Stopping midway, Songpa said," I suddenly feel like extending your scar, can I do that?"

Without waiting for Kiara's reply or reaction, Songpa said," Obviously I can, big boss said that there are no restrictions this time."

Kiara was wincing and screaming her lungs out in pain when Songpa dragged the knife further down.

Pulling his hands back, Songpa lifted her chin up and said," Yes, now this looks perfect."

Covering her face with both her hands, Kiara let out a shrill scream and shouted," What did you do? My face."

Placing the knife back, Songpa chuckled and said," Bleh it's not that you have to show your face to anyone after this. Well, it may sound a bit overwhelming but Zihao, me and these guards here will be the last ones to see your beautiful face and of course our handsome faces are the last ones that you will see."

Picking up his plier, Songpa said," Now let's start working on your nails again."

Pulling out her second nail, Songpa said," You know something, you and your father are the most dumb people that I have ever seen. In fact you are more dumb than Simon. You saw and witnessed what happen to your father and his partner Junjop right? But no, that wasn't enough. You had to come back and play your dirty tricks on us. You people can never defeat us, why can't you just accept the fact?"

Kiara kept on screaming while Songpa kept working on her nails.

" Zihao, do you want to peel some skin?" Songpa asked.

Zihao vigorously shook his head and said," No I am good." Everytime he saw Songpa torturing someone, he couldn't help but shiver. His smile, the way he conversed with the people and the way he tortured them slowly and steadily would give goosebumps and creeps to anyone.

Turning towards the guards, Songpa asked," You people want to peel some skin?"

The guards vigorously shook their heads and said," No boss."

Songpa sighed and said," Now I have to do everything." Before picking up a mini blade.

After peeling off some skin, Songpa picked up a cutter and said," I need to cut your toes and fingers too."

Kiara who was already covered in blood and on the verge of passing out, collapsed on the ground when Songpa chopped off her fingers and toes.

" Ahh no you can't pass out, I still have the eyes and nose to work on." Songpa said before asking the guards to wake her up.

The guards nodded their heads and rushed out to get some cold water.

Lying on the floor, Kiara could feel her breathing turning heavy. She could feel blood rolling down her face and she could also see her fingers and toes lying on the ground.

Slowly opening her eyes when she saw Songpa brushing his fingers through a very pointed object, Kiara closed her eyes.

She knew she was dying and it was a painful death. Kiara lived her entire life in plotting, scheming and hurting other people. She never did anything that could be appreciated. She always thought that it was because of Simon that she turned out to be so heartless and abnormal but now when she was just a tiny step away from death, she realised that she was the one who chose this path unlike Linda. Kiara hated her sister because Linda had something that Kiara could never have, a family of her own. Linda had a husband loved her and a baby. She was living a blissful life unlike her. Kiara got nothing but hate throughout her life.

If she had chosen a normal life just like Linda, would things turn out to be different? Alas, it was too late to think about that and too late to regret. Kiara was getting that she deserved. Karma played its part quite well in her case.

When the cold water was poured all over her, she gasped and started coughing vigorous.

Two guards quickly grabbed her shoulders and chin for Songpa.

Taking the sharp object towards Kiara's right eye, Songpa said," It was never a pleasure meeting you."

Zihao closed his eyes and got up when Songpa pricked Kiara's eyes and chopped off her nose and ears. He wanted to throw up.

" Let her go." Songpa said before placing his tools back into the box.

After removing his gloves when Songpa noticed saw his blood stained clothes, he said," I have to take a bath and change my clothes. Zihao wait for me okay?" Before rushing out of the cell.

After Songpa left, the guards gulped in nervousness and said," I really don't know how Songpa boss does this."

" Seriously, just look at her." The other guard said.

" I don't want to because if I do, I'll throw up." Zihao said before rushing out.


Li mansion.

Singtan and Ming's room.

" Big sister do you have some essential oil?" Rose asked.

" Yeah it's on the dressing table." Ming said.

Rose frowned and asked," What happened? You look tensed."

Ming sighed and said," I don't know maybe I am overthinking but your big brother is acting all mysterious and secretive."

Rose widened her eyes in shock and asked," Big brother? Secretive? That also with you? Ahh is the world coming to an end?"

" I don't know maybe I am overthinking but-"

" What did he do?" Rose asked.

Ming sighed and said," He received a call from someone but before I could receive it he just snatched it away and later stepped out to receive it."

Rose frowned and said," Really? Now that is quite doubtful."

Ming nodded her head and said," Yeah I know. Though I know Singtan would never cheat on me or do anything unruly but I just can't stop thinking about it."

" So did you check his phone later?" Rose said,

Ming chuckled and said," Ahh yes I did and it felt so awful."

" What awful? I also occasionally check Quins phone." Rose said.

" You do?" Ming asked.

Rose chuckled and said," Every wife does that big sister."

" Ohh now that makes me feel a bit less awful." Ming said.

" What did you see? I mean who was it?" Rose asked.

Ming sighed and said," I don't know, it was some Ms Matilia. What kind of name is this?"

Rose widened her eyes in shock and asked," What? You mean Ms Matilia Mendes?"

" You know her?" Ming asked.

Rose gasped and said," Big sister she is a legend and my idol. She is a superstar in the fashion industry but too bad she only designs wedding gowns."