed her hand on Elsa's shoulder, "Are you okay?"

Grabbing Mian's hand, Elsa sobbed harder. "Please save me, he will kill me. He will find me again and then-'' Wiping her tears away, Elsa got down from the bed and murmured, "I have to go from here otherwise he will come here and drag me away with him. I don't want to go back, I don't want to see him."

"Honey, you need to relax and calm down." Rubbing the side of her arms, Anna tried to calm her down. Cupping her face, Anna added, "No one is going to come here okay? It's safe here and we are doctors. We were here to help you."

"Doctors?" Elsa asked.

Anna nodded her head and said, "Yes so don't worry okay? You can trust us."

Grabbing Anna's han, Elsa asked, "Y-you won't let him take me away right? I don't wanna go back, he is bad I-"

Cupping her face, Anna said, "Sshh calm down, no one is going to take you away."

Gesturing Mian to get some water, Anna guided Elsa towards the bed.

Squatting down beside her, Mian said, "Here, drink some water."

After taking a few sips, Elsa wiped her tears away and thanked both of them.

Sitting down beside her, Mian asked, "What is your name and who are you talking about?"

When Elsa lowered her head, Mian added, "We want to help you out but if you don't tell us, how will we help you out?"

"You will help me out?" Elsa asked.

When Mian nodded her head, Elsa thought for a while and said, "I am Elsa Churos, the illegitimate daughter of the Churos family from country B and I moved in to country S with my half brother a couple of months ago."