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 Placing his precious tool box on the table, Songpa said," Do you have any idea how disgusting you sound?"

Wearing his gloves, Songpa said," But of course why would you? I mean you are a disgusting person after all."

Turning towards the guards, Songpa said," Wear your gloves and pour some water in her and clean her face, hands and legs too."

The guards nodded their heads and quickly started following Songpa's orders.

" Why did you ask them to clean her up?" Zihao asked.

" Zihao I have two little ones in my life now and as a father I have to help them with the diapers, coax them to sleep, bathe them and so many other things so I have to make sure that everything around me is hygienic." Songpa said.

Zihao frowned and asked," If you want to stay hygienic, what the hell are you here?"

" Look, I love my job and you know how crazy I am for this right? But that doesn't mean I'll compromise with my son's and daughters health. So I have decided that starting today before I torture or touch someone inside the cell, our guards will wash them up properly." Songpa said.

" So you have to give the prisoner a nice sauna before killing them? You gotta be kidding me Songpa." Zihao said.

" Hey, I can do whatever I want here okay? This is my department and if you have a problem, go can complain about me to big boss like a small kid." Songpa said.

Zihao frowned and quietly sat down without saying anything.

" Let me go, don't touch me." Kiara shouted when the men started pouring water on her and scrubbing her face.

Opening his tool box, Songpa said," Alright boys, I think this is enough."

Leaning against the wall, Kiara chuckled and asked," Aren't you Lui Songpa?"

Songpa smiled and said," Oh yes I am."

Kiara helplessly shook her head and said," This is incredible. How do you manage this?"

Adjusting his tools, Songpa asked," Manage what?"

" How do you all manage to escape death all the time?" Kiara asked.

Pausing for a while, she continued," First that Chen kid whom I had poisoned personally, then Li Quin followed by the Zhang kids accident but unfortunately she was saved by her grandfather who also did not die. Then comes the two Li kids who managed to escape and then you. Isn't all of this a bit too much? Are you people invincible?"

Songpa chuckled and said," Well you can say that."

" Hey, are you people into black magic?" Kiara asked.

Songpa nodded his head and said," Oh yes and we worship demon."

" Singtan is coming too right? Please tell me he is coming." Kiara said.

" Oh no he is not." Songpa said.

Kiara frowned and asked," Then what are you doing here?"

" Well, since you like killing people so much and you also think that we are invincible so I thought why not I try killing you and check whether you are invincible or not. Great idea isn't it?" Songpa said.

" Ahh, that is nice, I guess we can try doing that. You know from the day I was brought here, no one had ever conversed with me like you are doing now. You are such a sweet man why was that David guy so scared of you?" Kiara said.

Songpa smiled and said," Oh I am the most sweetest person in this whole base. You will not find anyone as sweet as me in this entire universe."

Picking up his plier, Songpa said," And do you wanna know what made David hate me so much?"

" I would love to know." Kiara said.

Songpa smiled and said," Because I tortured his son to death."

When Kiara did not say anything, Songpa smiled and said," Why don't I make you feel what his son felt when I pulled his nails off?" Before grabbing her hand.

Looking at her nails, Songpa said," Ahh you nails are beautiful, too bad I don't like beautiful nails because you know, I don't have beautiful nails. Ahh this is just me being me because that is how I am. I can't stand beautiful nails, smooth and flawless skin, sharp nose and wait don't tell me you have brown eyes?"

Kiara nodded her head and said," Yes I have brown eyes."

Songpa widened his eyes in shock and said," Ahh there you go and now I have gouge your eyes too. I hate brown eyes and David's son had brown eyes too."

When Kiara kept on staring at Songpa, he chuckled and said," Jokes apart now let's talk about something serious."

" My only regret in life not getting this wonderful opportunity to torture your father to death but who would've thought that God would give me a more wonderful opportunity to torture his daughter." Songpa said before pulling out a nail.

" Ahhhhhh." Kiara screamed before retrieving her hand back.

" You are crazy." She shouted before wrapping her t-shirt around her bleeding finger.

Placing the plier back, Songpa picked up a sharp pointer mini knife and placed it on her chin.

Lifting her face up, Songpa pouted his lips and asked," Is this the scar that you were fussing about? The one that your sister Linda gave you?"

Without waiting for her answer, Songpa said," Well, it's not as deep as I thought it would be. I think sister-in-law did not use enough force but no biggie, I'll do it." Before placing his knife on her forehead right where the scar started.

Kiara gulped in nervousness and asked," What are you doing?"

" Making the scar more deep." Songpa said before piercing the pointed knife inside her skin.

When Kiara closed her eyes in pain, Songpa chuckled and said," Oh no, I will just follow the existing lane." Before dragging the knife downwards overlapping the existing scar.

When Kiara started screaming and struggling, Songpa stopped right above your nose bridge and said," If you don't stop struggling, don't blame me for chopping your nose off before time." Before dragging the knife further down.

Stopping midway, Songpa said," I suddenly feel like extending your scar, can I do that?"