Everyone gasped and said," Real diamonds?"

" I knew Mr Li would do something like this." Yixi said.

Running her fingers through the dress, Ming sais," He is crazy."

" He is crazy for you, sister-in-law." Ling said.

" This is the most beautiful wedding dress I have ever seen in my entire life." Beth said.

" You have no idea how much I envy you Ming. Ahh you found the best and right man for yourself." Anna said.

Ming smiled and said," He is indeed the best."


The other mansion.

" Okay Singtan don't panic." Yutang said.

" Yeah dude chill, she is not going to run away or something like that." Mike said.

" Yes and we are on an island, it's not like Ming has wings and she can fly." Robbin said.

Singtan took a few deep breaths to calm himself down and said," Yeah I know, Ming said that she will come."

" We have to go and greet the guests, they are already here." Yutang said.

" Bro, be happy you are getting married again." Leo said.

Singtan nodded his head and left along with others to greet the guests.


10 minutes before the wedding.

" Ahhhh you are looking so beautiful." Anna said.

" Oh my God, finally you are getting married." Yixi said before looking up to prevent her tears from falling.

" Ahhh mommy you are looking so beautiful." Yumi shouted before rushing towards Ming.

Squatting down, Ming gave Yumi a peck on her lips and said," My princess is looking more beautiful."

Wearing a peach colour gown and a floral tiara, Yumi was looking very pretty and cute.

" Mian, Linyang and I are wearing the same dress because dada said we are the flower girls." Yumi said.

Ming chuckled and said," Yes."

Just then father Xie entered the room.

" We will go and wait for you at the venue." Anna said before walking out of the room along with others.

After everyone left, Father Xie took a deep breath before walking towards his beautiful daughter.

Father Xie smiled and said," I always knew that you would look beautiful in a wedding dress."

Ming chuckled and said," And you always look dashing in a black suit." Before fixing his bow tie.

Holding her hand, Father Xie said," You know princess, as a father it was my dream to walk both my daughters down the aisle. Well, I did get the chance earlier but I don't think so we should count that in."

Ming chuckled and said," Don't mention that in front of Singtan dad otherwise he might kick Siquan out."

Father Xie chuckled and said," I don't think so he will because Siquan is a changed man now. He has a wife and a small family of his own. Yes, he was wrong but he realised his mistake which is the most important thing."

Pausing for a while, Father Xie said," I may sound cruel but I am glad that Siquan did not marry you back then. If he had really married you, how would I get such a handsome and rich son-in-law who dotes on my daughter more than I did?"

Ming chuckled and said," Even I am glad and happy."

Father Xie smiled and said," Ming, I don't have to guide or lecture you about how you should take care of your husband and household because you are already doing that part very well. All I can say is that you should always cherish what you have and thank God for giving you such a loving husband, in-laws and two adorable kids. Singtan is a very capable man and he loves you a lot so you should always appreciate his love for you and don't bully him too much."

" Dad, I never bully him." Ming said.

Kissing her forehead, Father Xie said," You have no idea how happy I feel whenever I think about you and Yufan. The only thing that makes me sad is when I think about Yurin. But she is the one who chose that path so there is nothing that I can do."

" It's fine, you always did what is the best of us. After mom left, you played the part of mother too and you did it very well dad. Never once did we feel that we did not have a mother." Ming said.

" If your mother would've been here, she would be very proud of you." Father Xie said before giving Ming a hug.

" Hey, how can you both hug without me?" Yufan said before rushing towards them.

" Come here." Father Xie said.

" Hugs are incomplete without Yufan." Yufan said.

Ming chuckled and said," You are going to become a father and look at you still acting like a kid."

" I will always be a kid for you and Dad." Yufan said.


" Sister-in-law if you don't come down within five minutes, I think your husband will faint." Quin said.


Wedding venue.

" Why isn't she here yet?" Singtan asked.

" Dude will you chill? Uncle Xie is already there and they are talking." Yutang said.

" Talking?" Singtan asked.

" Yes father-daughter talks before the wedding." Mike said.

" My father told Ling that he would help her elope if she didn't want to marry Yufan." Yutang said.

When Singtan gave him a murderous look, Yutang shrugged his shoulders and said," What? Just saying."

Just then a very light music started playing in the background making the atmosphere lighter.

Yumi, Linyang and Mian entered the venue with flowers in their hands followed by Zian, Liang and Zixin who were neatly dressed in black tux.

Everyone's heart was filled with joy after seeing the six most adorable and beautiful kids.

Just then the music changed into something more pleasant.

Hooking her arms around Father Xie's, Ming started walking down the aisle with a sweet smile on her face.

Singtan's heart skipped more than a thousand beats when he saw him walking down the aisle.

For Singtan, Ming was an angel who had just descended from heaven. She looked so beautiful and angelic that he couldn't take his eyes off her.

He had always imagined Ming wearing a white gown and walking down the aisle for him but now that it was happening for real, it was much more beautiful and overwhelming than he had thought.

Ming was the only woman he had loved with all his heart and soul. She completed him and the thought about taking the wedding vows with her in front of everyone made him feel emotional.

Ming couldn't control her tears of joy when she saw her man standing at the altar dressed in all white. He looked so stunning and handsome that she wanted to drag me out and lock him up inside a room where only she could drool all over his handsome face.

Placing Ming's hand on Singtan's, Father Xie said," I don't think so there is a need to tell you anything Singtan instead I should ask my daughter not to bully you too much."

Singtan smiled and said," She has all the right to bully me."

" You see dad? He wants to get bullied." Ming said.

Father Xie smiled and started walking towards his seat.

Kissing her hands, Singtan said," You look beautiful."

When Ming saw his moist red eyes she couldn't stop her tears.

Wiping her tears away, Singtan said," You'll ruin your makeup."

Ming chuckled and said," You'll ruin your makeup too."