One and a half months later.

Li mansion.

" Be careful with the stairs." Ming said.

Beth smiled and said," I'll be fine."

" You are about to step into your ninth month Beth and this is the most difficult phase." Ming said before guiding her towards the main door.

" Why don't you just stay at home and take some rest? Singtan is already there so-"

" It's okay big sister, I have to go and see him." Beth said.

It had been one and a half months since the incident and Songpa hadn't woken up. The doctors had given up in him saying that he would remain in the vegetative state forever but it was Singtan who refused to listen to them and continued treating Songpa with specialised doctors from abroad. There was also Mike who continued working with the doctors and tried his best.

Singtan brought Beth to the Li mansion though Peter insisted on taking Beth with him. Singtan denied saying that Songpa was his little brother and Beth was Songpa's wife so it was his and the Li family's responsibility to take care of her until Songpa wakes up.

While her stay at the Li mansion, Ming, mother Li and Grandma Li took care of her and made her feel at home.

Beth visited Songpa everyday and used to spend the entire day with him. She never missed her day. Singtan and Ming would come to the hospital to fetch her in the evening and would take her home. Zechan, Zihao, Yufan and Sebastian were taking rounds and staying with Songpa at night.

Each and everyone was patiently waiting for Songpa to wake up.

" Lady boss, don't worry about Beth I'll escort her to the hospital safely." Zihao said.

Ming smiled and nodded her head.

Patting Beth's head, Ming said," Remember what your big brother says, everything is going to be okay."

Giving Ming a weak smile, Beth boarded the car and left.

" She is gonna be okay." Mother Li said.

Ming shook her head and said," No mom she is not okay. She is not okay at all."

" It's tough for her." Mother Li said.

" She has stopped smiling mom she is just living for the sake of living. It feels like she has lost her reason to continue living happily. Even Singtan is so disturbed, I just don't know how to handle everything." Ming said.

Mother Li sighed and said," Everything is going to be okay."



Inside Songpa's room.

" I'll be fine." Beth said before walking towards Songpa.

Zihao took a deep breath and sat beside Songpa.

" Brother Zihao, can you sit with him for sometime? I'll use the washroom." Beth said.

Zihao nodded his head and said," Take your time, I am here."

Beth nodded her head and entered the washroom.

Looking Songpa, Zihao fronwed and said," How long are you planning to lie down like this huh? You are going to become a father soon and look at you. Don't you have any responsibilities? She is going through so much alone and you just want to lie down and take a rest. I'll bash you up and beat the shit out of you when you wake up."

Seeing Songpa sleeping motionless on the bed, Zihao's teared up and he said," You have to wake up soon Songpa, we all miss you."

When Beth came out of the washroom, Zihao quickly wiped his tears away and said," I'll take my leave then, don't forget to eat your lunch and medicines okay?"

Beth nodded her head and said," Okay."

After Zihao left, Beth sat down beside Songpa and said," See you are making everyone sad. I never thought you were this heartless."

Caressing her stomach, Beth said," Our babies are missing you too but seems like you don't care about them."

After the incident when the doctor told them that the chances of Songpa waking up again were very slim, Beth had a mental breakdown.

In order to make sure that the foetus was healthy when Anna performed an ultrasound, she noticed something unusual. She detected dual heart beats. It turned out that Beth was carrying twins. Everyone were shocked especially Beth. The thought about raising two kids without Songpa frightened her to the very core. She needed him and Beth knew that she would never be able to do it without him.

Showing him her thin wrist, Beth said," Look I have become so skinny. Isn't it because you did not take care of me properly? If anything happens to me while giving birth to these two naughty kids of yours then it will be all your fault Songpa."

Pausing for a while, she continued," You know how difficult it is to sleep at night? There is no one to hug me to sleep. Well, it's all your fault. I was doing fine when I had no one to rely on but then you suddenly barged in, stole my heart, dotted on me so much, you forced me in getting habituated to all the silly things that you do for me and when I started relying on you completely, you left me alone."

Beth frowned and said," In order to punish you, after you wake up I'll go and stay with brother Peter for an entire month and then at the Li mansion for another month. I'll leave you alone too."

Just then Singtan entered the room and said," Yes, all of yes will him alone and let him suffer." Before walking towards Beth.

" Big brother."

Sitting beside Beth, Singtan touched Songpa's hand and said," You know what he told me when I was bringing him to the hospital?"

Pausing for a while, Singtan said," He told me to tell you not to hate him and he also asked me to take care of you and the baby."

Beth's eyes teared up and she said," He had promised me that he will come back but he didn't."

Singtan sighed and patted Beth's head and said," Calm down, you have to stay strong for him and your babies."

" It's so difficult big brother. Seeing him like this makes me feel so alone and sad. I want my Songpa back." Beth said before bursting into tears.