"You think I'll let you shrug this off so easily?" Qiang shouted.

"Qiang you-"

Cutting him off, Qiang asked, "What is wrong with you Guang? Weren't we just fine yesterday? What happened to you all of a sudden and why are behaving this way? Look if this is some kind of a joke then you better stop it because I am not liking it."

"This isn't a joke and nothing is wrong with me. Whatever I am saying is true, there is no us." Guang shouted.

"Last night-"

Cutting her off, Guang snapped, "Whatever happened last night was a mistake and it was not meant to happen."

"Mistake? You think that was a mistake? How can you say that?" Qiang couldn't understand why Guang was behaving that way. Wasn't everything just fine last night? What happened to him all of a sudden?

"Yes that was a mistake so let's just forget what happened okay? It's not that hard anyway."

Qiang frowned and shouted, "What do you mean by forget everything?" Grabbing his collar, Qiang asked, "Are you trying to say that last night meant nothing to you?"

Jerking her hands off him, Guang snapped, "Don't tell me you thought that it actually meant something."

Guang's words pricked Qiangs heart really very heart and her eyes started welling up.

When Guang saw her teary eyes, his heart ached. How badly he wanted to pull her into his embrace and hug her tightly but he knew that if he didn't shrug her off now, he would never be able to do it again.

Guang knew that he had to choose between his friendship with Ashton and his love for Qiang.

Yes, he loved her and he never realised that he did until last night. When he kissed and cuddled her to sleep last night, when he was with her for the entire night, Guang felt so complete. His heart felt complete and now when he was deliberately pushing her away, his heart and soul felt empty. But he had no other choice.

Guang wouldn't have pushed Qiang away from him at any cost but everyone knew how much Ashton was fond of her. In fact, Ashton had a crush on her since high school and Guang was the one who had encouraged him to step up and confess his feelings for her. And now if Guang suddenly told everyone about his love for Qiang, wouldn't it be unfair for Ashton? He didn't want to lose a childhood friend so he decided to act tough.

But he failed to realise that even if he pushed Qiang away, would she ever fall for Ashton? Will pushing away Qiang do any good to all the three of them? Is it right for him to set his feelings and happiness aside and keep encouraging his friend to do something that he knew would ever happen?

If something ever happened between Qiang and Ashton, would he be able to see the woman he loves in Ashton's arm? How long would he be able to hold back his feelings and continue pretending?

Turning away from her, Guang added, "And besides, it was just a kiss. It happened in the heat of the moment and was never supposed to mean anything."

"Just a kiss? That is how you are going to present it? Was it just a kiss for you? No feelings attached, nothing?" Qiang asked.

When Guang did not say anything, Quang grabbed his sleeves and shouted, "Answer me, were there no feelings attached?"

Jerking her hands off, Guang snapped, "What are you talking about? Feelings? Have you lost your mind? It meant nothing okay? Now stop fussing about it."

"Fussing? Look Guang I don't know what is wrong but-"

Cutting her off, Guang shouted, "Well, nothing is wrong okay? It was just a kiss and nothing else. And aren't you from the entertainment industry? Aren't these things common there and-" widening his eyes in shock, Guang pursed his lips. Taking a step towards her, he panicked, "I didn't mean that-"

Cutting him off, Qiang mockingly chuckled, "So that is what you actually think of me?"

"No I-"

Wiping her tears away, Qiang took a deep breath and said, "Maybe I was the only one who got carried away with the heat of the moment."

"Qiang I did not mean to-"

Cutting him off, Qiang snapped, "You aren't the first one who thinks that way so it doesn't really matter. I have heard things like this multiple times but hearing it from someone who means a lot to me, hurts a bit."

Passing him the keys, Qiang said, "Just pass me by bag, I'll find a way out."

Guang widened his eyes in  shock and shouted, "What? No, I am not leaving you alone."

Taking the keys back, Qiang unlocked the car and took out her bag.

"Qiang wait, we are far away from the main city. There is no way you will find a way out from here and there is no way I am letting you go anywhere all by yourself. Do you know how risky this is?" Guang shouted. He knew it was his fault for getting carried away and spouting nonsense but how could he just let her go?

Turning towards him, Qiang smiled. "I am from the entertainment industry, remember? Even if something bad happens, it's not a big deal. I am already used to it."

Guang pursed his lips and lowered his head. "You know I didn't mean that. I can never say or think about you that way Qiang. I know since we were in our diapers. I know you would never do anything like that. You would never resort to such dirty methods to achieve anything."

"Qiang, Guang." Yushen shouted.

Rushing towards them, he breathed a sigh of relief. "Oh thank God I found you two. You have no idea how worried everyone is for you both. Mom has been panicking since morning so dad urged me to look for you two. I have been calling you both since morning. Why didn't you receive my call? And-

Stopping midway, Yushen narrowed his eyes when he saw Qiangs red swollen teary eyes. "Wait, why is Qiang crying?"

Biting her lower lip, Qiang covered her mouth and rushed towards her brother and pounced into his embrace.