Li mansion.

4:00 am

Singtan was feeling so excited that he couldn't sleep for the entire night. He was fidgeting, tossing and turning in bed for the entire night.

When Singtan couldn't take it longer, he quickly got down from the bed.

Sitting beside his wife who was obviously soundly sleeping, Singtan narrowed his eyes.

It had already been three days since he stole Ming's wedding ring but she did not react nor did she ask him about it which was strange. He had expected Ming to freak out and look for the ring everywhere which obviously did not happen and now he was feeling weird.

Did the spark in their married life really faded away with time? And that is why Ming wasn't bothered even after losing her wedding ring?

Singtan vigorously shook his head and got up. There was no way he would let their spark just fade away like that.

Rubbing her eyes, Ming slowly got up and said," What time is it? And why are you up so early?"

Crossing his arms, Singtan asked," Ming, where is your wedding ring?"

" I don't know maybe I misplaced it somewhere." Ming said.

Singtan frowned deeper when he saw how chill she was about it.

" You misplaced it? How can you misplace it? That is your wedding ring, something that I gave you." Singtan said.

Staring at him, Ming raised her eyebrows and thought ' You stole it.'

" It's not a big deal honey, It's probably somewhere." Ming said.

" Not a big deal? You think it's not a big deal? Babe that was our wedding ring." Singtan said.

Ming groaned and said," Singtan it's 4 am for Pete's sake, let me sleep." Before covering herself with the quilt.

Singtan frowned deeper and said," Why do feel like you don't really care about ring?"

When Ming did not say anything, Singtan got up and left the room.


Inside the study room.

Pacing to and fro inside his study, Singtan opened his laptop.


Top result: Reminisce the past. Take your spouse to all the places where you have been together. Spend some quality time with her and talk to her about all the good times that you both have spent together.

Singtan thought for a while before taking out his phone.

" Hello Mike, a slight change in plans." Singtan said.


Singtan's and Ming's room.

" Babe wake up." Singtan said.

Ming groaned and asked," What happened?"

" Wake up because we have to go somewhere." Singtan said.

Ming got up and asked," Aren't we leaving in three hours for our vacation?"

Singtan nodded his head and said," Yes but before that I want to take you somewhere."

" Singtan, I have to help kids get ready and then help mom to-"

Cutting her off, Singtan said," You don't have to do anything, mom said she will manage. I want you to come with me."

Ming sighed and said," Okay."

" Quick, go get dressed." Singtan said.

Getting down from the bed, Ming said," You are acting all mysterious and weird lately Mr Li, what is going on?"

Singtan shook his head and said," Myterisous? It's nothing babe."

" I see." Ming said before entering the washroom.

After Ming left, Singtan received a call from Yutang.

" Dude, why did you change the plan at the last moment." Yutang asked.

" You won't understand, it's about the spark." Singtan said.

Yutang frowned and asked," What spark?"

" Ehh you won't understand. So you all take everyone to the airport and I'll will bring Ming there directly." Singtan said.

" Alright, I don't know what you are planning but still all the best and don't be late." Yutang said.

Singtan nodded his head and said," Alright." Before hanging up the call.

Just then Ming stepped out of the washroom and asked," Where are we going?"

" You'll know." Singtan said before rushing towards the washroom.


Inside the car.

" Singtan, where are we going?" Ming asked.

" You'll see." Singtan said.

Ming sighed and said," Give me a hint at least."

Singtan shook his head and said," No hints because you are good at guessing and I don't want to ruin it."

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" Okay at least tell me how long until we reach that place?" Ming asked.

" Thirty minutes, you can take a nap if you want to." Singtan said.

Ming nodded her head and said," Wake me up."

" Definitely." Singtan said.


Thirty minutes later.

" Babe wake up, we are there." Singtan said.

Slowly opening her eyes, Ming asked," We are there?"

Singtan nodded his head and said," Yes but stay inside." Before unbuckling his belt and stepping out of the car.

Running to the other side, Singtan opened the car door for his wife before extending his hand.

Unbuckling her belt, Ming placed her hand on his before stepping out of the car.

Looking around, Ming gasped and widened her eyes in shock.

Looking at Singtan, Ming said," This-"

Singtan chuckled and said," I am glad you still remember this place."

Looking around, Ming smiled and said," How can I ever forget this place Singtan? My whole life took a 360 turn in this place."

Kissing her knuckles, Singtan said," Our life."

Singtan had brought her to the same cliff where he had asked her to marry her five years ago.

" Come let's go." Singtan said before guiding her towards the cliff.

Stopping right where they were standing that day, Singtan said," That day wasn't just a coincidence, I had people following you right after you left the banquet hall."

Pausing for a while, Singtan said," You have no idea how scared I was when my men told me that you had hailed a cab to this cliff. I was so scared and worried all the way here. I thought that I will lose you again."

Ming chuckled and said," I was stupid back then."

" You have no idea how relieved and happy I felt when I saw you but seeing you standing so close to this cliff almost stopped my heart. I literally rushed towards you and when I pulled you into my embrace and away from this damn cliff, only then I felt at ease. You really scared me that day." Singtan said.



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