Zixin gulped in nervousness and vigorously shook his head. "I don't think so that is a great idea babe."

Blushing vigorously, Yumi added, "I don't mind helping."

Looking at her flushed expression, Zixin took a deep breath to calm himself down. He was already in great trouble and his over excited hormones and organs were getting more excited by every passing second. She was looking so beautiful and alluring that he didn't want to let go.

When Zixin did not say anything, Yumi stepped closer and wrapped her arms around his waist. "It's alright, you don't have to be so cautious around me. I can understand that you want to leave everything for our wedding night but there is still time for it to come. We still don't know when the wedding will be scheduled so I thought maybe we can loosen it a bit but if you don't want to and want us to wait for the right moment, I'll leave."

Without waiting for his reply, Yumi gave him a peck on his lips and turned around to leave.

Just then, Zixin grabbed her hand and pulled her closer. "Maybe a little bit of exposure wouldn't harm right?"

When Yumi nodded her head, Zixin placed her hand on his belt.



"What is taking them so long?" Glancing at the watch, Singtan frowned.

"Sister Yumi said five minutes." Becca answered.

"Singtan, what are you worried about? This is our house and Yumi is with Zixin. It's not like she will get lost or something." Ming sighed and helplessly shook her head. What would she do with this man? Not only was he possessive of his wife and also his daughters.

Yinhai, who was standing not too far away from Becca, slowly made his way towards her.

Stopping right behind her, he grabbed her hand and dragged her away from everyone's sight.


Guest room.

"You-what is wrong with you? " Becca shouted.

Placing his hand on her mouth, Yinhia frowned, "Stop shouting otherwise someone will hear you"

Removing his hand from her mouth, Becca frowned. "And you think that I care? I don't care if anyone hears is okay? And I don't want to talk to you so let me go." She was still very angry and upset over what had happened.

"Okay I'll let you go but first tell me why are you ignoring me and why did you block me?" Yinhai asked. He was still not over with the fact that Becca actually blocked him and was ignoring him for the whole time.

"It's my personal choice whether I want to block you or not okay? You have no say over that. Now let me go." Placing her hand on his chest, Becca tried to push him away but Yinhai did not move. Instead, he wrapped his arms around her waist and pulled her closer.

"Listen to me Becca, we are childhood friends and it's rude to ignore and block me. We grew up together so can you give me some face and unblock me?" Yinhai asked.

"Never, I am not going to unblock you. And why do you even care? Go and enjoy your date with that Jasmine." Becca shouted.

Looking at her angry face, Yinhai chuckled, "Wait, are you jealous?"

Becca frowned deeper and gritted her teeth. "Why would I be jealous?"

Taping her nose, Yinhai chuckled and asked, "You do realize that your nose turns super red when you are angry right?"

Slapping his hand away, Becca frowned deeper, "Your nose is red."

"Okay okay, my nose is red, super red."

"Let me go otherwise I'll tell uncle Yufan that you are bullying me again."

Yinhai vigorously shook his head and tightened his grip around her waist. "Unblock me first and accept my apology."

"Hey, you can't force me to forgive you okay? If you want forgiveness then you'll have to earn it." There is no way she would forgive him just like that. Though becca knew what she did was very unreasonable but she couldn't help it. How could she just stay quiet and not say anything when he keeps talking about taking some other woman for a date? Was he expecting her to help him grab a gift for that bitch?

"Okay so you will give me a chance?" Yinhai asked.

Becca thought for a while and nodded her head. "I'll forgive you if I feel that you deserve my forgiveness."

"Alright then, I'll make sure that you forgive me."

"Now let me go." Pushing him away, Becca ran out of the room.

Watching her escape like a little kid, Yinhai chuckled and helplessly shook his head.


Living room

"So is the day after tomorrow okay?" Mike asked.

"I think it's perfect." Singtan said.

"But isnt day after tomorrow too fast?" Ming asked.

"I also think that it's too fast. I mean, we have to prepare the guest list, send out invitation and the venue then-"

Cutting his wife off, Mile said, "Babe, we will take care of everything."

"Yeah, the invitation and the venue will be taken care of off." Turning towatsa Rose, Singtan was about to say something when Rose chuckled and said, "Don't worry about the outfits big brother, I'll take care of it."

Singatb nodded his head and added, "All the boys will take charge of something and make sure that things run smoothly. I want everything to be perfect."

Looking around, Dina asked, "Where is Ashton?"

"He had something important to do he left early but he will come back soon." Yushen said


Ashton was on his way to the base when someone blocked his way. He widened his eyes in shock and quickly stepped on the brakes, bringing the accelerating car to a halt.

"Fuck." Cursing under his breath, Ashton unbuckled his belt and got down from the car.

Ashton's soul almost left his body when he saw a woman lying unconscious on the ground.

Kneeling on the ground, Ashton shook her shoulder. "Miss, are you okay?"

When the woman did not respond, Ashton grabbed her shoulder and flipped her over. He widened his eyes in shock when he saw who it was.