Whenever he heard Ashton and Qiangs name together, he felt awful.

After making sure that Qiang left with Yushen, Guang kept wandering around the place instead of returning home or to his office. He knew he had hurt her a lot but Guang was helpless and pushing her away was making him more helpless.

"Woah dude, are you okay? Why is your face so red?" Yaozu asked.

Sneezing for a couple of times, Guang took out his handkerchief and nodded his head.

"Geez what happened to you and Qiang? I mean, you both seem to catch a really bad cold." Yinhai said.

"What? Qiang has a cold?" Guang asked.

"She has been down with a fever since morning." Yushen added.

"Hey Ash, I think you should go and see her." Tapping Ashton's shoulder who was lost in his own world, Yinhai frowned, "What the hell is wrong with you man? Where the hell are you lost all the time?"

"Yeah Ash, I have been noticing you for quite some time now. What is the matter?" Yaozu asked.

Placing his glass down, Guang got up. "I'll come back soon."

"Take some meds from mom while you are out. Your cold seems bad too." Yushen said.

Guang nodded his head and left.

"Ash whats wrong?" Yinhai asked.

After taking a deep breath, Ashton massaged his forehead. "Remember I had gone to meet Alvin Churos a couple of days ago?"

When Yinhai nodded his head, Ashton explained everything that had happened and how he couldn't stop thinking about Elsa since then.

"You mean-"

Ashton nodded his head and added, "Something is not right and it's bugging me since then. I tried to find out but I got nothing."

"But why are you so concerned for her? You don't even know her dude." Yaozu asked.

"I don't know man but it's bugging me and I cannot take her out of head. I think about her all day and it's making me restless." Ashton seriously couldn't understand what was wrong with him. How could he feel so attached with someone he barely knows?

"Do you like that Churos girl?" Yinhai asked.

"I don't know."

"Well, I think you do. It's good though, at least my sister is safe now." Yushen added.

"Oh God, what about Qiang? Don't you like her anymore?" Yinhai asked.

"I haven't thought about Qiang ever since I met Elsa man." Ashton added.



"Yushen told me that you are down with fever since morning so what are you doing here?" Guang asked before wrapping his coat on Qiangs shoulder.

"I just need to breathe in some fresh air." Turning towards Guang, Qiang asked, "What are you doing here?"

When Guang did not say anything, Qiang asked, "Do you want one more kiss? Was last night not enough?"

Guang frowned and pursed his lips. "What nonsense are you spouting Qiang?"

"Well, last night you were acting all caring and sounded concerned too and you know what happened that so I thought maybe it's the same now."

Her words were a direct stab in his heart. Though he knew that he was the one who made things worse between them but now it was making him feel more awful than before.

"Not that there is a need to explain myself but I will because it's you. Maybe the entertainment industry is a dark world Guang but I never resorted to such dirty means to climb my way up. Apart from the fact that I never had to struggle because everything was already well arranged, my upbringing would also never allow me to step into something that is wrong and dirty. I am a woman with principles. I don't go around kissing random men."

Pausing for a while, Qiang mockingly chuckled and added, "Not that you care but you are actually my first kiss. So maybe that is why I got carried away and expected something that I shouldn't have."

Guang wanted to say many things but his throat felt dry. He wanted to tell her that she was his first kiss too. He wanted to let her know that she was the only woman in his life but what would happen after that?

"Things can never be the same between us after what happened yesterday and I don't wish to hate you Guang so please leave. Let's not talk until it's necessary and meet unless it's some kind of a get together or a family function. Let's ignore each other until we can but at the same time let's make sure that this stays between us. I will never mention yesterday's unexpected accident to anyone so you don't have to worry." Taking his coat off her shoulder, Qiang shoved it in his arms and added, " Leave."

When Guang accidentally touched her arm, he widened his arms in shock. She was burning with fever.

Touching her forehead, Guang frowned deeper. "You are burning Qiang."

Slowly removing his arm from her forehead, Qiang took a step back. "I am fine, you can leave."


"Just leave Guang, I can take care of myself."

Tightening his grip around his coat, Guang turned around and dashed out of the garden.


Living room.

"Engagement party?" Yumi asked.

When Singtan nodded his head, Mian said, "I thought we were directly having a wedding."

"Ahh we thought about that too but since you people want a destination wedding, we have to throw a party here as well." Mike answered.

"But we will throw a reception here right?" Mian asked.

"What problem do you kids have with an engagement party?" Singtan asked.

"Exactly, it's not like you people are paying for it." Yutang said.

Zian sighed and helplessly shook his head. "But we were planning to have a simple wedding and-"

Cutting his son off, Singtan snapped, "Who said I am doing this for you? Did you forget that my daughter is getting married?"

Zian: *_*

"In fact, you are lucky that you decided to get married on the same day as Yumi because that way, you will also get a grand wedding." Singtan added.