Just then, Danson and Yufan entered the room.

Yufan frowned when he saw Kiara crying. Walking towards Kiara, Yufan asked," What happened to her?"

" She is like that so don't bother her." Danson said.

" What do you mean?" Yufan asked.

" Mr Xie, she is crazy." Danson said.

Holding his bleeding arm, David frowned and he shouted," You-how can you do that to your father? How can you join hands with the Li clan and work with them?"

Danson chuckled and he said," I have learnt everything from you father."

" You-"

" I am not heartless like you, so I won't kill you because no matter what you are my father." Danson said.

David nodded his head and said," Yes and-"

Cutting him off, Danson said," So I'll be a good son and hand you over to them and then let them decide what they want to do with you."

" You-how can do that?" David shouted.

" Oh, so you can kill my mother but I cannot hand you over to the Li's?" Danson asked.

When David gave him a complicated look, Danson smiled and said," You thought I did not know? Anyway there is no point discussing the past now so I'll just take my leave and let them do what they want to." Before walking towards the door.

" No stop, you cannot leave me alone wait-"

" No point shouting old man, your son just sold you out." Yufan said before gesturing the guards to come in.

" Take him to the other cell." Yufan said.

The guards nodded his head and dragged David out.

Looking at Kiara, Yufan narrowed his eyes and said," And you-"

Pausing for a while, he continued," There are many people who want to deal with you so we have decided to give each one a chance so just wait for your turn." Before getting up.

" Will Singtan come too?" Kiara asked.

Without saying anything, Yufan left the cell.


When Singtan and Zechan arrived at the base, Yutang was waiting for them at the entrance.

" I have been calling you all since a really long time but- anyway how is he?" Yutang asked.

When Zechan did not say anything, Yutang shook Singtan's shoulders and asked," How is Songpa?"

After killing everyone except for David and Kiara, Yutang, Yufan and Sebastian stayed back to deal with them while others took Songpa to the hospital.

Yutang had been feeling restless since a really long time and was impatiently waiting for their arrival.

The guards standing beside them were also anxiously waiting to know about Songpa's condition.

" We don't know when he will wake up but we still have hope." Singtan said.

Yutang pursed his lips and said," I'll go and see him." Before rushing outside.

" Big boss, can we go and see him too?" The guards asked.

Singtan nodded his head and said," Yes you can." Before walking inside.


Outside the cell.

" How is he?" Yufan and Sebastian asked when they saw Singtan and Zechan.

After telling them about Songpa's condition, Singtan asked," Where is David?"

" Inside the cell." Yufan said.

Folding his sleeves, Singtan said," Zechan, go and get Songpa's tools from his room."

Zechan widened his eyes in shock and said," Boss-"

" Do what I say." Singtan said before entering the cell.

David was solely responsible for Songpa condition, so would Singtan ever let him go?

They had no idea when Songpa would wake up. They did not even know whether he will wake up or not but Singtan would make sure that David doesn't walk out or stay inside the cell alive. He would make him suffer a hundred times more than Songpa.


Inside the cell.

When David saw Singtan walking towards him, he gulped in nervousness and fear.

This was the first time he was seeing the Li Singtan in real life. He had only heard about the cold and aloof king of the underworld whom everyone feared. And now that he was seeing the king in person, David understood why people feared him so much.The aura that Singtan emitted was dangerous as well as suffocating.

Dragging a chair, Singtan sat down right in front of him and said," I never thought that one day I'll have to deal with someone lowly like you and dirty my hands." Before wearing his gloves.

Pausing for a while, Singtan continued," Too bad you dared to touch something that is so dear to me."

Just then Zechan entered the room along with Songpa's tool box.

Taking the box from Zechan's hand, Singtan said," Now why don't you start telling us your story while we arrange this."

When Singtan started opening the tool box, David stammered and asked," W-What story?"

" Why did you ask your men to kill my little brother?" Singtan asked before picking up Songpa's favourite pliers.

Zechan smiled and he said," This is Songpa's favourite. He uses this to pluck nails out."

Lifting the plier up, Singtan asked," Do you want to start narrating after I pull out all your nails?"

" Lui Songpa is your brother?" David asked.

Singtan mocking smirked and he said," Ahh now you know that you touched someone whom you shouldn't."

David shivered in fear and said," I didn't know that he was your brother."

" Why Songpa?" Zechan asked.

David frowned and he shouted," Because he killed my son."

" Son? Your son just sold you out and left." Zechan said.

" No, not Danson." David said.

" Then who?" Zechan asked.

" My other son, Rombi." David said.

Pausing for a while, David continued," Lui Songpa tortured my son to death and when I found his body, his eyes, ears, nose and fingers were missing."

Rombi was David Clark's illegitimate son from his mistress Natalia. David loved Rombi more than Danson. But the sudden death of Rombi shocked him and Natalia. A few days after Rombi's death, Natalia committed suicide and in rage, David killed Danson's mother.

When David investigated Rombi's death, all he could find out was that he was tortured by Lui Songpa and from that day, David had been hunting for an opportunity to kill Songpa.

When Kiara approached him, David decided to help her take her revenge and take his revenge on Lui Songpa as well.