Wrapping her arms around his waist, Qiang chuckled. She didn't know whether she should be happy because he actually cared about her and had been restraining himself because of Ashton or mad at him for being stupid.

Pulling away, Guang examined her from head to toe. After making sure that she was okay, he breathed a sigh of relief.

Pouting her lips at her, Qiang wrapped her hands around his waist again.

When Guang realised what he had done and where they were standing, he widened his eyes in shock and tried to pull away. "Qiang we shouldn't this-"

Tightening her grip around him, Qiang frowned, "Hmmmm one minute. You made me cry all day, I think I deserve a long hug."

"What? What are you talking about I-"

When Guang wrapped his arms around her, Qiang chuckled, "Your actions and words aren't matching Mr Lui."

"Qiang there are people inside and why did Becca lie to me? Was that a plan?" It was already very tough staying away from her and her beautiful smile and sudden decision to cling onto him wasn't helping. Wasn't she super angry and upset with him a few hours ago? She even asked him to stay away from her but what happened now?

Pulling away, Qiang wrapped her arms around his neck. "Hmmm, I don't know whether I should lash out at you or just let you be." Poking his chest, Qiang complained, "You are the dumbest man in this whole world. A dumb man with a handsome face and may be you have a pea-sized brain too."

Guang frowned and was about to say something when Qiang pulled back and smirked, "I'll see how long you can pretend or push me away Lui Guang."

Without waiting for his reply, Qiang stepped inside the mansion.


Inside the mansion

"Who is it honey?" Singtan asked.

"It's Guang dad." Walking towards dad, Qiang sat down beside him and gave him a hug.

Touching his daughter's forehead, Singtan sighed, "You still have fever."

"Ahh Guang is here but thought you were inside with Yushen and other kids." Ming said.

"I had to go to the office to finish some pending work aunt Ming." Trying very hard to ignore Qiang, who was beautifully smiling at him, Guang sat beside his mother.

Patting her son's shoulder, Beth sighed. "You should take a break honey and also move back in." Beth was still against the idea of Guang moving out to a place which was near his office. She wanted both her kids to be around her but she also understood that even the kids had their own personal life and needed space.

"He is a big man honey, he can manage on his own but Huiling is not allowed to move out at any cost. Such a tiny little girl and she wants to move out already. How can I ever be at peace knowing that my daughter is staying all alone somewhere?" Songpa would never allow his precious daughter to move out and away from his sight at any cost.

Looking at Songpa, Yumi asked, "Did uncle Songpa take parental training about father? You both are behaving the same."

"Ahh it's not just them Yumi, my father is the same too." Walking towards Yixi, Liang hugged her and added, "Favouring girls over boys happens at my place too. Only my mom loves me."

"Aw my baby, come here." Pinching her son's cheeks, Yixi said, "I love my son a lot."

Looking at the loving mother and son duo, Yutang scoffed, "Huh, if I favoured my daughter over my son, I wouldn't have given you the whole company to manage."

"I am the CEO because your daughter was not interested in business or the company." Liang retorted.

"That doesn't matter, be happy that I passed on the position to you." Yutang snapped.

"Stop arguing with your fathers. We favour daughters because they are beautiful and cute unlike you boys." Singtan said

Yushen frowned and asked, "What are you talking about dad?" Pointing towards his face, he added, "Are you telling me that this face is not cute? I am handsome dad."

"Handsome? You call that face handsome? All I can see is a nose but your eyes are beautiful only because you got that from your mother." After face shaming his son, Singtan started talking to his daughter again.

"I have your nose dad, they are exactly the same as yours." Yushen added.

Singtan thought for a while answered, "It suits me but doesn't look good on you."

Yushen: ~_~

When Yushen turned towards his mother for help, Ming sighed, "You know how your father is so just let it be okay?" Over the years, Ming was already accustomed to Singtan's biased behavior. He favoured his wife over his kids and his daughters over his son. Ming never understood whether she should be happy because she is his favourite and the most important one till date or scold him not to be so mean to his kids, especially his son's.

Looking at the big one family teasing and laughing amongst themselves, Zixin smiled. Whenever he was with the Li family, he felt very lively and at peace at heart. The positivity and love the Li family showered everyone with was remarkable and touching.

Leaning towards his fiancee who was sitting right beside him, Zixin whispered, "Your family is really very interesting and cool."

When Yumi chuckled, Zixin added, "You know back in my country, all families prefer boys over girls and even our branch family is like that. Well, almost all of them except for my parents and a few of them actually favour boys but here, it's different. And it feels so fresh here. You know what, let's have a daughter first so that even I can dote on her like all of them."

Pouting her lips, Yumi asked, "You want a daughter? But I want a son."

"Son? Why would you want a son? Boys are naughty like me and girls are cute like you. And we should have a cute one first and then may be a naughty one." Zixin said.