Sebastian sighed and said," That is a relief."

After telling them about the do's and the don'ts, Anna said," Don't forget about the monthly checkups and if you feel any kind of discomfort, you call me okay?"

Ling nodded her head and said," Thank you so much sister Anna."

After they left, Anna asked her assistant nurse," Did you see Dr Mike today?"

" Dr Mike is right here darling." Mike said before walking towards her.

Anna chuckled and said," I was just thinking about you." Before getting up.

Wrapping his arms around her waist, Mike said," I was thinking about you too." Before pulling her closer.

The nurse quickly got up and dashed out of the cabin.

Anna chuckled and said," You scared her."

Sitting down, Mike made her sit on his lap and said," It's good that she left.

Hooking her arms around his neck, Anna said," You are being clingy today."

Burying his head on her chest, Mike said coyly," You don't like me being clingy with you?"

Anna chuckled and said," You are making me feel ticklish."

" I wanna make you feel a lot today." Mike said.

Cupping Mike's face, Anna asked," Honey, what do you want?"

Keeping quiet for quite sometime, Mike said," So I was thinking that Mian will be turning four soon and-well I did say back then that we will not try for another one but now-"

Giving him a peck on his lips, Anna said," Yes Mike I also want to have another baby."

Mike cheekily smiled and asked," Really?"

Anna nodded her head and said," Yeah, I think we should just go for it."

Just then Mike got up and wrapped Anna's legs around his waist.

" What are you doing?" Anna asked.

" Making babies." Mike said.

Anna chuckled and asked," Wait now?"

When Mike nodded his head, Anna said," Okay but lock the door first and no making noise."

Mike chuckled and said," Oh and who is saying that? The one who cannot stop screaming my name when- hey ouch."

" Stop talking and lock that damn door." Anna said.


Li mansion.

Helping Songpa wear his coat, Beth asked," When will you come back?"

" I'll be back soon." Songpa said before kissing her forehead.

" Go safe." Beth said.

Cupping her face, Songpa said," I am just going to the base to finish some unfinished business okay? Not going on any kind of a dangerous mission so chill."

Beth smiled and said," Okay, a little relieved."

" Take care and I'll be back soon." Songpa said before kissing his two little ones before leaving the room.


Singtan and Ming's room.

Looking around when Ming did not see Singtan anywhere, she slowly got down from the bed and picked up Singtan's phone from the table.

Ming sighed and murmured," I cannot believe I am doing this." before unlocking his phone.

After checking his recent call log, Ming raised her eyebrows and said," Ms Matilia. Geez what kind of name is that?"

Placing the phone back, Ming thought for a while before picking up her phone and calling Zihao.

" Lady boss." Zihao said.

" Zihao, who is more important to you your boss or me?" Ming asked.

" I-"

" Okay just tell me who holds more power? Singtan or me?" Ming asked.

" Obviously you lady boss." Zihao said.

Ming smiled in satisfaction and said," Glad that you know about my powers. So now tell me who Ms Matilia is?"

" Ms Matilia?" Zihao asked.

" Yes, who is she?" Ming asked.

Zihao shook his head and said," I don't know lady boss."

" You have a day to find out who this Ms Matilia is without letting Singtan find out that I am the one who has asked you to look for her." Ming said.

Zihao nodded his head and said," Okay lady boss."

" Good." Ming said before hanging up the call.


Li base.

" Songpa Boss." The guards cheekily smiled and greeted Songpa.

Songpa smiled and said," Hey, it's good to see you all again."

" It's good to see you too boss." The guard said.

" Look at you all and your bright faces. You all never greet me with those wide grins of yours." Zihao said.

Songpa chuckled and said," Get injured and don't get up for a month and a half, I am sure they will greet you with wider grins than this."

Zihao frowned and said," Alright keep moving new daddy."

Songpa chuckled and made his way towards his old room.


Inside his room.

Songpa frowned and asked," Who touched them?" Before picking up one of his precious babies.

The guard vigorously shook their heads and said," We didn't."

" I remember keeping this one here and that one right in the corner so how is everything jumbled up?" Songpa asked.

" Oh come one torture boy what the big deal huh? Just place it back to where they were actually supposed to be." Zihao said.

Picking up his plier, Songpa said," Keep shut or give up a nail. Choice is yours."

" Ehh Songpa boss, big boss had used your tool box when he was working that David guy." A guard said.

" Big boss used it?" Songpa asked.

The guard nodded his head and said," Yes."

" Okay then." Songpa said before closing the box.

" So apparently, big boss can touch it but we cannot?" Zihao asked.

" Yes." Songpa said before walking out of the room.


Outside the cell.

" Is she inside?" Songpa asked.

The guard nodded his head and said," Yes boss but she hasn't eaten anything since yesterday."

Songpa smirked and said," Hunger strike." Before entering the cell.


Inside the cell.

When Songpa entered the room, Kiara was sleeping on the cold floor with her legs chained up. She was wearing a very thin layer of clothes which were half torn.

Her hair was messy and greasy. Her face and body was full of dirt as she hadn't taken a bath for a really long time. She looked very skinny and weak.

" If you are here to give me food then get out because I am not eating anything until Singtan visits me." Kiara said.

Placing his precious tool box on the table, Songpa said," Do you have any idea how disgusting you sound?"