Mike sighed and said," Yes yes, your uncle Singtan is best."

" Zixin." Yumi shouted when he saw Zixin coming towards them along with Mr and Mrs Mo.

Running towards Zixin, Yumi gave him a hug and said," I was waiting for you."

Looking at his mother who had been teasing him all the way to the airport, Zixin blushed.

Mrs Mo chuckled and said," Zixin was also talking about you throughout the ride."

" You were talking about me Zixin? Were you missing me too?" Yumi asked.

Zixin slowly nodded his head and said," Yes."

Yumi cheekily smiled and said," I was missing you."

" Mr Mo, Mrs Mo I am glad you two are here." Mike said.

Mr Mo smiled and said," Mr Li personally invited us and how could we miss such a beautiful event?"

" Exactly, it's such an exciting event." Mrs Mo said.

Mike chuckled and said," Yes it's very exciting but the bride and the groom are not here yet."

Glancing at his watch, Mr Mo said," Isn't the flight leaving in fifteen minutes."

Yutang nodded his head and said," Yeah but I think we have to delay."

" Come Zixin lets go." Yumi said before grabbing his hand and dragging him away.

" I think they are on the way." Mike said.

Mr Mo nodded his head and said," No problem, we can wait."


Massaging his temples, Zichan said," Songpa stop, you are making me feel dizzy."

Songpa, who was continuously walking too and fro with his little daughter in his arms said," You don't understand, if I stop walking she will cry and when she starts crying, Guang starts crying too."

" Aren't you feeling dizzy?" Zihao asked who was holding Guang in his arms.

Songpa shook his head and said," I am good."

" So Songpa how tough is it?" Sebastian asked.

" Taking care of kids?" Songpa asked.

Sebastian nodded his head and said," Yes."

" Hmm not so much. It's just when they cry in the middle of the night and don't stop crying no matter how much you coax them, it's a bit tough." Songpa said.

Yufan, who was reading a pregnancy book said," Brother-in-law has a whole shelf stuffed with pregnancy and parenting books Seb so why don't you take a book from there and start reading it."

Sebastian nodded his head and said," Yeah, I am planning to."

Just then Singtan and Ming arrived hand in hand.

Anna, Yixi and Rose quickly rushed towards her excitedly and said," Ahhh show us the ring."

Ming chuckled and said," It's the old one, what are you people so excited about?"

" But still it's a wedding ring now." Yixi said.

" It was a wedding ring before too." Ming said.

Yixi shook her head and said," That doesn't count."

Ming chuckled before giving Anna a meaningful look.

When Anna smiled and nodded her head, Ming breathed a sigh of relief.

" Dude you are so late." Yutang said.

" Traffic." Singtan said.

" Everyone was waiting for you." Mike said.

Singtan smiled and said," Alright, let's leave now."

After Singtan left along with others, Ming quickly dragged Anna away and asked," Are you sure?"

Anna nodded her head and said," A hundred percent."

" Mommy quick, come here." Yumi shouted.

" Coming honey." Ming said before walking towards Yumi.

" What happened darling?" Ming asked.

" Mommy, brother Zian is scolding me." Yumi said.

Ming sighed and said," Zian, why are you scolding your sister?"

" It's because I hugged brother Zixin." Yumi said.

Zian fronwed and said," Dada says that I shouldn't let Yumi stick to other boys."

" But I am your best friend Zian." Zixin said.

Zian frowned deeper and said," But still you are a boy."

Ming chuckled and said," Zian you shouldn't do that. Zixin and Yumi are friends and hugging a friend is absolutely normal. Okay so did anyone tell you anything when you hugged Mian?"

Zian shook his head and said," No."

" You see? It's because you and Mian are friends." Ming said.

" But it's different. Mian and I share the same birth date so it's normal for us to hug each other." Zian said.

Ming sighed and helplessly shook her head.

" What happened?" Singtan asked.

" Your son is just like you." Ming said before walking away.

" Champ, what did you do?" Singtan asked.

Zian shook his head and said," Nothing dada." Before running towards his mommy.

" Mommy." Zian shouted.

Squatting down, Ming asked," What happened?"

Giving Ming a peck on her cheeks, Zian said," I am sorry mommy but I'll listen to you."

Ming chuckled and said," It's alright, mommy is not angry."

" I don't want to be like daddy." Zian said.

" Why not?" Ming asked.

" I want to become like mommy and daddy." Zian said.

Ming smiled and said," But I want you to become like daddy."

" Why?" Zian asked.

" Because your daddy is the best." Ming said.


Inside the plane.

" So Songpa does everything?" Ling asked.

Beth nodded her head and said," Yes."

" What if they start crying together?" Dina asked.

" He will coax them together and if that doesn't work, he will try to calm one of them down and then the other one. If nothing works, he reluctantly wakes me up." Beth said.

Turning towards Sebastian, Dina said," You heard that? That is what a loving and caring husband should do."

Sebastian frowned and said," I'll do everything after the baby is born."

" We will see." Dina said.

Ming chuckled and said," Will you two stop pressuring Seb and Yu so much? The baby is yet to come and I am sure they will turn out to be the best daddy's in the world."

" Exactly, don't think so lowly of us." Yufan said.

Just then Singtan, Yutang and Mike came back.

" Are the kids okay?" Ming asked.

" They are more than okay." Singtan said before helping Ming buckle her seat belt.

" So big brother what next?" Rose asked.

" Next? Nothing." Singtan said.

" So there is no wedding?" Anna asked.

Singtan shook his head and said," I haven't planned it yet."

Anna nodded her head and said," I see."