Clutching onto his chest, Yushen faked a groan, "Ouch that hurts. It's okay big brother, I still love you."

"Singtan is really very biased, he clearly loves and treasures his daughters more than his sons."

"That is not true, Singtan loves everyone dearly, right honey?" Ming asked.

"Yutang is right honey, I love my daughters more." Singtan said.


Everyone: +_+

"Damn, why are we even alive? This is discrimination dad. You are discriminating between your kids which is not cool." Yushen added.

Ignoring his son's rant, Singtan continued, "So a grand engagement first and then a destination wedding followed by a grand reception."

"I agree with that." Mike said.

Yumi chuckled and nodded her head, "I'll go with dad's arrangement."

"Me too." Mian added.



"Qiang? What are you-oh my God, why are you crying?" Becca asked before wrapping her arms around Qiangs shoulder.


"You are burning Qiang, what are you doing outside?" Taking off her coat, Becca placed it on Qiang's shoulder and dragged her inside the mansion.

Stopping mid-way, Qiang wiped her tears away and asked, "Is Huiling here?"

"No, she will come after sometime but why?"

"Bec I-"

Rubbing the side of her arm, Becca "Hey, stop crying okay and tell me what happened."

Without waiting for her reply, Becca added, "Let's go to your room first, you need to take meds."

Wiping her tears away, Qiang nodded her head and followed Becca.


Urecon Corporation.

Stretching her neck, Linyang massaged her forehead and kept on staring at the draft in front of her. It had already been a week since she started working on her new project to renovate Urecon corporation and she wanted everything to be perfect.

"That frown doesn't suit your face."

Turning towards the man standing near the door, Linyang sighed, "You are here again? I thought you already left."

"Almost everyone left but what are you still doing here?" The man asked.

"Can I ask you the same question?" Linyang asked.

The man chuckled and answered, "Well, I am the employee of this office and I can stay as long as I want to."

"And I am in charge of renovating this place so I can stay as long as I want to." Linyang snapped.

"Fair enough Ms Hitler."

Narrowing her eyes at the man who had been bugging her since the very day she started working, Linyang retorted, "Excuse me, what did you just call me?"

"Well, if you stop behaving like Hitler, I might as well stop calling you that." The man added.

When Linyang rolled her eyes at him, the man threw his head back and let out a hearty laugh. If someone else would've dared to roll their eyes at him, that person would've been dead by now but he actually felt helpless and amusing when Linyang opposed or lashed out at him.

"I think I should ask Mr Clarke to increase your workload because you seem to have lots and lots of free time." Packing her things, Linyang picked up her bag and left.

"Hey Ms Hitler, you left your pencil." The man said.

"Keep it." Linyang answered before walking out of the room.

Staring at the pencil, the man chuckled. "Interesting."

"Ahh there you are, do you have any idea how long I have been looking for you? Seriously Andrew, you need to stay in one place." Michael Clarke said.

"What is it?"

"Hmm that-wait, why are you smiling?" Michael asked.

Staring at the pencil, Andrew smiled. "Nothing."

"You know that you look very creepy when you smile like that right?" Michael asked.

"Why? Is my smile that bad?" Andrew asked.

Michael shrugged his shoulder and shook his head. "Well, not bad but it feels weird because you seldom smile. Okay, I am not gonna lie, it freaks me out when you smile."

"Why would it freak you out? Ah anyway, why were you looking for me?" Andrew asked.

"Li clan has called us for a meeting day after tomorrow." Passing him the tab, Michael added, "They want to set the boundaries."

Taking the tab from his hand, Andrew smirked, "Are they already scared of us? What about her? Did you find her address?"

Michael nodded his head and said, "Yeah, I already found out her address and her whereabouts. You can visit her anytime you want to."

"Observe her for sometime and make sure she doesn't leave the country. Also, why don't you help me find a few things about Yang Linyang as well?" Andrew asked.

"A few things? What do you mean?" Michael asked.

"Hmm like, what she likes, her favourite flowers, her daily routine and whether she is romantically involved with some other man to not."

Michael widened when eyes in shock and gasped, "No, don't tell me you-"

"What? I just wanna know a few additional things about her okay? What is wrong in that?"

"You wanting a few additional details about a woman is not okay, okay? She is a Yang, Andrew and you know that the Yang and the Li's are relatives and family friends right?" Michael asked.

"You are too noisy Michael, just do what I told you."


Li mansion

Qiang's room.

"And then he tells me that he is going on a date with Jasmine. Can you imagine how I felt when he told me that? Like Jasmin seriously? I felt like banging his head against the wall." Becca was still very pissed with Yinhai.

Giving her friend a hug, Qiang sighed, "Ah it's alright, come here, take hugs."

"Okay now tell me what happened." Becca asked.

Qiang thought for a while and said, "You cannot tell this to anyone okay, including Huiling."

"Not even Huiling? But why? Is it something related to her?" Becca asked.

When Qiang nodded her head, Becca got up and quickly locked the door. "Okay now tell me what it is in detail."



Zechan and Delila's daughter: Becca

Mike and Anna's son: Zhang Yaozu

Yufan and Ling's son: Xie Yinhai

Sebastian and Dina's son: Ashton