When Qiang did not say anything for a long time, Becca sighed. "Qiang we have been best friends since we were kids, why are you hesitant to share something that is bugging you?"

Keeping quiet for quite something, Qiang said, "So yesterday Guang and I got stuck in the rain so we had to take shelter somewhere."

"Okay so? It isn't like we haven't spent a night with the boys." Becca asked.

When Qiang took a deep breath and lowered her head, Becca widened her eyes in shock. "Did you both kiss?"

When Qiang nodded her head, Becca gasped and excitedly squealed, "Ahhhhh this is huge Qiang, how? I mean who initiated it and why isn't Guang here?"

Looking at Becca with teary eyes. Qiang sobbed, "Guang doesn't like me."

"What do you mean?" Becca asked.

After explaining everything, Qiang wiped her tears away and added, "I never realised this Bec but I think I love Guang."

"Aww come here, take hugs."

Hugging her friend for comfort, Qiang sniffed, "Thank you so much Bec, I really needed hugs."

"What now?" Becca asked.

Qiang shook her head and sobbed harder. "I don't know."

Keeping quiet for quite some time, Becca asked, "Hmm but don't you think this is strange?"

"Strange? What strange?"

Pulling away, Becca added, "Guang's behaviour. I mean out of all the guys, Guang is the most sweet and gentle. So don't you think his rude behaviour is a little out of the box? It's so unlike his sweet character."

Wiping her tears away, Qiang vigorously nodded her head. "I felt like that too but why would he do that?"

"Hmmm, may be because Ashton likes you and since Ash and Guang are best buds, if Guang has anything with you, it will hurt Ashton's feelings and their friendship too?" Keeping quiet for quite sometime, Becca added, "Well, if I was in Guang's place, I wouldn't want to ruin my friendship with you or Huiling at any cost too."

"I-I didn't think that way and I think that you are right. So that means Guang is deliberately ignoring and pushing me away because he is feeling guilty? Well, he is stupid." Qiang frowned and groaned in frustration.

"I think that is the case. Ahh but you and Guang look so cute and perfect together. I really wish things would get better between you two."

"I am sorry about Yinhai, Ahh you know my cousin is stupid right?" Qiang asked.

Becca chuckled and nodded her head. "He is but he is cute too so his stupidity can be ignored."

"I think I should go and talk to Guang." Getting down from the bed, Qiang was about to rush out of the room when Becca stopped her.

"Guang already left but-" placing her hand on her waist, Becca smirked, "I guess I know how to call him back."


Lui Enterprise.

Inside Guang's office.

Holding a wine bottle in his hand, Guang was sitting on his chair thinking about Qiang. He didn't want to think about her but no matter how hard he tried, she never left his thoughts.

Weren't they just friends until yesterday? But what happened all of sudden? When did he fall for her? Had he been unknowingly loving her since a really long time?

Many questions about Qiang and only about Qiang were running in his head constantly. When she asked her to never talk to her again, Guang's heart shattered into millions of pieces and he couldn't stay there any longer.

He decided to divert his mind and work until he felt better but nothing worked. She was all that he could think about. Forget about working, he didn't even feel like opening any of the files that were lying on his table.

Just then, Guang received a call. Keeping the bottle on the table, Guang got up and shouted, "What? But how? I'll be right there."

After hanging up the call, Guang grabbed his keys and rushed out of his office.


Li mansion.

"Honey, you are supposed to take a rest." Singtan frowned and placed his hand on his daughter's burning forehead. "Look, you still have a fever."

"I am fine dad, I just don't want to miss the fun with you guys. And I already took the meds so I'll be fine." After assuring her father, Qiang raised her eyebrows. When Becca winked at her, Qiang smiled.

"So the day after tomorrow we will have the engagement party. Zixin and Zian get to work, Mian and Yumi start with your shopping and grooming." Mike said.

"Wait what? How is that even fair? Brother Zian and Brother Zixin need to groom too." Looking at his mom, Yushen pouted his lips. "Mom, your sons are getting bullied by your husband again."

"Aww my baby come here." Giving Yushen a hug, Ming frowned at her husband. "Why do you always bully my son's?"

"Because they are boys and they have to be tough. My daughters are as delicate as a flower. If I don't take care of them, they will wilt." Singtan said.

"Ah is it? Then who am I?" Ming asked.

Walking towards his wife, Singtan pushed Yushen aside and wrapped his arm around Ming's shoulder. "You are the most delicate flower and this is why I have and I will always treasure you."

"Awww dad gets all the cookie points." Qiang said.

"All cookie points from my side too uncle Singtan." Mian added.

Just then, someone rang the doorbell but before the maids could make her way towards the main door, Qiang ran towards the door shouting, "I'll get it."

After opening the door, Qiang quickly stepped out, making sure that no one saw them.



When Qiang opened the door, Guang breathed a sigh of relief. Running his hands through his hair and face, Guang pulled her into his embrace. "Oh thank God you are okay. I was so scared."

Guang almost freaked out when he received a call from Becca who told him that Qiang had fainted and fallen from the stairs. She also told him that Mian was checking on Qiang and asked him to come over as soon as possible.