Wiping her tears away, Singtan said," Everything is going to be okay."

Placing her head on Singtan's shoulder, Beth said," I can't take it anymore Big brother, I just can't. All this is too much for me to handle."

" Hey, you have to be strong okay? You have to be strong for him and your baby Beth. How do you think will Songpa feel if she sees you like this? This is just a bad phase which will end soon okay? We just have to wait patiently," Singtan said.

" Now stop crying like a baby." Singtan said.

Wiping her tears away, Beth said," I want him to be there when the little ones are born."

Patting her head, Singtan said," Let's hope for the best."

After taking to Beth for quite some time, Singtan left.

Before leaving, he said," I'll go talk to Mike and the other doctors before leaving."


Inside Mike's office.

" Mr Li I told you this before that it had already been more than a month and I don't think so Mr Lui will ever wake up." Dr Frank said.

Singtan frowned and said," I did not pay you that huge amount of cash to hear that."

Dr Tammy cleared his throat and said," Mr Li we understand how you are feeling but we can't give you false hope. We are telling you what we as doctors think but that doesn't mean there is no hope at all. There is still a slight possibility of Mr Lui waking up. It can be today, it can be tomorrow or it could be after a few years or after a decade. We just don't know when and we cannot give you an exact date or time."

Pausing for a while, Dr Tammy added," And seeing how unresponsive Mr Lui is, the situation doesn't seem so positive and bright. And you people have to be prepared for the worst."

Mike sighed and said," Look Sing..." He stopped midway when he saw Beth standing on the door.

" Beth." Mike murmured.

Singtan quickly got up when he saw Beth. He never told her about Songpa's condition or let her talk to the doctors because he didn't want to stress her out.

Walking inside, Beth gave Singtan his wallet and said," You dropped it inside the room."

Taking the wallet from Beth, Singtan said," Oh thanks, listen Beth.."

" It's alright big brother, I am okay." Beth said before walking out of the cabin.

Singtan sighed and said," I want you all to do something. I don't care what you do but I want him up." before walking out of the cabin.


Sebastian and Dina's apartment.

Passing Dina a cup of coffee, Sebastian said," Things don't look very bright there."

Dina sighed and said," I feel bad for Beth."

" It's tough for her." Sebastian said.

" And Songpa is such a sweetheart and I just don't want anything bad to happen with him and with the two little babies on their way-"

Cutting Dina off, Sebastian said," Exactly aren't babies supposed to bring happiness? And both of them were so excited for the baby." Before taking a sip from his coffee.

" Ahh did I tell you that I am pregnant?" Dina asked.

Sebastian shook his head and said," Oh no babe you didn't." Before taking another sip.


Spitting the entire coffee out, Sebastian coughed vigorously.

Rubbing his back, Dina said," Ah did I shock you? I am so sorry."

" Y-you are pregnant?" Sebastian asked.

" Yeah took a pregnancy test today in the morning when you were away and unexpectedly it was positive." Dina said.

" I-I am going to become a f-father?" Sebastian asked.

" Well, if you don't hug me right now I'll divorce you and then there will be no one to call you that." Dina said.

Placing the mug down, Sebastian shouted," I am going to be a father." Before bursting into tears.

Dina chuckled and said," Oh honey, come here," before giving him a hug.

" We are going to have a baby." Sebastian shouted.

" Yes we are." Dina said.

" I am gonna go and tell Yufan about this." Sebastian said.

" Oh no you shouldn't. Let's not disturb them for a while." Dina said.

" You mean-"

Dina chuckled and nodded her head.


Yufan and Ling's apartment.

" Yufan you have to take me for shopping." Ling said.

Yufan nodded his head and said," Okay."

" We have to buy so many things." Ling said.

" Okay, you can but whatever you want babe." Yufan said.

" And I think we should move back to the main mansion after buying those things." Ling said.

" Move back? Why?" Yufan asked.

Walking towards him, Ling sat on his lap and said," Because I don't think so we will enough space for those things you know."

" Space? What are you planning to buy?" Yufan asked.

Hooking her arms around his neck, Ling said," Well, a crib, baby clothes, toys, some maternity clothes and a few other things."

" Oh cool." Yufan said.

After a few seconds, Yufan dropped the documents down and widened his eyes in shock.

Ling sighed and said," Ahh finally."

" Y-you are pregnant?" Yufan asked.

" Why do you think would I buy a crib?" Ling asked.

" I am going to be a father?" Yufan asked.

Cupping his face, Ling nodded her head and said," Yes, we are going to have a baby again."

" Oh God...this is....this is..." Yufan said before caressing her stomach.

" I will not let anyone harm you and our baby this time, I promise." Yufan said before kissing her.

Pressing their foreheads together, Ling wiped his tears away and said," Both of us will keep our baby safe."

Wiping her tears away, Yufan nodded his head and said," Yes yes no mistakes this time."

" When did you know?" Yufan asked.

" I took a pregnancy test today in the morning after you left along with Dina and it was positive." Ling said.

" Dina is pregnant too?" Yufan asked.

Ling nodded her head and said," Yes."

" Woah now that is what you call a coincidence." Yufan said.

Ling chuckled and said," Well, you can call it that."