Singtan smiled and said," I am very excited too."

" Okay so what do I have to do?" Rose asked.

" I want you to prepare a beautiful dress for your sister-in-law." Singtan said.

" Wedding dress?" Rose asked.

Singtan shook his head and said," No, I will arrange that."

" Really? You are?" Rose asked.

Singtan nodded his head and said," Yes and I want you to prepare a beautiful dress for your sister-in-law for the reception. She definitely cannot walk around wearing that wedding dress, it's a bit heavy."

Giving Singtan a thumbs up, Rose said," Consider it done big bro and what about your wedding suit?"

Singtan scratched his forehead and said," I completely forgot about that."

Rose chuckled and said," I'll prepare it for you."

" You have to prepare clothes for everyone as you are the only one they can rely on." Singtan said.

Rose nodded her head and said," Don't worry about that, I'll handle the clothing department."

" I'll take the kids shopping tomorrow." Singtan said.

Rose raised her eyebrows and asked," Alone?"

" I'll ask Yutang and Mike to tag along." Singtan said.

Rose smiled and said," Perfect.

" I just hope Ming likes everything." Singtan said.

" What is the theme of the wedding?" Rose asked.

" Wedding? Who is getting married?" Yumi asked.

Singtan widened his eyes in shock when he saw Yumi standing right behind them with a bottle in her hand.

" Princess what happened? Why aren't you eating?" Singtan asked before squatting down.

" Dada, are you and mom getting married again?" Yumi asked.

" Who told you that?" Singtan asked.

" I heard everything that you told aunt Rose but don't worry dada I won't tell mommy if you get me that big doll house tomorrow when we go shopping." Yumi said.

Rose chuckled and said," Good luck brother Singtan." before walking towards the kitchen.

Picking his daughter up, Singtan pinched her nose and said," Look at you, such a small little girl and you are already trying to blackmail your dad?"

Yumi chuckled and said," I will tell momma if you don't buy me that big doll house tomorrow."

Singtan chuckled and said," I would've bought that dollhouse for you even without you blackmailing me like this."

Giving Singtan a peck on his cheeks, Yumi said," Dada is the best."

" Now don't tell anyone about this okay?" Singtan asked.

Yumi nodded her head and said," Okay."


Ming's room.

Yumi and Zian were busy drawing and Ming going through a magazine when Yumi said," Mommy dada is taking us shopping tomorrow."

" Really? Why?" Ming asked.

" Dada is planning a surprise wedding for you but he told me that I shouldn't tell you about it." Yumi said.

Zian fronwed and said," Yumi, I told you not to do this."

After fixing the bribing deal with Singtan, Yumi told Zian everything that had happened.

Zian asked his little sister not to tell anyone about it because it was a secret.

Yumi covered her mouth with her little hands and gasped.

Ming chuckled and said," Don't worry, I won't tell dada about it."

" Promise?" Yumi asked.

Ming smiled and said," I promise."

Zian sighed and said," You are so stupid Yumi."

Yumi pouted her lips and said," I am not stupid, I am cute."


Next day.

" Why are you taking them for shopping all of a sudden?" Ming asked.

Snuggling closer, Singtan said," Just like that."

" Oh so no specific reason?" Ming asked.

" It's been days since I took them out somewhere so Yutang, I and Mike decided to spend an entire day with the kids today." Singtan said.

Ming smiled and said," That is nice."

Wrapping his legs around her, Singtan asked," What are you planning to do today?"

" I am meeting Yixi and Anna at the parlour today." Ming said.

" Hmmm, babe we will be leaving for our vacation this Monday." Singtan said.

Ming smiled and said," Okay."

" We are going to our island again." Singtan said.

Ming chuckled and said," I hope you won't cover me up when I wear a swimsuit this time."

Singtan shook his head and said," You are not allowed to wear one."

" Don't be so stingy." Ming said.

" When it comes to you, I am stingy." Singtan said.

" What will I wear then?" Ming asked.

" My t-shirts and shorts, I'll pack an extra pair for you." Singtan said.

Ming sighed and said," You are so mean."

Pinning her down, Singtan said," You have no idea how tempting you look when you wear revealing clothes."

Ming chuckled and said," Tempting? Really?"

" I swear." Singtan said.

Pushing him away, Ming said," Go and freshen up, you have to take the kids out."

" We still have time for one round." Singtan said.


Shopping mall.

" Zian." Mian shouted before running towards him.

" Mian don't run like that," Mike shouted.

Ignoring her father, Mian kept on running towards Zian and gave him a hug.

" I missed you so much." Mian said.

Zian's face turned bright red and he said," We meet everyday in kindergarten."

Mian chuckled and said," Why? Can't I miss you?"

Zian vigorously nodded his head and said," Yes you can."

" You did not miss me?" Mian asked.

Zian lowered his head and said," I-"

Yutang chuckled and said," It's just me or even you two think that it will be Mian who will propose Zian?"

Mike frowned and said," Why would my daughter do that? Why would she propose?"

" Dude, do you think with Singtan's genes his son will ever be able to propose or rather talk to the woman he loves without breaking a cold sweat?" Yutang asked.

Singtan frowned and said," Hey, I was the one who proposed Ming okay?"

" You were in college with her for three long years, you saw her get engaged and then almost get married to some other man and luckily when that did not happen, you grasped the opportunity and tricked her into getting married with you." Yutang said.

Singtan frowned deeper and said," Yeah, so what? But I was still the one who proposed right?"

Yutang chuckled and said," Yeah right."