Hooking her arms around his neck, Ming said," And you are looking handsome."

" Ming, Singtan." Mother Li shouted before coming towards them along with mother Zhang and mother Li.

" Didn't I say that you both are not allowed to meet or see each other until you both get married? Ahh when will you people actually listen to me?" Mother Li said.

" Mom, the kids wanted to have fun on the beach so we decided to bring them here." Ming said.

" That is fine but no touching until tomorrow." Mother Li said before pulling Ming away from Singtan.

Singtan frowned and said," But mom-"

Cutting him off, Mother Li said," And why are you shirtless? Are you trying to attract Ming and force her not to listen to me?"

Singtan widened his eyes in shock and said," Attract? Why would I do that? In fact, she is attracting me with that sexy looking thing that she is wearing."

Mother Li frowned and said," Don't you dare say anything about Ming. I know she will never do anything like that and besides it's a beach, if not a bikini what do you expect her to wear? Your shorts and boxers?"

" Mom, you are too biased when it comes to Rose and sister-in-law. This is not fair." Quin said.

" What bias? I treat each and everyone equally." Mother Li said.

Quin shook his head and said," No this is not true."

" Alright tell me one time I made you feel like that." Mother Li said.

" Everyday." Singtan and Quin said in unison.

" Okay I'll tell you one. A few days ago you made lamb for lunch but Rose and I were not at home so when we came back you told me that the lamb is over but when Rose sat for dinner, you gave her a plateful of lamb but you gave me none." Quin said.

Mother Li frowned and said," Rose loves lamb."

" I love lamb too, especially the spicy ones that you made that day." Quin said.

" And remember when Ming said she was having a headache you prepared your special soup for her but when I said that I am having a headache you said that I should stop complaining like a child." Singtan said.

" Now that is clear biasness." Quin said.

" Ahh you both stop accusing mom like that." Ming said.

" Yeah, stop it." Rose said.

" You have wronged us mom." Quin said.

" Yes I am biased towards them because they gave me such adorable grandkids. Everytime I see Ben, Sam, Huang, Yumi and Zian I feel like dotting on them more and more." Mother Li said.

Singtan frowned and said," Do you even realise that they are a part of us too?"

" Did you push out a whole baby out of your vagina?" Mother Li asked.

" No." Singtan and Quin said.

" Then stop talking okay? You have no idea how weak and fragile a woman's body becomes after giving birth. It's important to nourish it properly." Mother Li said.

" You are biased towards them even before they gave birth." Quin said.

" Mom don't listen to them, they are just jealous." Ming said before hooking her arms around mother Li's.

" Yeah mom, they are just jealous." Rose said before doing the same.

" Ahhh forget about these two idiots, let's go have fun." Mother Li said.

Singtan and Quin sighed and helplessly shook their heads. They were really bullied by their wife and mother.

" Don't worry bro this happens everywhere." Yutang said.

" That is true." Mike said.


At night.

" Oh come on, nothing will happen." Singtan said.

" What if we fall?" Yutang said.

" Don't be such a baby you idiot." Mike said.

" Singtan you go first." Robbin said.

Singtan nodded his head and started climbing up the pipeline.

" Careful." Mike said.

Climbing up, Singtan jumped into the rooms balcony in which the ladies were having their little pre-wedding party.


" Singtan? What are you doing here?" Anna asked.

" Call her out fast." Singtan said in a very low voice.

Anna chuckled and said," No."

" An please, it's urgent." Singtan said.

" Still NO." Anna said.

" Oh hoo look who is here, the groom." Yixi said.

" Just for two minutes." Singtan said.

" No." Yixi and Anna said.

" Alright, what do you both want?" Singtan asked.

" Money." Yixi and Anna said.

" Okay I'll give you both whatever you want after we go back." Singtan said.

" Promise?" Anna asked.

" I promise." Singtan said.

" Alright, wait here." Anna said.

After sometime, Ming was pushed out on the balcony.

" Singtan? What are you doing here?" Ming asked.

" Are you nervous for tomorrow?" Singtan asked.

" A little." Ming said.

Singtan nodded his head and said," Me too."

" You'll get your wedding dress tomorrow and I hope you'll like it." Singtan said.

Ming chuckled and said," Don't worry about that."

" I am just super nervous I guess. You won't run away right?"" Singtan asked.

" Why would I do that? We have already been married for five years now honey." Ming said.

Singtan nodded his head and said," Okay okay, I'll calm down."

Cupping his face, Ming said," Just go and take some rest, it's a big day tomorrow."

Singtan vigorously nodded his head and said," Okay, I'll take my leave now."


Next day.

" Are you nervous?" Yixi asked.

Ming nodded her head and said," Very."

" Ahhh guys the arrangement is so beautiful." Anna said.

" Mr Li even invited a few other guests, they just arrived." Linda said.

" Okay only three hours for the wedding girls we should get started." Yixi said.

Just then a bunch of few people entered the room and said," Mrs Li we are here to help you all with the makeup and hair."

" The dresses are here." Rose said.

After giving everyone their piece of clothing,  pop Rose clapped her hands together and said excitedly," Now the most special dress."

" Bring it in guys." Rose said.

Just then two helpers pushed in a beautiful heavily embroidered white gown along with a long veil.

" Oh my God." Everyone squealed and jumped in excitement after seeing the beautiful wedding dress.

The upper half of the the wedding dress was heavily embroidered by sparkling white stones while the lower half was beautifully decorated with frills. The whole gown along with the veil looked beautiful and angelic.

" This looks beautiful. Ahhh are these diamonds?" Yixi asked.

" They are real diamonds." Rose said.