Li Singtan was the first one to wake up. Supporting his head with one hand, he was staring at the sleeping beauty who was sleeping beside him. He touched her cheeks and the kissed her forehead. He still could not believe that she was sleeping beside him.

The only girl who could make his heart skip a beat. His only weakness and the girl he had loved for more than 5 years, Xie Ming.

As the ray of the sun hit her face, Xie Ming slowly opened her eyes. Seeing that Li Singtan staring at her, she asked," What are you staring at?"

Tucking a strand of hair behind her ear, Li Singtan smiled and said," Nothing. Good morning wifey."

Xie Ming cover her face with a quilt and thought ' Wifey pttttff so chessy'. With a very low voice she said," Good morning."

Li Singtan got off the bed and said," It's still early you sleep . I'll get the breakfast ready."

Xie Ming was about to say something but they heard a lot of noise coming from downstairs. She got up and asked," What is happening downstairs?"

" You stay here and rest I'll go check." After saying this Li Singtan turned and left the room.


When he went downstairs, Li Singtan couldn't help but roll his eyes. He saw his grandparents, parents and off course his younger brother. He then noticed that the living room was filled with different kinds of gifts. His family was too much but he understood that they were happy for him.

Li Singtan sighed and said," Grandpa grandma, mom dad what are you doing here?"

" You unfaithful brat. This is how you greet your elders." An old man around his 70's shouted at Li Singtan. The old man was Li Mosen, the founder of Li corporation, the head of the Li family and Li Singtan grandfather.

" Darling calm down." Li Singtan grandmother tried to calm her husband down. Her name was Tang Quanci. Though she was in her late sixties but her beauty was beyond this world. She still looked young and fresh.

Li Singtan came down and greeted his grandparents ," Grandpa Grandma."

He then turned towards his parents," Father Mother."

Li Singtan's father, Li Zhehan was in his late 40's. His facial features were similar to Li Singtan. He was the chairman of Li Corporation. Standing beside him was Li Singtans mother, Lu Meili. She was in her early 40's and was extremely beautiful. What enhanced her beauty were her grey eyes.

Li Zhehan patted his sons shoulder and said," You have proved that you are my son. I am so proud of you."

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Li Singtan lifted his eyebrows and said," All these years you thought that I wasn't your son?"

Li Zhehan snorted and said," Obviously. How could my son be such a coward that he could not even woo a girl whom he loved. So I had my doubts. There were times when I thought that may be you were exchanged in the hospital. At times I even thought about getting a DNA test done."

Li Quin, who was standing in a corner could not contain it anymore and burst into laughter," Ahhh hahahahahha hahahahah. I am sorry bro ahhahaha but this one was really funny."

Li Singtan shot draggers towards his brother. He was about to say something but his mother interrupted him and said," Shut up both of you. Don't tease my son like that. And you" turning towards her husband she said in a threatening tone," What did you say you had doubts about him being your son and you even wanted to get a DNA test done. Very well I'll get the DNA test done for you and you get the divorce papers ready"

Li Zhehan broke out a cold sweat and said," Darling what are talking about I was joking haha why are you being so serious. I know he is my son. My own flesh and blood."

Lu Meili rolled her eyes to her husband. Turning her head towards her son, she said," Oh my dear baby come give momma a hug. I am so happy for you." She then started shedding tears.

Li Singtan wrapped his arms around her mothers shoulder and said," Dont cry mom and why did you get so many things. You will scare her like this."

Li Mosen saw all this and shouted," What hug? You should beat him to death. He got married and he did not even inform us. We had to know it from someone else."

Li Quin who was standing quietly felt neglected and said," Hey grandpa what someone else. I am also your grandson. How can you say like this?"

" You shut up." He then turned towards Li Singtan and said," Tell me how long were you going to hide this? When were you going to tell us."

Li Singtan sighed and said," I was going to bring her to the Li Mansion this weekend but 'SOMEONE' spoiled everything."

Li Quin sobbed silently ' huhu no one loves me'

Li Mosen was about to scold his grandson more but he saw his grandson look towards the stairs and say," Xie Ming. I told you to sleep more. Why did wake up so early?"