Li Singtan pulled a chair for Xie Ming," Sit."

Overwhelmed by his kind gesture Xie Ming silently sat on the chair.

Li Singtan sat beside her and asked the maid to serve the dinner.

As the maids placed the dishes on the table, Li Singtan started placing food in her plate and said," You should eat more as you are very skinny. I don't want people to say that Li Singtan doesn't feed his wife well."

Xei Ming rolled her eyes and said," I am not that skinny."

Li Singtan gave her a meaningful smile and said," Eat."

As they were busy eating, Xie Ming suddenly put her chopstick down and then stared at Li Singtan and said," I-I did not inform anyone about my whereabouts. My father must be very tensed."

Li Singtan looked at her and said," Dont worry about that. I have informed your whereabouts to your father through someone. But he doesn't know anything about our marriage as it is something that you should tell him on your own."

Xie Ming nodded her head. She did not know how her father would react. She was feeling nervous.

Li Singtan could see through her eyes and knew that she was nervous. He placed his big hands on her little hands and said," No need to be nervous everything will be okay."

Xie Ming gave him a weak smile and then picked up her chopstick. She picked up a piece of chicken wings and was about to endure it, when sudden Li Singtan stopped her and said," Wait."

He then called one of the maid and

asked," Does this have capsicum in it?"

The maid nervously nodded her head," Ye-Yes Sir."

Li Singtan narrowed his eyes and shouted," Didn't I tell you all that your Yound Madam is allergic to capsicums. I strictly told you all that starting from today I don't want to see any capsicum in this house. How can you people be so careless?"

Seeing that the maid was on the verge of crying, Xie Ming decided to rescue her," Okay Stop you are scaring her. You don't have to shout at them like that they are also human not robots. They can make mistake."

She then looked at the maid and smiled," You go inside and don't take anything to heart."

The maid was very happy to see how kind their Young Madam was. No one would ever dare to scold their Young Master like that. So she decided to be nice to her and listen to her.

Xie Ming looked straight at Li Singtan's eyes. Not many people knew that she was allergic to capsicums. She then asked him," How did you know that I am allergic to capsicums?"

Li Singtan cleared his throat and said," I have my ways and besides many people are allergic to it. So it is very common."

Xie Ming knew he was lying but she decided not to drag it," Oh Okay."

Nobody spoke after that. Both of them were quietly eating their food.

Li Singtan decided to break the silence and asked," What are you planning to do now? I mean are you planning to stay at home or do something. Even if you are planning to stay at home I don't really have a problem with that."

Xei Ming scratched her head and said," I don't know I have to think about it. I always wanted to become a model but it is too late for that."

Li Singtan could see disappointment in her eyes. He knew that she wanted to become a model. Though he hated the thought of other men seeing her in revealing clothes but still he would give her everything that she wanted. She wanted to become a model then she will become a model.

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He the put his chopstick down and said," It's never too late for anything. You have plenty of time think about it carefully okay. You are now Li Singtan's wife so there is nothing that you cannot do."

Xie Ming rolled her eyes and said," You always say that there is nothing that you cannot do. You are not God Okay?"

Li Singtan let out a soft laugh and said," Yes I am not God but trust me when I say that I can do whatever I want."


Inside the bedroom

Xie Ming was very nervous as she had never shared a bed with a man. Though she was in a relationship with Chen Siquan for 3 years, she had never gone beyond kissing.

Li Singtan knew what she was thinking. He decided to tease again," What are you thinking about? Come sleep. Don't worry I can control myself so you don't have to worry about that. But if you cannot control yourself I am okay with you taking advantage of me."

Xie Ming rolled her eyes ' Ahh this shameless man'. She then sat on the bed and said," Who said I can not control myself. My driver is more attractive than you." After saying this she covered herself with the quilt and slept.

Li Singtan shook his head and laughed. He then switched off the bed side lamp and slept.