Still shocked and baffled after facing Becca's wrath, Yinhai was trying to figure out where he went wrong? All he did was ask her to help him with the gift? Is that wrong?

Taking out his phone, Yinhai tried calling her but she kept on rejecting his call. After trying several times, Yinhai frowned when he realised that she had actually blocked him.

Pursing his lips, Yinhai tossed his phone and gritted his teeth. How could she block him? Weren't they childhood friends? How could one block their childhood friend?

For some odd reason, the thought of Becca dissing him away was making him grumpy.


Li Corporation.

"Big brother won't be coming to the office for a few days so reschedule his meetings according to my schedule." Yushen instructed Geming. Since Zian was about to get married, Yushen decided to give his elder brother some space and also because he wanted to distract himself from Jennifer who had occupied his mind and heart.

"Don't worry about that, I'll arrange the schedule and then let you know."

When Yushen nodded his head, Geming left.

Fishing out his phone from his pocket and thought for a while before tossing it aside. There was no way he would call her. Why should he? Wasn't it her fault? She was the who called him a womaniser so shouldn't she apologise first?

When he entered the building, Yushen was actually expecting to see her but when he didn't, he was very disappointed.



"Listen, I just need to talk to Yu-I mean boss once and I promise I'll go away. Please, it's very urgent." Jennifer requested Saisha who was blocking her way.

"Boss has many meetings and is very busy. He has asked me not to let anyone in." There was no way Saisha would let Jennifer enter Yushen's office.

"I swear I won't disturb him. I just need two minutes with him." Jennifer requested again. How could he just leave without meeting him? When Yushen arrived, Jennifer was in her departmental weekly meeting. So her plan about meeting him as soon as he arrived miserably failed.

After requesting for a couple of times when Saisha refused to let her in, Jennifer had no choice but to call Yushen.

Taking out her phone, Jennifer called Yushen. "Hello, it's me. Hmm, I am standing outside but you seem busy so-Ahh okay."

After a few seconds, Yushen opened the door and gestured Saisha to leave.

Looking at Jennifer with a straight and annoyed face, Yushen turned around left leaving the door open behind him.

Jennifer took a deep breath and entered his office.


Inside Yushen's office.

"What is it? What do you want?" Yushen asked.

Biting her lower lip, Jennifer gave him a weak smile. "Hi."

"Did you come here to 'Hi' me?" Yushen asked.

Jennifer vigorously shook her head and said, "No, I am here to apologise to you about what I said yesterday."

Pausing for a while, Jennifer sighed and continued, "I know I shouldn't have said all of that but I got mad when that colleague of mine saw me and I got more mad when you started acting all chill and cool like nothing happened. Look I freaked out okay? And I am very very sorry for that, please don't be mad anymore."

When Yushen did not say anything, Jennifer panicked. He still looked super mad and she wasn't liking his mad face.

Walking towards her, Jennifer poked his arm and slowly clutched onto his sleeves.

The little ounce of the left over anger that was residing in his heart got blown away by the extra cute face.

Pouting her lips, Jeniffer apologised once again. "I am sorry. I promise I'll never say anything like that."

Suppressing the urge to pinch her cheeks, Yushen cleared his throat and started throwing tantrums.

"You called me a womaniser."

"I am sorry."

"You said that I am a rich spoiled brat."

"No you are not."

"You also said that I am treating you like one of flings when the truth is that, I never ever had any flings and neither am I womaniser." Turning towards her, Yushen added, "I am treating you well that doesn't mean that I am flinging. It means that I am serious about you."

Jennifer widened her eyes in shock and gulped in nervousness. Serious about her? Was her boss and the youngest master of the Li family was planning to court her?


Cutting her off, Yushen added, "I'll forgive you but I have one condition."

"What kind of condition?" Jennifer asked.

"Don't push me away."

"Yushen you-"

"You don't want me to forgive you?" Yushen asked.

When Jennifer nodded her head, Yushen smiled and patted her head. "Then don't push me away and-" rubbing his stomach, he added, "Have lunch with me."

"Alright but my treat." Jennifer said.

Yushen smiled and nodded his head. "Your treat and a place of your choice but I'll drive us there."

When Jennifer smiled and her head, Yushen grabbed his car keys and left his office along with her.



Li mansion.

"Can you believe that she actually blocked me? I don't know what is wrong with her." Becca blocking and dissing him away was still bugging Yinhai.

"What did you do?" Yushen asked.

After explaining everything, Yinhai asked, "Now you all tell me, what is so wrong in that she actually snapped and blocked me?"

"Dude are you really planning to see Jasmine? You know how bad her reputation was right?" Yushen asked.

"Doesn't she have a sugar daddy too?" Guang asked.

"Okay, forget about Jasmine, why the hell is Becca behaving that way. I met her when I was entering the mansion and she ignored me. Why the hell would she ignore me?" Yinhai asked.

"Don't you know, Becca likes you since high school." Zhang Yaozu answered.

"Wait what? That is not possible. I mean, we were small back then but now we are all grown up. Why would she still like me?" Yinhai asked.

"What do you mean? Ashton liked Qiang in high school and he still does." Yaozu added.

Tightening his grip around the glass, Guang pursed his lips.



Zechan and Delila's daughter: Becca

Mike and Anna's son: Zhang Yaozu

Yufan and Ling's son: Xie Yinhai

Sebastian and Dina's son: Ashton