" What do you mean?" Yufan asked.

Rubbing their cheeks together, Ling said," Don't be mad but remember when I told you that we should start planning for a baby but you said no."

Yufan sighed and said," Well, that was our wedding night babe and I thought that we should at least wait for a year or two and enjoy our married life first."

Ling nodded her head and said," Yes, I understand but I didn't want to wait and you would not agree with me so when Beth stepped into her fifth month and when we saw Songpa dotting on her Beth, Dina and I started tampering the condoms."

Yufan widened his eyes in shock and asked," You what?"

" I made holes in all the condom packets that were lying inside the drawers and also the new once that you bought." Ling said.

Yufan chuckled and asked," Did Dina do the same thing?"

Ling nodded her head and said," Yes,"

" Oh my God." Yufan said.

" Well, you can't be mad because I am carrying your baby." Ling said.

" Babe I am not mad, I am happy. It's our baby and I'll always love you both." Yufan said.

" Let's go over Dina's." Ling said.


Sebastian and Dina's apartment,

" You tampered my condoms? Seriously babe? Couldn't you just talk to me about this?" Sebastian asked.

Dina chuckled and said," Nahh tampering the conforms was fun."

" You are crazy." Sebastian said,

" Ling and I planned it together and executed it separately. She worked on her batch while I did on mine." Dina said.

Just then the doorbell rang.

" I think it's them." Dina said.

" Alright you sit down and I'll go open the door." Sebastian said before rushing towards the door.

" Congratulations man." Yufan said.

" Congratulations to you too." Sebastian said.

" We were tricked." Yufan whispered,

" I know." Sebastian whispered back.

Turning towards Ling, Sebastian said," Congratulations would be mother." Before giving her a hug.

" Thank you." Ling said.

" We should them for a checkup." Sebastian said.

" I'll take an appointment from sister Anna." Yufan said.

" Yu we have to tell everyone too." Ling said.

Yufan nodded his head and said," We can go to mansion in the evening."



Sitting beside Songpa, Beth was thinking about what the doctor had said. They had no idea when Songpa would wake up and the doctors had already given up hope.

Staring at Songpa, Beth let go his hand and said," You lied to me. Everything that you had said and promised was a lie. You are a lier Songpa." Before bursting into tears.

Smacking his arm, Beth said," You said that you'll take care of me and our baby but you didn't, you left us halfway. You had promised me that you'll helped me walk when the baby grows bigger, you'll help me change my clothes, wear my shoes. You had promised that whenever I crave for anything you will get it for me no matter what time it is. I wanted to eat cookies yesterday night but you weren't there to get it for me. You know how much I cried yesterday."

Wiping her tears away, Beth shook his shoulders and said," Now I am craving for choco chip ice cream, go get it for me. The babies also want to have ice-cream and as a father, it's your responsibility to give them what they want. I also want to eat a bowl of spicy soup with pickles and blueberry jam. Go get everything for me."

" You know how difficult it is when I try you wear my shoes? I cannot bend and you are not there to help me so I started wearing sleepers. You have no idea how much they disturb me at night. I barely manage to catch any sleep at night." Beth said.

Touching her eyes, Beth said," You see this? I have dark circles now. You are making me suffer so much and here I thought that after marrying you, I'll lead a peaceful life. I was doing okay before marrying me. Working at the hardware store and then at the supermarket. I was doing completely fine."

" And our home is also in a mess. It hasn't been cleaned since a really long time and it's all your fault. It's because I have come here and accompany you. You are taking away all my time." Beth said.

Grabbing his arm, Beth said," You promised me that you will come back safe and sound but you didn't. You are breaking too many  promises Songpa and a gentleman doesn't break his promises. Aren't you a gentleman?"

Shaking his arm, she continued," Be a gentleman and wake up. Fulfil your promises and make your wife happy. Be a good husband and father."

Covering her face, Beth said," Wake up." before bursting into tears.

Getting up, Beth said," You know what? Don't wake up because we don't need you. We are doing fine without you and we will manage. You wanted me not to hate you right?"

Walking towards the window, Beth said," I hate you. I hate for breaking your promise and leaving me alone but I hate you more for not waking up and coming back to me. I hate you Songpa, I hate you." Before bursting into tears.

She had a very rough childhood but never did she once felt so low and down. The pain that she had endured when her mother had died and while taking care of Julia was nothing in comparison to what she was feeling right now. The thought about Songpa not being with her broke her heart into small pieces. No matter how strong and tough she tired to act for her babies, Beth knew that she was very weak without him. Songpa was her strength and her power. With him by her side, she could do everything and achieve anything she wanted but without him, she was nothing.

Clutching onto the curtains, Beth was crying her heart out when a pair of warm hands wrapped around her waist.