Turning towards Zechan, Singtan said," Get me the details."

Zechan nodded his head and said," Okay boss." Before rushing outside.

Singtan kept on cleaning the tools while David kept on staring at him.

After sometime, Zechan came inside and gave Singtan a piece of paper and said," Rombi Clark had been brought here ten years ago. He had brutally raped and murdered a woman who was an active member of another clan. They had seeked out for help from us and we did."

" That is impossible, my son can never do that." David shouted.

Singtan sighed and said," But he did. Our reports never lie. We don't just torture or kill people out of passion. We have reasons."

Adjusting his gloves, Singtan picker up Songpa's favourite plier and said," And we also keep track of people who are tortured to death in our special torture records book. We are very professional. And your name will also be registered in the book soon." before holding his hand,

" The last time I torture someone was several years ago so don't worry because I am not skilled in this so it may hurt more but I'll try to do my best." Singtan said.

" Ehh boss, do you need help?" Zechan asked.

Passing Zechan a set of gloves, Singtan said," I'll take care of the left part while you take care of the right part, okay?"

Zechan nodded his head and quickly wore the gloves and started working on his part.

When Singtan pulled out his pinky nail, David screamed his lungs out.

" Your first mistake, killing her wife without any reason." Singtan said before pulling out another nail.

" Your second mistake jumping into a conclusion without knowing what your son exactly did." Singtan said before pulling out another nail.

Picking up a cutter, Singtan continued," And your last and biggest mistake, touching Songpa." Before chopping his middle finger off.

Zechan, who was still busy working on his second nail, widened his eyes in shock when he saw his big boss already working on the skin. Singtan was fast.

David screamed and screamed in pain until his voice turned hoarse.

" Please let me go. I am sorry " David shouted.

" Too late to feel sorry." Singtan said.

Picking up a sharp object, Singtan said thought for a while and said," You are lucky that I am not an eye person. When the eye pops, the fluid thing makes me feel gross so I'll let Zechan take over the eye thing." Before passing the sharp object to Zechan.

Taking off his gloves, Singtan said," And while you enjoy your eyes being popped by him, I'll go and pay a visit to your partner in crime." Before getting up and walking out of the cell.

After Singtan left, Zechan chuckled and said," You know how lucky you are? The king himself laid his hands on you. He took all the trouble to torture you. You are surely going to heaven." Before grabbing David's hair.

" Please don't." David murmured.

Zechan smiled and said," Oh I will." Before taking the sharp pointed object close to his eye.


Kiara's cell.

" One sheep...two sheep's....three sheep's....four...."

Robbin frowned and asked," What the fuck is she counting?"

" Sheep's." Yufan said.

" Does she have some kind of a mental disease?" Robbin asked.

" Well, I won't be shocked if she does." Yufan said.

" Singtan, is that you?" Kiara asked.

Robbin frowned and said," That way she is calling out Singtan's name, Ming would surely kill her before we do."

" Yeaahh I am gonna tell elder sister about this." Yufan said.

" Let's go and warm her up before Singtan comes." Robbin said before walking towards Kiara.

When Kiara saw Robbin and Yufan, she frowned and said," You are not Singtan."

Robbin frowned when he saw the big deep scar right across her face. It looked horrible.

" What are you staring at brother-in-law? This is something that your wife gave me," Kiara said.

" You deserved it." Robbin said before dragging a chair.

Kiara chuckled and said," Do you people have any idea how lucky you all are? I mean like WOW. I don't know about Li Quin and that Zhang kid but I volunteered myself to kill my nephew but you people managed to save him as well. How do you people do it? It's amazing."

Robbins expression darkened when Kiara mentioned his son's name.

" You know how fatal that poison was? I mean it wasn't that fatal but the amount that I had used was enough to kill a two and a half year old but surprisingly he survived. How impressive." Kiara said,

Yufan smirked and said" Damn you have no idea how lucky you are because I don't hit women. Otherwise you would've been lying on the ground groaning in pain by now."

Cracking his fingers, Robbin said," Sorry but I am gonna break my rules today." Before giving Kiara a tight slap.

" Ahhh..." Kiara shouted before dashing against the wall.

Taking out his handkerchief, Robbin wiped his hands clean before throwing the handkerchief off.

" This is for trying to touch my son and wife. You are nothing but a piece of shit Kiara just like your father. He was a scumbag and so are you. He received a painful death and so will you." Robbin said.

" Well, you still had a chance to lead a peaceful life but out of so many options, you chose to come back and harm us," Yufan said.

" And that man, Dereck. He helped you survive for so many years. He kept you safe, he gave you a new identity and a new face but what did you give him in return? Nothing. You brutally murdered him. How can you be so cruel?" Robbin said.

" Who asked him for help? He was the one who volunteered to help me and he did not do that for free, I slept with him every night." Kiara said.

Yufan frowned and said," You are the most disgusting psycho woman I have ever met."

Throwing her head back, Kiara let out a hearty laugh and said," Though he slept with me but he never allowed me to take off my mask. He mocked and despised me because of the scar that your wife gave me. So I killed him. He deserved to die and so does Linda and your son."