Dining area.

Everyone was enjoying their dinner and discussing the schedule of the wedding as well.

" So what next?" Father Xie asked.

" We have a dinner party tomorrow and our wedding the very next day." Singtan said.

" That fast?" Mother Li asked.

Singtan nodded his head and said," Yes."

Mother Li thought for a while and said," Ming you should stay with us starting today and-"

Cutting his mother off, Singtan frowned and said," Stay here? But why? Ming is not staying here."

Mother Li frowned and said," Don't be a baby Singtan and since you both are about to get married it's the best if Ming and you stay separately."

" Yes and we also have to follow rituals." Mother Yang said.

Singtan frowned and said," We have already been married for five years now and I don't think so we have to follow rituals."

Mother Li helplessly shook her head and said," This boy, I don't know what to do with him. Stop being a man child Singtan."

" Yes and it's not like we are taking your wife away from you. It's just for two nights and one day." Mother Zhang said.

Mike grinned and said," Yes Singtan stop being a man child."

" Grow up man." Yutang said.

" Exactly, what is wrong with you brother-in-law?" Yufan asked.

" But-"

Cutting him off, Ming said," It's okay mom, we will listen to you."

" But Ming you know that I feel scared at night." Singtan said out loud.

Ming: +_+

Everyone: +_+

" Dad, even I don't feel scared at night." Zian said.

" But I do, I am a man child remember?" Singtan said.

" Scared? What are you three?" Anna asked.

Singtan vigorously shook his head and said," Yes, I mean no I am not three but at heart I am like a three year old. I feel scared alone and that is why I need Ming."

Mike chuckled and said," A three year old man child."

" Pttfff who would've thought that the Li Singtan is actually so petty that he cannot stay without his wife even for a single day." Leo said before helping his son wipe his mouth.

" Can you stay without your wife for a day?" Singtan asked.

Leo shook his head and said," No but I am not the invincible the Li Singtan okay? I am just a normal person."

" Eehhh don't worry Singtan, I stay with you for an hour but after that I will go back to my room and hug my wife to sleep" Yutang said.

" Yeah me too." Mike said.

" Let Mike and Yutang accompany you then." Mother Zhang said.

Mike and Yutang widened their " WHAT?"

" I was about to suggest as well." Anna said.

" But why? Why would you suggest that?" Mike asked.

" Okay then let's do something, Mike, Yutang, Zechan, Zihao, Songpa,Yufan, Sebastian, Leo, Siquan and Robbin will go and stay with Singtan while the ladies will stay with us." Mother Li said.

" What? And why are we suddenly dragged into this?" Mike asked.

Singtan frowned and said," I don't want to stay with them."

" Don't worry Mr Li, I'll accompany you people too." Mr Mo said.

" But-"

" Now if you don't stop talking, I'll throw you out." Mother Li said.

Singtan frowned and kept on angrily shoving food into his mouth.

Quin, who had been quiet all the time, leaned towards Rose and said," Mom did not mention my name so does it mean that I don't have to leave?"

" Grandma what about uncle Quin? Is he going to stay here?" Zian asked.

Quin widened his eyes in shock and gestured Zian to stay quiet but it was indeed too late.

" Ahh no darling, Quin is going there too." Mother Li said.

Quin helplessly shook his head. His own nephew betrayed him.

" Mom, I think I have to stay here because the kids wake up in the middle of the night and I don't want to trouble Beth or disturb her sleep." Songpa said.

Mother Li nodded her head and said," Yes Songpa should stay here but others finish your dinner and leave."

" Even Zian and Yumi cannot sleep without their mom and dad." Singtan said.

" I can sleep without mom or dad because I am a big boy now. Dad you always tell me that now I am a big boy and I should sleep alone, what happened now?" Zian asked.

Singtan: "+_+" His son is not his son anymore.

" But I want to sleep with mom and dad." Yumi said.

Singtan: "^_^" His daughter is the best.

" Yumi, we decided to sleep together, did you forget?" Mian asked.

" Oh yes." Yumi said before turning towards Singtan.

" Dad it's okay, I can sleep with Mian and Linyang today." Yumi said.

Singtan: "+_+" His daughter is not his daughter anymore.

" Stop it Singtan, everyone is laughing at you." Ming whispered.

Singtan frowned and murmured," I don't care."


Inside Ming's and Singtan's room.

" Don't go." Singtan said.

Taking out Singtan's clothes from the suitcase, Ming chuckled and said," You are seriously unbelievable Singtan."

" You know how scared I feel when I am alone." Singtan said.

Ming helplessly shook her head and said," You have almost your entire gang here."

" But I am so used to hugging you to sleep." Singtan said.

" You can hug Yutang to sleep." Ming said.

" His body is not as soft as yours." Singtan said.

Ming: *_*

" And I cannot do things with him like I do with you." Singtan said.

" Shameless." Ming said before passing him the suitcase.

Throwing the suitcase aside, Singtan ran towards the door and locked it properly from inside.

" Singtan what are you doing?" Ming asked.

" Everything is okay. If we don't open the door, we can stay together all the time." Singtan said.

Ming sighed and said," I don't know what to do with you."


Anna and Mike's room.

" This is not right." Mike said.

" Everything is alright Mike." Anna said.

Mike shook his head and said," If you go away, what will happen to our ' MISSION NEXT BABY'?"

Anna chuckled and said," We can put that mission on hold."

Mike shook his head and said," No we can't."