Singtan frowned and said," Stop making that face."

" Just admit it Singtan." Yutang said.

" Admit what?" Singtan asked.

Yutang chuckled and said," That you are a coward when it comes to women."

" Shut up." Singtan said.

" Dada let's go, I want that doll house and Ming wants it too." Yumi shouted.

" You want to buy toys first?" Singtan asked.

Yumi nodded her head and said," Yes, I want to buy that dollhouse first."

" Dada even I want that new video game and a new robotic car." Zian said.

Singtan smiled and said," Alright, let's get toys for you all first."

" Uncle Singtan I want a drone." Ben said.

Mike raised his eyebrows and asked," Drone? That is very difficult to control."

" I will learn." Ben said.

Singtan nodded his head and said," Alright, you can buy whatever you want. And Ben, I'll teach you how to control it later."


Li mansion.

" Big brother said that the wedding gown is heavy so he wants me to make an alternative dress for you for the reception." Rose said.

" Heavy? Well, I won't be shocked if your weddings gowns have real diamonds embedded in them." Yixi said.

" Real diamonds?" Ming asked.

" Yes, it's Mr Li okay? He is the one who you the world's most expensive and unique ring, he can do anything." Yixi said.

Rose frowned and asked," Sister-in-law where is you ring?"

Ming chuckled and said," Your big brother stole my ring yesterday night. He thought I did not notice."

Last night, Mr Li sneakily stole his wife's ring because he wanted to use the same one for the ring exchange ceremony after they take their vows.

" Awww why is he so cute?" Anna said.

" He is acts like a small kid." Ming said.

Rose chuckled and said," The funny part is that big brother still thinks that you don't know about the wedding."

" Yeah Ming you better act all surprised and excited." Yixi said.

Ming nodded her head and said," Yes I will."

" Okay so let's go." Anna said.

Ming sighed and asked," Do we have to?"

" Obviously, grooming is very important. It's your wedding Ming and you will also have your first night again." Yixi said.

Ming chuckled and said," First night? We have been married for five years already."

" So? You are getting married all over again and it is a huge thing." Yixi said.

Rose nodded her head and said," I second that."

" We are leaving after three days right? So we should hurry." Anna said.

" Rose will you be able to arrange dresses for everyone before Monday?" Yixi asked.

Rose nodded her head and said," Don't worry about that and all of you will get your dresses by Sunday."


Shopping mall.

Toy store.

" Yumi choose fast." Zian said.

" Yes yes Yumi fast, we have to buy clothes too." Liyang said.

Yumi sighed and said," Let me think in peace." She was having a really hard time choosing between two beautiful dollhouses.

" Yumi, do you want me to help you choose one?" Mian asked.

" I can help too." Linyang said.

Squatting down, Singtan have Yumi a peck on her lips and asked," What happened princess?"

" Dada, I am having a very hard time choosing between these two." Yumi said before pointing towards the dollhouse.

Singtan smiled and said," If you are having a hard time, why don't you buy both?"

" I can?" Yumi asked.

" Why not? Dada will buy anything that you want." Singtan said.

Clinging onto Singtan neck, Yumi said," Dada is the best."

After buying toys for the kids, they quickly brought them to the clothing section.

" Okay boys come with me, I'll help you all buy a dashing tux." Yutang said.

" I'll help you." Mike said.

" Then who will help us?" Mian asked.

" Dada will." Yumi said.

Singtan nodded his head and said," Yes I will."


Outside the shopping mall.

Giving Mike all the bags, Singtan said," I cannot take them home so you have to keep them."

Mike nodded his head and said," Don't worry about that."

" Uncle Si is also coming right?" Singtan asked.

Mike nodded his head and said," Yes he is."

" What about aunty and Grandpa?" Singtan asked.

" Mom has already started preparing gifts for you and Ming." Mike said.

" Great, we all have to leave together on Monday. It's an early flight." Singtan said.


Li Mansion.

" Ah you all are back." Mother Li said.

" Is Ming home?" Singtan asked.

Grandma Li shook her head and said," No, she is out with Anna, Rose and Yixi."

" Great." Singtan said before walking towards them.

Grandpa Li chuckled and said," Look how excited this brat is for the wedding."

" I hope you all have made all the preparations for the wedding." Singtan asked.

" Everything is already done. In fact I am meeting Chuang around 7 so that we can discuss a few things." Mother Li said.

Father Li frowned and asked," Why didn't you tell me about the meeting?"

" What do you mean?" Mother Li asked.

" I will also go with you. Even I am the groom's father so even I should know and take part in all the discussions." Father Li said.

Mother Li shrugged her shoulders and said," Alright, I'll call you out when Chuang arrives."

" Ahhh so he is coming here, okay okay you can discuss things with him. I don't think you need my help." Father Li said before taking a sip from his cup.

Grandpa Li sighed and said," Like father like son."

" Mom, I'll leave the rituals to you elders." Singtan said.

" Don't worry darling we will take care of it." Grandma Li said.

After discussing a few things, Singtan said," I'll go and give a call to Siquan and Leo." Before walking towards his room.


Inside his room.

After inviting Leo and Daina, Singtan called Siquan.

After telling Siquan about his plans, Singtan said," We are leaving on Monday."

Siquan nodded his head and said," Okay, I'll ask Weiwei to make arrangements."

" How is Zhong?" Singtan asked.

Looking at his son, Siquan smiled and said," He is still small so he is not giving us any kind of trouble."

Singtan smiled and said," Wait until he starts crawling."