"Hmmm, are you telling me that you were also naughty Mr Mo?" Yumi asked.

"Of course honey."

"But we were always together when we were small so why am I unaware of your naughtiness?" Yumi asked.

"We boys used to do guy things when you girls were busy playing with your doll house and-" inching closer, Zixin whispered, "You'll witness my naughtiness when we are alone in our room or may be right now, in your room."

When Yumi blushed and looked away, Zixin intertwined their hands together and pulled her up.

"Where are you both going?" Singtan asked.

Zixin vigorously shook his head and sat down. "No, we aren't going anywhere."

Pulling him up, Yumi said "Dad, I'll just show Zixin around."

"What is there to show? Hasn't brother Zixin already seen everything?" Yushen asked.

"Yumi, Zixin don't listen to anyone and go wherever you want to." Turning towards her husband, Ming added, "Singtan let's go and take a walk in the garden."

Singtan quickly got and grabbed Ming's hand. "Okay honey, let's go."

"Ahh we will take a walk too." Anna said.

"Alright then, let's take a walk before discussing other things."

"Beth, we are going to the nearby supermarket. Dina wants to buy something from there. Do you wanna join us?" Ling asked.

Beth nodded her head and smiled."Ya sure." Turning towards her husband, Beth added, "I'll be back soon okay?"

"Have fun honey and I'll be waiting for you."

After Dina, Ling and Beth left, Qiang moved towards Songpa. "Uncle Songpa."

"Yes princess, what happened?" Songpa asked.

Cupping her cheeks, Qiang pouted her lips. "I am very sad uncle Songpa."

Guang who was sitting right beside his father froze.

Songpa frowned and asked, "Sad? But why? Did something happen?"

Looking at Guang whose face had already turned pale, Qiang raised her eyebrows at him before turning towards her uncle Songpa again. "Uncle Songpa, what will you do if someone makes me cry?"

"What? Someone made you cry? But who? Tell me who is it and I'll torture that person to death. How can someone make my princess cry? Tell me who made you cry so that I can deal with that person my way." Songpa asked.

When Qiang did not say anything, Songpa frowned deeper. "Qiang tell me who is it?"

When Qiang pointed towards him, Guang's soul almost left his body. He wanted to run away but his whole body froze. His father would definitely kill him today and his mother wasn't around to save him too.

Smiling at Guang, Qiang said, "Guang knows him. In fact, he was right there when I was getting bullied but he did not do anything."

"WHAT?" Songpa shouted before glaring at his son. "Someone bullied Qiang right in front if you and you did not do anything? What the hell is wrong with you? How can you watch her get bullied?"

"Dad I-"

"Shut up, I-" Songpa stopped when his phone buzzed. Taking out his phone when Songpa saw the caller ID, he glared at his son and shouted, "It's your mom but you wait here, I am not done with you yet."

After Songpa walked out, Qiang chuckled. "Ahh that was fun."

"What was that?" Guang asked.

Pouting her lips at him, Qiang tilted her head and asked, "What was what?"


Looking around when Guang saw a couple of maids, he took a deep breath and grabbed Qiangs wrist. He frowned when he realised that her body temperature was still high.

"What are you doing?" Qiang asked. When Guang did not say anything, Qiang added, "Not that I mind you holding my hand or squeezing me in your embrace but uncle Songpa will be back any minute and-"

"Taking you to your room, you need to take meds and then sleep."

"Just to let you know, I have already taken my meds and I need to talk to uncle Songpa about something really very impor-" Qiang stopped midway and smiled when Guang started dragging her away.


Inside Qiang's room.

"Okay now tell me what was that?" Guang asked.

"What was what?"

"You know what I am talking about Qiang." His father would definitely not let him go after what she had said. He was actually in great trouble but here she was acting all cute and innocent.

"Hmmm, I will stop if you tell me the real reason."

When Guang did not say anything, Qiang inched closer. Running her fingers through his collar, Qiang smiled, "If you think that you can get away with this so easily then you are wrong. Don't forget that I am a Li and Li's don't give up so easily."

Sliding her hands to the back of his neck, Qiang continued, "If you think this is over then you are absolutely wrong Guang." Tip-toeing, Qiang brushed their nose together and added, "I'll see how far you can pretend and resist me."

With her lips just a few inches away from his, Guang gulped in nervousness. Why is it suddenly so hard not to kiss her? Why did her lips look extra attractive and sweet?

Running her fingers through his hair, Qiang smiled. "Imagine what will happen if I tell everyone how you took advantage of me on that rainy night and how helpless I felt that I had no other choice but to let you assault my lips all night." When Guang frowned, she added, "Father, uncle Songpa, brother Zian, big brother Ben, Sam and Nuan. Ahh and there is Yushen and Yinhai too. Tsk tsk everyone will lash out at you and you know how possessive they are of sister Yumi and me."

Patting his right cheek, Qiang pulled away and sighed, "Ahhh God bless you."

"Are you trying to threaten me?" Guang asked.

Placing her finger on her cheek, Qiang pretended to think and answered, "Yes."

Guang frowned and gritted his teeth. He was feeling very frustrated but she was too beautiful, breathtaking and important to him to lash out his frustration at. "I thought you said you didn't wanna see me or talk to me. I thought we were already clear about not having anything between us and not mentioning this incident ever again."