Xie Ming sat on the couch to calm herself down. She then recalled everything that had happened today. How her sister and lover had betrayed her. How she was about to end her life and how Li Singtan had saved her. She wondered what was wrong with her when she had decided to end her life. Li Singtan was right, she really had a pea sized brain. Why didn't she think of taking her revenge? Was she really planning to let them off so easily?

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She was very thankful to Li Singtan. If not for him she would've never thought about taking her revenge.

Realising how dumb she was, Xie Ming snapped her forehead and shouted," Stupid Idiot Xie Ming."

When Xie Ming was busy cursing herself, the bathroom door suddenly opened. Li Singtan came out of the bathroom half naked. His lower part was covered with a towel.

Seeing him like this, Xie Ming could not help but drool. He looked incredibly handsome. He had a perfect body. His firm chest, his six packs and his toned arms made him look sexy.

Wiping his wet hair with a towel, Li Singtan walked towards Xie Ming, snapped his fingers in front of her face and said," Stop drooling."

Xie Ming quickly came back to her senses cleared her throat and said," I am not drooling."

Li Singtan then pulled her in his arms and then said with a low husky voice," Like what you see Mrs Li."

Xie Ming subconsciously nodded her head," hmmmm."

Pleased with her reply Li Singtan let her go. He then turned around and walked towards the dressing table and started drying his hair with a hair dryer.

Xei Ming suddenly realised what she had said. She couldn't help but curse herself ' Aahhhhh stupid Ming. You just told him that you like seeing him. Ahhhh so embarrassing. He even caught you drooling at him '

As Xie Ming was busy with her thoughts, Li Singtan told her," Go take a shower. It's already quite late so I don't think so we should go to your fathers place today. We can go tomorrow." Walking towards the door he added," And then come down for dinner. I'll be waiting for you downstairs."

After she saw Li Singtan leaving the room, Xie Ming took a deep breath and walked towards the washroom.


In the living room

Li Singtan was sitting in the sofa sipping his wine. He was in a very good mode today he had finally achieved something that he had wanted for many years. He was finally married to the love of his life. The only woman who had made her way to his heart. Xie Ming was finally his. Though they did not share the same feelings but he was sure that one day she would love him more than he loved her.

Li Singtan's sweet thoughts were disturbed when his phone buzzed. Seeing the called ID, Li Singtan frowned. Waiting for some time he reluctantly received the called.

" Yo bro what's up. I was near your place so would you like to catch up for a drink." Li Quin, Li Singtan's younger brother exclaimed excitedly.

Li Singtan let out a small laugh and said," You wouldn't want to disturb your brother on his wedding night. Do you?"

Li Quin stopped his car and said," what did you say? Wedding night? Bro are you dreaming again or are you sleep talking. Oh God I thought this thing had stopped. Wait right there I'lol get Dr Huo to examine you."

Li Singtan rolled his eyes. He knew how over dramatic his brother was," Li Quin behave."

" So you are not sleep talking or walking. Okay that good. Oh wait are you re- really married?"

The corners of Li Singtans lips curled upwards," Yes."

Li Quin froze," And May I know with whom."

Li Singtan placed his wine glass on the side table and said," Who else do you think she can be except for her?"

Li Quin couldn't help widened his eyes in

surprise," Xie Ming. You married Xie Ming?"

Li Singtan let out a small chuckle before he disconnected the call.

Sitting inside the car, Li Quin's whole body was filled with happiness. He was very happy for his brother. He knew how much he loved Xie Ming and how crazy he was for her. He had seen his brother suffer because he could not be with her.

Coming back from his thoughts, Li Quin does his car towards the Li ancestral mansion. He could not wait to convey this happy news to his grandfather, garndmother, mother and father.