Songpa widened his eyes in shock and shouted," Second what?"

" Baby Songpa, now go and help her push and take deep breaths." Anna said,

" But we were having only one." Songpa shouted.

" Songpa you are not helping." Anna said.

" But but I don't know how to-I mean I just know how to take care of one kid." Songpa shouted.

Holding the bed, Songpa said," Oh my God, I am feeling dizzy."

Anna frowned and said," Nurse take Songpa outside."

The nurse nodded her head and quickly escorted Songpa outside.


Outside the labor room.

The nurse brought Songpa out and said," Please Mr Lui sit here and don't stress yourself." before rushing inside.

Controlling his laughter, Zihao asked with a straight face," What happened Songpa?"

" Yes, what happened? You look so lost." Zechan said.

" Beth-two babies," Songpa murmured.

Mike gasped and said," What? Twins? Oh my God that is like having two babies."

" It's very difficult, I feel so bad for you Songpa." Zechan said.

" Yeah, it's bad I mean just look at Yutang. Look at him, look at his eye bags." Mike said.

Zihao helplessly shook his head and said," I would never like to have twins. It's so difficult."

" Yeah, sleepless nights. Two kids crying all night and-"

" Alright, enough teasing for today." Singtan said before smacking Zihao's and Zechan's head.

Looking at Singtan with teary eyes, Songpa said," Big brother."

Singtan patted Songpa's shoulders and said," It's gonna be fine."

" But- we were suppose to have one baby but now I am getting two." Songpa said.

" Aren't both of them yours?" Singtan asked.

When Songpa nodded his head and Singtan added," Then what are you worried about?"

" We were supposed to have one." Songpa said.

" So does having two make your love for your kids less?" Singtan asked.

Songpa shook his head and said," No."

" Then what are you worried about? They are your kids, you love Beth and you love your kids too." Singtan said.

Wiping his tears away, Songpa said," But even Beth doesn't know we were having two."

" Seriously? Why do I feel like he has become more dumb after waking up?" Zechan whispered.

Singtan sighed and said," Then you have support her and make her understand everything is going to be okay."

Songpa nodded his head and said," I'll listen to you big brother."

Just then Anna came out and said," Congratulations, it's a boy and a girl."

" Oh my God that is perfect Songpa congratulations." Mike said before giving him a hug.

" Is Beth alright?" Songpa asked.

Anna nodded her head and said," She is fine and we will shift her in the room soon."


Inside the room.

" Here you go Songpa, your babies." Anna said.

" Wait." Songpa said before taking out his handkerchief and wiping his hands with it.

After making sure that they were clean, Songpa gulped in nervousness and said," Yeah I am ready now."

Passing his little princess to him, Anna said," She is your daughter."

Holding her carefully in his arms, Songpa said," She is so tiny."

" And this is your son." Anna said before showing the other little one to him.

" I'll hold her for you." Ming said before taking the little one from Songpa.

Taking his son in his arms, Songpa chuckled and said," Hey champ welcome to the world. You and me have a really big responsibility. We have to take care of your mom and sister together."

Seeing Songpa with his sweet little family, Singtan felt immense pleasure and happiness in his heart. This is how he always wanted to see Songpa. He wanted him to have his own sweet little family and here he was.

Walking towards Ming, Singtan caressed the little ones fingers and said," Babe."

" Hmm."

" Let's have a baby again." Singtan said.

Ming chuckled and asked," Are you going to say this everytime you see a baby?"

" May be." Singtan said.

" Are you the same man who was initially against the idea of having one?" Ming asked.

" One more daughter and I promise we will stop. Stop in a sense, stop making kids not the procedure okay?" Singtan said.

" Hey Songpa have to though of names?" Zechan asked.

Songpa shook his head and said," No but Beth and I had decided to ask big brother name our kid-kids I mean."

" That is a huge responsibility and I shall tell you the names by tomorrow." Singtan said.


Li Corporation.

After leaving the hospital, Zechan made his way to Li Corporation.

When the receptionist saw him, she smiled and said," Good evening Mr Zechan but boss is not-"

" Oh I am not here to meet big boss today. I just met him but can you call Delila for me? I need to talk to her." Zechan said.

The receptionist nodded her head and said," Ya sure, please give me a moment."

Zechan smiled and said," Take your time."

After sometime, Delila stepped out of the elevator and asked," Zechan? What are you doing here?"

Holding her hands, Zechan kissed her knuckles and said," Let's have a baby."


The receptionist almost choked after hearing Zechan.

Giving the receptionist a weak smile, Delila pinched Zechan and whispered," Are you high?"

" No, I mean let's have a baby but obviously first we have to get married and I just wanted to ask you if you want to marry me or not." Zechan said.

Dragging him to a corner, Delila smacked his arm and said," Are you nuts?"

Touching his forehead, Delila said," You are not having a fever too so what's wrong?"

" I am not sick I just-"

Taking a deep breath, Zechan said," Okay, this may sound so unromantic but I want to marry you and then have kids with you, three kids actually. Two boys and one girl so that all of us can dote her everyday and then we can move into somewhere big and-"

Cutting him off, Delila said," Seriously, what is wrong with you? What happened?"

Zechan sighed and said," Songpa had twins today and-"

" What? Beth gave birth today? And you are telling me this now? God Zechan you are unbelievable. I'll go up and ask my incharge for a leave and you wait for me here." Delila said before rushing upstairs.