" So when will you plan it?" Yixi asked.

Singtan shook his head and said," I don't know."

" I see." Yixi said.

" So I was thinking, instead of going to the island straightaway, why don't you stay where we land for a couple of days? I mean it's a new place and new atmosphere so the kids will like it too and we will have fun." Anna said before pinching Ming.

" Ahhh- I mean yeah, that is a nice idea." Ming said.

Singtan widened his eyes in shock and said," No."

" Why not?" Anna asked.

" I mean we have to go to the island as soon as we land." Singtan said.

" But why?" Anna asked.

Singtan thought for a while and said," Because everyone is waiting for us and it's not nice to keep them waiting."

" Just call and tell them that we will be arriving late." Yixi said.

Singtan frowned before looking at Yutang and Mike, gesturing then to do something.

Mike cleared his throat and said," Let's not change our plans."

" Yeah, let's not jumble things up." Yutang said.

" But that wasn't a really bad idea." Ming said.

" Huh? You don't want to go to the island too?" Singtan asked.

He had plans for the wedding which would happen a couple of days after they reach the island and before that, he had planned a pre-wedding dinner and small party for everyone. He didn't want to delay his plans any further.

Looking at Singtan's nervous face,  Anna chuckled and whispered," Yixi let's stop otherwise Singtan will start crying."

Yixi chuckled and said," But this is fun."

Hooking her arms around Singtan's, Ming said," Let's not change the plan. We will move ahead as planned."

" We can stop by when we return from the island." Singtan said.

Placing her head on his shoulder, Ming said," Hmm, okay."

" Take some rest, it's a long flight." Singtan said.

" The kids are fine?" Ming asked.

" Don't worry about them." Singtan said.

" It's a long flight, we have to make sure they are comfortable." Ming said.

" The kids are stronger than you think." Singtan said.


9hours later.

" Honey wake up." Singtan said.

Rubbing her eyes, Ming woke up and asked," What time is it?"

Singtan chuckled and said," We have already landed."

Ming frowned and asked," How long did I sleep?"

" 9 hours." Singtan said.

Ming widened her eyes in shock and said," That long? How are the kids? Did they eat anything?"

" The kids are fine. Siquan and Robbin helped them with the food, everything is okay but what about you? Were you so tired?" Singtan asked.

" Remember last time? You slept for the entire flight but later we found out that you were pre-ouch." Yixi stopped talking and winced in pain when Anna pinched her.

Singtan frowned and asked," Found out what?"

" We found out that Ming has a thing with long flights. She feels extra sleepy on flights." Anna said.

Rubbing her arm which had been mercilessly pinched by Anna, Yixi widened her eyes in shock and gasped.

" This this-ouch." Yixi winced in pain again when Anna pinched her again.

Glaring at Anna, Yixi frowned and whispered," Will you stop doing that? And I think Ming is-"

" Sshhhh stop, it's a secret." Anna whispered.

Yixi squealed in excitement and said," So it's true? Oh my God."

" Yixi control yourself, don't ruin Ming's surprise." Anna said.

" Oh okay okay." Yixi said.

Cupping Ming's face, Singtan asked," Ming, are you feeling alright? Are you feeling any kind of uneasiness? We can drop by the hospital if-"

Cutting him off, Ming said," I am alright, I just feel extra sleepy on flights."

" Are you sure?" Singtan asked.

Ming nodded her head and said," Yes." Before unbuckling her seat belt.

" Dada, mommy." Yumi shouted before rushing towards Ming and Singtan.

Picking his daughter up, Singtan said," Don't run like that princess. What if you fall down?"

" Sorry dada." Yumi said.

Giving her a peck on her cheeks, Singtan said," It's alright."

" Daddy, dada Siquan told us that we will be taking a boat from here, is that true?" Yumi asked excitedly.

Ming chuckled and said," Yes honey, we will be taking a boat."

Yumi cheekily smiled and said," Yey! I have never taken a boat ride."

" Yes we have but you and Zian were too small back then so you don't remember." Ming said.

" Really?" Yumi asked.

Ming smiled and nodded her head.

Pinching his daughters cheeks, Singtan said," Come let's go and take a boat ride which you'll never forget."


Inside the boat.

" Ahhhhh this boat is so big." Mian shouted before running around along with Yumi and Linyang.

" Zian, come here and see this." Mian shouted.

" Zixin come here too." Yumi said.

" Brother Liang see this, it's a fish." Linyang shouted.

Seeing the kids running around all happy and jolly, Ming smiled and said," I am happy that you planned this vacation."

Singtan smiled and said," You will be more happy later."

Ming raised her eyebrows and asked," Why so?"

" You'll see Mrs Li." Singtan said.



Pointing towards the island, Singtan said," You see that kids? That is our island."

" Dad do we own this island?" Zian asked.

" Your uncle Mike, uncle Yutang, aunt Anna, aunt Yixi, your mom and dad own this island." Singtan said.

" Are there wild animals in there?" Zian asked.

Singtan chuckled and said,'' No but you still have to be careful. You shouldn't let your sister or your friends run about here and there without an elders supervision."

Zian nodded his head and said," Okay dada, I'll take care of that."

" Alright kids, let's get down slowly." Mike said.

" Ahhhhhh." The kids squealed excitedly before getting down from the boat one by one.

Singtan also quickly got down along with kids leaving Ming behind.

After helping the elders out of the boat, Ming was about to get down when she heard a very loud sound of a chopper.

Looking up, Ming frowned when she saw a chopper not too far away.

As soon as Ming stepped inside the island, a shower of rose petals greeted her.